butt workout for women | burn the fat with Kinetic Bands resistance exercises

Uploaded by myosource on 08.02.2010

Speaker 1: Just go down, and then hold it a little bit. Go back up. I'll do 15 of these,
and then do the leg lifts. I just brace myself with this arm and put
this one on my hip, and then just do...you can do a lot of these. Three sets of 15 as
well or more depending on your fatigue factor, and then make sure you do the same amount
on each side so that it really works out. I'm going to stay on the same level. Put your
leg out, and then drag this one. You feel that in your outer thighs and inner thighs
as well. I'm going to the forward lunge. Then, you
can do these across a room or you can just do them in place. Then, the back lunge, step
back like this. Speaker 2: Side. Do you feel that in the butt.
Speaker 1: Yeah. Just bend, and then you want to pause here, maybe put your hands out or
up. Just jump, pause, jump. This will really just work your glutes. You
just switch legs. With the bands it makes it a lot harder.
This one's so simple and it will give you a great workout for your butt. All you need
is a chair. It's really easy to anywhere. You put one foot up and then other one out,
and you just little dips. The stable leg, it's the one that you're really working out.
You can feel it in your butt. By summertime, you're going to have a nice, round, firm booty
to show off. If you can do 100 of these you're my hero.
I'm going to do some floor work. With these bands exercises for your legs, I usually like
to pick about three different exercises, and then do three sets of 15 each.
I'm going to show you one that's also really easy to do. I'm just going to do a few, just
show you how they do it. You just kick your leg back. It's really giving
you a good stretch and you can really feel it in your butt, all through your legs. Now
I'm just going to do the other one. You can point your toe, of if you want to a different
muscle you can keep your foot flat like this which works the back of your leg a little
bit more. Really simple, really easy. Just another workout
thing you put in the mix of your workouts. ??