Thu's American Dream - Finalist in National Disability Institute's American Dream Contest

Uploaded by RealEconomicImpact on 02.09.2010

>> Okay thank you very much Grace.
>> Lucky you know.
I feel very fortunate to have come this far.
My name is Thu and this is my video; that I would like to share the with the world.
I'm going sailing today.
I came to the United States from Vietnam when I was two years old and we came in a boat
with my uncle and there was like 13 people on the boat with us.
Life was very hard for my family.
My mom she never graduated; she only went up to the 7th grade and so did my dad.
They wanted to like build a better life for their kids.
I graduated from UC Berkley and my all family went up and got their higher education.
I had a strong vision; I was determined to have my own life;
I was determined to get an education.
I see myself having my own house and having my own family;
and the only way to do it was through education.
I really want to own a house somewhere in the Bay Area to call my own and be able
to customize it to my own and have a remote for everything.
>> Tells me how many miles I've driven and it has different modes.
>> I was born with osteogenesis imperfecta; osteo means bones,
genesis means from the beginning of birth; imperfecta means imperfect
and so that means I have imperfect bones from birth.
>>I don't want the one that's going backwards.
>> [Man] You don't want that one?
That would be that one right there.
There would be raven.
>> You know the first thing I want to do I really want to become
like an international ambassador for people with disabilities.
I want to be able to travel to countries
and educate different people about that kind of thing.
I would like to really meet Obama.
I want to say hello to the man.
>> [Woman] Aren't you excited?
>> I'm excited!
I'm excited.
My dad always taught me to try something at least once and so I've never really been
on a sailboat without my wheelchair.
>> [Man] Got you here.
Perfect; put it under your life jacket so it's not too cumbersome around you.
>> [Thu] Just always put your best foot forward and people will see that and they will see
that you're trying to achieve your goal and that it will happen just as long
as you work hard to make it happen for yourself.
You have to get over the fear of uncomfortableness and just do it.