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The groom's earnest proposal!
Looking good!
A little closer! Okay!
More lovingly!
Soo-ji and Jae-joon
Okay, good! You look Beautiful!
Groom, look over here
That's good! Look over there
I have something to tell you
Sorry, I'm a little busy, now. can we talk later?
I'm leaving Korea
come on
I'm in a meeting Let's talk later
Where are you? I'll come over!
No! Don't come! I'm in Jeju Island
You know I love you, right? I'll call you, later. Bye
- Who's that? - No one
The guests are on board! check the tickets!
Park Sang-ho DDA Weapons Team chief
X: South African weapons middleman
I 'm transmitting an observatory visual contact video
center, check out please
He's here! Stand by at the entrance!
Industrial security team! Move out!
Park Sang-ho's on the ferry!
Stand by
until the deal is made!
The deal's done! Get 'em!
Freeze! You're under arrest!
The bag!
We've found it!
It's empty!
All agents! Stand by!
Why's he smiling?
Got him!
Unidentified boat, 2 o'clock!
I repeat! Boat coming in at 2 o'clock!
Points 3 and 6 move out!
I repeat! Points 3 and 6! Move out!
I'm flying out, now
I don't know when I'll be back
Stay healthy...
Meet a nice guy...
And take better care of your skin
I loved you
Message erased
You don't know shit about love!
Damn lies all the time!
Seoul in the morning and Jeju Island at lunch?
Hope you meet a guyjust like you and get screwed over!
You bitch!
Hope you meet a guyjust like you and get screwed over!
You bitch!
It's 20 dollars
You! In the wedding dress! Stop right there!
- She's carrying a gun! - Hey!
Don't go, Jae-joon! Jae-joon!
Go, get her! Hurry! Hurry!
Jae-joon! Don't go! I love you!
Don't go! You bastard!
Let me go! Jae-joon! Jae-joon!
Soo-ji, I love you!
Soo-ji, I love you! Soo-ji, I love you!
Soo-ji, I love you!
Soo-ji, I love you! I love you! I love you!
KIM Ha-neul
KANG Ji-hwan
3 Years later
So how'd it go?
Industrial Security Team, NIS Did you sleep with him?
crazy? Ijust met the guy!
The only way a man and a woman can connect is through sex!
Hey! It's rude to be picky about men at your age
As long as he's not the eldest son!
I'm the eldest son
My father passed away. And I have two sisters
It couldn't be worse!
A widowed mother with two sisters!
Break up!
Excuse me
Ms. Ahn Soo-ji? Please return the DVD you rented
Don't you feel guilty...
Who's calling, please?
Stop wasting your time! Break up with him!
Yes, thank you
I'm sorry. I'm always on call
I had no idea travel agents were so busy
So, are your sisters nice Sung-joon?
Of course, they married early and immigrated to the States
Bravo! Nice! All sister- in- laws should emigrate!
Isn't his mother moving away, too?
Mom gave me the headache of running one of our companies
but she's great
Oh my god, if they're rich the eldest son's the best!
Don't lose this man!
How long do I have to pretend being a travel agent?
- Should Ijust tell him? - Stick to regulations
And lie all my life?
It's not lying It's just hiding your identity
Name, Roh Hyung-kyu Age, 46
Top researcher
for the federal project to develop the antivirus for Al
3 weeks ago he secretly took
some of the frozen vaccine
But the leaked vaccine was modified B-type No. 9
When exposed at room temperature
it turns into a mutative virus
Within 6 minutes it will genetically
modify all living beings in the country
You call that a report!
It's notjust a leak in national assets!
It's exporting a biochemical weapon!
We could be aiding terrorists!
check every delivery sent out!
Find out everything on his family finances, and who he meets!
Even what toothpaste he uses!
We set up ccTV's and wiretap devices in Dr. Roh's room
From hacking his last email
we learned that he's meeting his first contact at NS Hotel
FN- DcS2873. It's a biochemical tracking device
Insert this and we can track him 24- 7
That's right. Do you know how to use it?
