Uploaded by GCItalia2012 on 08.01.2013

I am Laura. I am 26.
I was born here in Florence. I started here in Florence and I am trying to work here in Florence.
I started to paint when I was 17 in the street but doing - do you know the "Madonarri" people?
It's the kind of art when people paint on the floor with chalks. I started at the age of 17.
And I really feel that art. I think I grew up because I met two very important persons, that made my art.
They give me something in art.
I think that the solidarity between people - it would be the most important thing that every community needs.
There were more in the 50's, 60's and 70's and maybe 80's.
And with the 90's things changed in the feelings of people here in Italy.
I asked, of course, like my mum or my grandmother. And they said, there were more different people - people who were simple.
Last 6 months - I don't know.
I think that it's banal maybe, it's normal, it's nothing special. But if a person does something like take care of little things.
The sea is making a lot of troubles.
Everyone with a little, little action every day, I think that all together we can make something.