Trying, buying and installing Rack Extensions

Uploaded by PropellerheadSW on 14.06.2012

Hello and welcome. In this tutorial we're going to show you
how you can try out and buy Rack Extensions for Reason version 6.5
and Reason Essentials version 1.5
We'll use Reason version 6.5 in this tutorial...
...but the procedure is exactly the same if you're using Reason Essentials version 1.5.
If you're using a Mac, it's important that you run Reason or Reason Essentials at least once
before trying or buying Rack Extensions.
On Windows, it's enough to have installed the program.
This is because an additional application called "Authorizer" will be installed.
Authorizer is necessary for handling the download of Rack Extensions
from the Propellerhead shop to your computer.
Now... let's check out how to try and buy Rack Extensions.
Start your web browser and go to
This takes you to the Propellerhead Shop.
On the entry page you'll find a selection of popular Rack Extensions.
To list all available Rack Extensions click "BROWSE" in the top list.
Here you can see all available Rack Extensions.
If you like, you can filter the Rack Extensions by category.
The categories are the same as the device categories in Reason and Reason Essentials.
Let's say we're interested in instruments. Click the "INSTRUMENTS" button.
Now only instrument Rack Extensions are listed.
If you know what you're looking for you can also use the search function to search for a specific Rack Extension.
In this example we'll choose the Radical Piano instrument device.
If you're not sure you want to buy the Rack Extension right away you can click the TRY button.
Now you'll have to log into the shop using your Propellerhead account username and password.
If this is your first download on your computer, you'll be asked to confirm
that you have Reason 6.5 or Reason Essentials 1.5 installed on the computer.
This is to ensure that the Authorizer application is also installed on your computer.
Some web browsers show a dialog like the one you see here.
You'll then have to allow the web browser to start the Authorizer application.
Click the checkbox if you don't want this message in the future.
Now Authorizer starts up and a fully functional version of the Rack Extension begins to download
so you can try it out in Reason or Reason Essentials.
The only limitations of a trial version are that it will expire after 30 days.
Also, you can only use a trial version when you run Reason or Reason Essentials with internet verification.
A progress bar in Authorizer shows the status of the download.
There we go. Now the Radical Piano Rack Extension has been downloaded and installed on my computer.
Next, let's start Reason.
If Reason was already running when you downloaded the Rack Extension, you'll have to restart it.
Now let's check out the device palette in the tool window.
And there it is. The Radical Piano has been included among the other instrument devices.
Let's double-click it to add it to the song.
The device is auto-routed to a Mix Channel just like any other instrument device...
and you can play it from a connected MIDI keyboard.
Sounds great, doesn't it?
I really want this one.
To buy the Rack Extension just right-click and select "Go to product page..."
This will open your web browser and take you to the Radical Piano product page at the Propellerhead Shop.
Click the "BUY" button.
Now you'll have to log in to the shop using your Propellerhead account username and password.
Next choose your payment method.
If you like, you can select the "one-click checkout" option.
This will save your billing information for future purchases.
Fill out your credit card or paypal details and confirm the purchase.
Now the Rack Extension license is written to your user account on the Propellerhead website.
If you have your ignition key hardware connected to your computer,
the license is also written to the key by the Authorizer application.
If you don't have any ignition key hardware connected at the moment,
you can connect it later and write the license to it from your Propellerhead user account page.
So that's how you can try out and acquire Rack Extensions for Reason and Reason Essentials.