I've never seen this before
Let's see...
Okay, then...
Just stick it in the ass!
Excuse me. can I get you something, sir?
- coffee. - Yes, sir
He drank it. Get ready for him
Tracking device initiated. Everyone pull out
Watch where you squirt!
can't you aim it right?
You bastard!
How could you leave me!
You don't call once in three years!
How can you do that to me!
I'll kill you!
I told you to stop
Name, please!
- When did you come back? - Today
- Where were you? - canada
- What did you do? - Study international accounting
So you're an accountant?
State your name, please!
- Why didn't you call? - Quit the travel agency?
Why'd you go?
Why are you a cleaning lady?
- Why'd you go? - Like you don't know!
Tell me your names!
- Mister! - Quiet!
You really don't know why I left?
3 years ago
Point 7! Head east!
I'm busy, now
I have to fill in for someone at work
No! Don't come! I'm in Jeju Island...
Thank you
Have a good day
The phone has been turned off Please leave a message...
Then what happened?
What would you have done?
I would've broken it off!
Lying all the time like that!
- I did! - Good!
I bet she was cheating on you
I was not!
can't you say the truth for once!
Hi, Sung-joon
Sorry. Something came up
Well, I'm...
Say Jeju Island why don't you!
I'm at a police station
Problems came up with a client
Who's the guy?
None of your business We're through
That wasn't my fault Still don't know why I left?
- I don't wanna know! - Why!
cuz you're the one that left me!
call me! I'll help you get a betterjob
I got connections
I'm not an average accountant
Screw you! I'm not an average cleaning lady
Don't let me see you again even if by accident
Or I might kill you
He's back? After 3 years?
That's right!
And he didn't even think of apologizing!
Don't be fooled by men who apologize
When they're really sorry they can't say it
Still! I'm not forgiving him!
An international accountant? Isn't that better than Sung-joon?
- How about starting over? - Forget it!
I'm marrying Sung-joon!
Patriot Dairies
Overseas operations NIS Harimao Team
He's practically a kid
What do I do with a guy who used to file papers
He worked on profiles in Russia
Train him to be a Harimao
Not everyone can become a Harimao
Who said you can sit?
Who said you can stand?
Why'd you get dragged to the police? That's humiliating
Something unexpected came up on the job, sir
You should've expected the unexpected!
- Sorry, sir. - Enough
Go easy. Let's hear the report
Yes, sir
Well, well...
Who said you can open that?
Who said you can close that?
Think this is some joke?
- Go on. - Yes, sir
Not in the eye, idiot!
Sorry, the password...
He's really something alright
Victor Bovchav
A former KGB
A top secret agent for FSB's 'Vympel'
Vympel's intelligence is top of the line
North Korea's nuclear weapons info came from here, first
He probably came to assassinate a key figure
With my expert skills...
I trailed Victor's every move 24- 7 in Russia
- Next! - Yes, sir
He is already on the cIA's black list for assassinating many key figures
He arrived 32 hours ago and is staying at Rm. 909 at NS Hotel
What's that?
Whose phone's on during a meeting?
Sorry, sir
What's my baby boy doing?
I'm in a meeting
Really? I love you, son!
Love you too, Mom
Who's big boy are you?
Mama's big boy!
I apologize
Where was l?
Love you, too Mama's big boy!
- Thank you. As I was saying... - Enough!
A former Russian spy probably didn't come for sightseeing
Boot him out before he does anything
That won't be easy, sir
He came in as a rep for a large Russian trading company
They think they can play us?
- chief Kim. - Yes, sir
I'll back you 1 00% You handle it
- Take care, sir. - Take care, sir
- But I think... - Who said you can think!
Agent Lee get a job at the hotel
Yes, sir
And you open up an office next door
Yes, sir
And you!
Go home
Get rid of the password, too!
But chief! I'll be on the frontline and...
