Serro, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Serro's Cheese Tradition

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To make the cheese known as Queijo do Serro it’s necessary a good region.
Depends on the climate.
For us the climate is always cold in a way that contributes a lot.
If anyone tries to make a cheese like ours
in a warm region similar to Governador Valadares
certainly won’t be able to make it.
One of the main aspects that contributes to the quality of our cheese is the wheater.
It’s an activity with 300 years and goes on along the generations.
I don’t know who started but my entire family works with cheese.
To start making the cheese the first concern is the cleanliness.
An important thing is the water quality.
Then it comes the process starting with the milk.
The area must be clean.
In my case it is a manual process.
The cattle tender gets the cow with its year-old calf
and lash it with a rope.
Then he comes with a humid cloth dipped on a special solution
to clean the cow’s teat.
After that he gets a bucket and start to extract the milk.
Next he takes the milk to a deposit where it seats for about 2 hours.
When the process is done to the milk is added the curdle.
We also mix the curdle with a ferment we call pingo,
which is also made during the cheese production.
Then the cheese maker initiates the removal of the serum
and after that he gets the dough putting it on the shapes.
Subsequently the salt is added
and he wait until the next day.
The following day the cheese is turned again.
On the third day the curing process starts.
Firstly the cheese is shred and then smoothed giving it a better appearance.
Finally it’s ready to be consumed.
The Serro’s cheese gets harder as it gets older but is never totally hard.
It’s always a soft cheese.
Some cookers say that they don’t like to eat their own food.
Not in my case, I really like my cheese and I eat a lot!