Halloween Meringue Ghosts & Bones Recipe

Uploaded by EugenieKitchen on 31.10.2012

Eugenie Kitchen
Hi, I am Eugenie.
Today I am going to make something special for Halloween.
You know the last day of October is Halloween
and it seems all the cooking channels on Youtube.
They have Halloween special.
Today I was really really hurry to make something for Halloween
and I came up with this meringue ghost and bones.
So, I have to say Happy Halloween-
For this recipe, you will need:
2 egg whites,
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice,
¾ cup confectioners’ sugar (85 g),
1/4 teaspoon almond aroma,
a pinch of salt,
and a little bit of dark chocolate
First, in a mixing bowl, separate the eggs.
Beat the egg whites incorporating air bubbles.
When it doubled, add in ½ teaspoon of lemon juice.
It will stabilise the bubbles in egg whites.
Continue whisking until peaky.
Add in salt and add in sugar in three times
and beat until very stiff peaks form.
Finally, whisk in almond aroma.
It's oil based, don't overuse.
For piping I will use a round tip today.
Insult the tip into pastry bag.
The top is already snipped off.
Twist it behind the tip and stuffing it into the tip.
So, the filling will not pour out when filling it.
Place the pastry bag over a wide-mouth glass.
Today I used my sifter.
Using a spatula, fill the pastry bag.
To stay clean, fill only upto 2/3 full.
After gathering the filling, pipe in on a parchment paper.
Any shape you want.
Ghosts or bones.
Now bake at 100 degrees for one hour.
Um..There should not a lot of change in volumn and color in the oven.
Then open the door and dry them in the oven for one hour.
With melted chocolate, make eyes of the ghost.
Well, is it ghost? I think it's too cute. * laugh *
The surface is smooth and the color is white, not yellow or brown
because it wasn't baking, it was drying at high temperature.
It should be well dried, even on the bottom like this.
Here goes the bones.
And the texture. Yeah, it cracks.
It’s crispy outside and marshmallow in the mouth because it’s meringue.
Bones can be served with chocolate mousse, if you have one.
Bon appetit.
Thanks for waching!
Happy Halloween.