I guarantee it's 1 00% real
No credit cards. I only take cash
No, I can't take credit cards. Evening...
You son of a bitch!
Oh, not you, sir Hold on
Hold on a sec, buddy
Sorry, sir
I'll meet you at that place, before
It's the real deal! From the States!
No fake stuff whatsoever!
Honey! Someone's here!
Someone's here!
Hey, buddy!
You don't call for 3 years I thought you were dead!
Are you back for good?
I gotta go on a delivery Watch the store for me
But Se-kyun!
This is the late- returns list
call and tell them
to return the videos soon, okay?
- Sorry! I'll be back soon! - Hey! Wait!
cool suit, man!
Looks expensive!
Let me try it on, man
come on. Let me try it, buddy
Pretty cool!
Be right back
Hey! Se- kyun!
- Do you come here often? - No
I waited till I found a girlfriend to come to a nice place like this
This is Yangji Videos
could you bring in the overdue DVD?
This is Yangji Videos
If you don't bring it in today I'll come to your house
If you don't bring the 50 cents I'll tell your mom!
Bring it now!
Thinks he can write off 50 cents!
- Excuse me. - Sure
Ms. Ahn Soo-ji?
The one who used to be a travel agent?
Yes, but... Who's calling please?
It is you! I knew it was you!
Is this... Jae-joon?
Speak in Korean!
Why are you there?
This store's one of my clients. Return the late DVD!
You took out a new release for months!
Whatever! What I do is none of your business!
Think I can't speak Japanese?
Bring in the DVD right now! I'll wait all night, till you do!
Whatever! You moron!
Moron? Hey!
I'm sorry...
It's a really rude client He came in yesterday
Shouldn't you get back to the office?
It's nothing! Really!
Let's eat
Please eat
You testing my patience?
I told you to erase the password
I was just following regulation
You idiot! I'm your chief! Unlock it, now!
I'm sorry. I think I'd better go
I'm really sorry
Harimao stake-out at NS Hotel A man went in to meet the 'count' 40 minutes ago
Find out who he is, now!
Mikael Naoumoff
A former Russian R.G. Intelligence Sergeant
commissioner of the Russian chamber of commerce here
But that's a fake ID
You put passwords on every file?
It's regulation...
Who was your trainer?
I can't tell you that, sir. It's regulation
You idiot!
You learned from chang- man didn't you?
Or was it Young-gwang?
Dong- kyu?
chief! The count ordered room service
I'll go, chief!
Forget it, boy
I've been chasing him since Russia
I can tell what he's thinking by the look in his eyes
Four minutes to delivery, sir
Let me do it, chief
You don't have field experience
I swear on my life, chief!
For the country!
That bastard!
You idiot!
Ready! I'm going in!
But don't I get a gun?
Keep forgetting to add 'sir'? Wanna die?
We don't have guns!
Did he just say, 'shit'?
Are you trembling?
No, sir
Stupid! Don't answer!
I'm sorry, sir
Don't answer me!
Damn bastards They're pretty good
- What do you think? - They're no fools, sir
- Enough with the obvious! - Something's fishy, sir
Enough with the nonsense!
A tighter watch...
Enough with the textbook talk!
No more to say, right? Just go home
No, chief. I can do this!
You couldn't even do the room service job right
I don't need you. Go home
Start over, boys!
What's with you?
How did you get in here?
Your door code's the same
Put that away!
Did you wait long?
My company suddenly called me in
Don't flatter yourself!
Think I went there just cuz you told me to?
You don't mean anything to me, now
- But... - How much is the late fee?
- But... - How much is it?
Let me talk! Not the head!
Soo-ji, let me explain
Get out
I came!
I came here didn't l? Isn't that enough?
Get out! You bastard!
- Get out! - Ouch!
Soo-ji! Soo-ji!
Get lost!
Open the door now or it's over!
One, two, three! Fine! It's over!
I noticed wrinkles forming on your neck
You should take extra care Of your neck wrinkles
Pull your chin out
Turn your neck to the right Then hold for 5 seconds
This works on neck wrinkles?
Yup. It'll make your neck firmer
chin out
Like this?
- Hey, sis? - chin out, more?
What do I do?
I haven't thought of him once since he left me 3 years ago
I erased him out of my mind
But, now what do I do!
Then just date him, again!
He left me once. Who says he won't do it again?
I broke up over 1 2 times with my husband
But when I tell him it's over
he pretends he doesn't hear me
Men are always different and hard to tell
Hello? Yes, I'm watching the show
I'd like the 1 2 piece wrinkle care set
Order mine, too
can I pay in installments? 1 0 months?
I've been curious
What's the team in our next room?
Don't know
It's a domestic team, right?
- Don't know. - Really?
I bet you know but you're not telling me...
Don't even try to figure out what they're doing next door
It's regulation
- Watch it, kid - Morning, sir
Get up!
- Anything special? - Nothing much
Theyjust play cards, take showers eat, then take showers...
Taking so many showers
when the country's low on water?
I think they're on to us
Shouldn't we notify our superiors?
I will when the time comes Find anything peculiar?
- Nothing, sir. - There is, sir!
Right, the new kid Find anything?
Former Russian spies were trained
to communicate with cards when they're being tapped
By converting the card numbers to the cyrillic Alphabet...
Stary Bric'
It means, 'long-time enemy'
I think it refers to the killer's target
Good. Very good
I'm still analyzing this scene and this
I think they used a double code
Give me a few days I can decode it, sir
The guy's got talent
I'll back you 1 00% Jae-joon You handle it
The count's coming out!
- I'll go! - Shut up and stay put!
- Send him out. - Yes?
Give Jae-joon the chance to be a true Harimao
Thank you, sir!
He's going down to the parking lot
What are you waiting for!
Know how to trail someone?
Open the door! Are you ignoring me?
He's coming! Go!
- can't you hear me! - Move!
Hey! You son of a bitch!
You idiot!
Why are you in front of him?
Trail him! Not escort him!
Trail him, you idiot. Go behind him, now!
Why are you driving like that?
In Korea, it's the fastest to follow behind cabs
Stop following me!
That damn idiot
Are you being chased or something!
I did it!
Where are they?
They're not there yet
Then what did you do?
I'm finally trailing them, sir!
You idiot! Who the hell was your trainer!
At the amusement park
And the count?
Still trailing him
Don't forget to add, 'sir'. That ain't right
I give up...
This looks good!
What a way to spend my birthday
- We don't have the luxury. - Target's on the move!
Always when I'm eating!
Get ready, people!
Hurry up! Go!
All agents, standby!
I think they're on to us
Get the goods!
I beg your pardon
- Do you know her? - No
Are you Okay?
Hold on! Pregnant women aren't allowed in! See?
Back off! NIS!
Give me a break, lady
can't you do yourjobs right!
If it gets out half the people in Seoul could die!
If it breaks it's a biochemical weapon!
Use your head!
You... I told you to keep still! Didn't l!
It was an urgent matter, sir
Look at this!
You said you don't have guns!
What's this?
You all have guns!
Why don't I get one!
I almost died, today!
I'm a Harimao! Why can't I have a gun
A Harimao?
That's right I'm a Harimao, too!
Put it on
Thank you I didn't have an umbrella
You look tired Is something wrong?
Just some annoying client...
I'll see you later
I'm sorry
Did you put it on?
Yes, sir
You think you're ready to go out on the field?
Of course, sir!
The one who grabs this gun and shoots first is the winner
If you win I walk away from here
If I win
you're dead
Fine, sir
I told you!
If I win, you're dead
Don't ask to go out on the field anymore
An untrained colleague is more dangerous than the enemy
A bullet- proof suit is useless against knives
But that can even block knives So wear it
Where are you?
Happy birthday!
Let's start over
They say it's 3%
The chance of people who broke up getting back together for good
I didn't leave, cuz I wanted to
It was because of you
You couldn't trust me enough?
But you made it that way
Then fine
Just go
Soo-ji, that's not what I'm trying to say
That is what you're saying
It was your fault!
I'm dating someone
He's a good person
I'm going to marry him
I'll teach you for real You'll never forget it
Attack! Offensif!
contre offensif!
I almost died!
Just when I thought I was dead...
All I could think about was you!
I'm sorry
I'm so sorry...
I couldn't even say it
I love you, Soo-ji
I need to use the bathroom
Why'd you go to the amusement park?
It's one of our clients
- What about you? - On a gig
- But your stomach... - Part of a bear costume
- By the way... - By the way...
You first
To be honest, I know a lot of secret info as part of myjob
Of course. You're an accountant
It's not that!
What I mean is...
If things go wrong I can end up like this
Whatever it is I'll understand
- Really? - Yes
Yes, but you have to understand me, too
Whatever I do it doesn't seem like what it is
- Really? Promise? - Promise!
Hold on
Yes, chief
Head out!
Right now?
Go, now!
Yes, sir
The office... called
You have to go? At an important moment like this?
It's kinda urgent
What's urgent is important or what's important is urgent for you?
I'm a little busy, sis
Dr. Roh! code Red!
come here, quickly!
What's urgent is important You should go
- You sure? - I'm sure
I don't want to interfere with your work
Put this on
- But Soo-ji... I love you - I love you, too
- I really love you. - Me, too!
Where are you?
Locating the count I'm close
You idiot!
- Why are you in there! - Video transmitter in place
You stupid idiot!
If you screw up again you're dead!
Thank you, sir!
come closer to her.
Hello, sir. Here's the top girl in our club!
"Stunningly beautiful."
"Isn't there a Russian proverb like..."
"Only the brave... gets the beauty."
"There's no Russian proverb like that."
"No man...
can resist a woman's beauty."
What is he, Don Juan?
"What are you trying to get at?"
Who was that?
come on! I have my standards!
- cheers! - cheers!
- What's your name? - Natasha Valleschkova
Natasha, what?
Let's toast...
to your beautiful eyes
Damn password, again !
I can't live without you
I can't live without you
Magu vesch... what?
Oh, you've been hurt by love
Damn it! What's he saying!
I can't live without you
I know how that feels
People get burned by love
Speak slowly and clearly!
I can't live without you
This won't bring her back
Just forget her
And come here
Hello, sir
Introducing our club's hottest beauty!
The perfect body...
What happened to Soo-ji?
She totally flipped! Breaking bottles like a mad beast!
Where's Jae-joon ! That idiot!
- This was what's so urgent? - This was what's so important?
Flaunting your body to men like that!
You do accounting work at nightclubs?
Aren't you too old to be cleaning by day and flirting with men at night?
Don't bring up my age!
You liked rubbing your face in that Russian girl's chest!
Damn right! They're way bigger than yours!
Size isn't important Having two is what matters!
No, they have to be big to...
- Officer! - Officer!
He hasn't been moving for 8 minutes
The tracker is off!
I wired $5 million to your bank account
Where's the virus?
After I get all the money
I'll contact you again for our next meet
I thought you were different from other men
I knew you were a flirt
I'm so embarrassed to admit loving you once
You're embarrassed of me? Fine! It's over!
But I have one more thing to say to you
Forget it!
It's really over between us!
You idiot! Where are you!
Drink slowly, kid!
Eat something
I'm used to drinking vodka straight up
This is nothing, sir
Let's drink till we die!
Drinking too much when you can't even take it
- I'll be good from now on. - Now, you're talking
I'm a Harimao, bro!
Don't trust me?
Whatever, kid. Not everyone can become that
The most fearless tiger in the world is the Harimao
The best agent who can conquer any situation is a Harimao!
Damn kid's so drunk...
What do I do now?
I was so innocent
Fine, cry Harimaos can cry, too
What? Speak up!
Name, Natasha Valleschkova
Dropped out of South Ural State University
Her grandfather is a prominent figure in the government
Nothing suspicious yet but due to her ties to Dr. Roh
we asked the police to charge her on illegal residency
The police had her deported
on illegal residency
She was just their messenger?
Yes. Natasha was not the problem
Notice this woman on the amusement park ccTV
A pregnant woman?
Yes, but she leaves the carriage and runs off
Look how fast she can run!
Dr. Roh's tracker going off
means he had someone's help
We analyzed the park's ccTV and found his contact
This is the scene
He's talking with Dr. Roh
Next scene
This is the same scene from another angle
He's acting very strangely
Maybe he's just crazy?
She moves like she's been expertly trained
We think she is Victor's contact here
like Mikael
CZ- 85 semi- automatic pistol
It's the same gun
that agent Soo-ji's attacker had
He's a member of the Russian team
who can lead us to Dr. Roh
But we cannot identify him at present
It's Soo-ji!
Ahn Soo-ji. Age, 30
Majored in Korean at Hankook Univ. of Foreign Studies
He majored in African language at Hankook Univ
African language?
She studied Korean at a foreign language university?
After graduation he studied in Canada
Now he heads international disputes at Samin Accounting Firm
Worked as head in- bound travel agent at Hanmi Travel
Now works as a cleaning lady
My Soo-ji is...
I mean, Ahn Soo-ji has no ties to Victor whatsoever
He can't be a Russian spy, sir!
Of course she is!
The hotel says there's no cleaner by that name
He's not an accountant that's for sure
Who the hell is she!
He left for Russia, not Canada
What is this?
No entry records, right?
Maybe he approached you on purpose?
Meeting accidentally after 3 years?
Notice anything strange?
Not really...
Can you reach her?
Yes, of course
It'll be hard, personally... But we can't be personal
We move as a team
Are you crying?
Then should I be laughing?
Best kept secret of the CIA!
Put it on
Don't let her off easy cuz you know her
Come on, kid!
Snap to it!
She screwed you over, pal!
I can't believe it
How can this happen?
Women are one or the other
They're unbelievable or un-trustable
Any girl who's different should raise her hand
Remember when we first met?
You were so awkward...
So innocent
When I first saw you...
I didn't have the courage to speak to you
I couldn't ask you out for dumplings for the life of me
What a schmuck Dumplings? Come on
It took 86 days
What did?
For you to ask me out for dumplings after we first met
Soo-ji. You poor thing
Excuse me. Here's the lobster you ordered
Enjoy your meal
Do you still go to Jeju Island?
Fine, maybe I didn't go to Jeju island...
But my conscience is clear
At least I didn't use love for other means unlike someone
Didn't you already use me enough?
I'm not like you
I didn't live a lie
Good! Keep pushing!
How can you be so double-faced!
Soo-ji! Relax! Relax!
How's work these days?
Not bad Ijust do what they tell me
No sense ofjudgment? Doing everything they tell you?
What's wrong with that? It's better than the crap you do
Are you putting down what I do?
You can't be proud of it!
Cleaning is way respectable than what you do!
Cleaning? You're a cleaner, huh?
I know everything You're no average cleaner!
So you admit you know everything?
Is that why you approached me?
Soo-ji! The wiretap!
Put it on her!
I did love you!
I'll hate you!
Hi, Sung-joon
Sorry I didn't call Things got crazy at work
Okay, I'll be right there
She's on the move
She got a call on her cell and went out
- Did you track the number? - Her phone can't be tracked
She's a pro
Get her first then get the Count
Move out!
I guarantee the goods 200%!
I'm sorry. I only take cash
Then I'll meet you at that place before in 30 minutes
The deal's going down Get the goods
- You're the caller? - It's real, right?
Russia... Mafia?
Anyone hurt?
Everyone got hurt, sir
You idiots!
Victor disappears and you lose Soo-ji?
Good going
Get out!
I'm sorry, sir
The Russian embassy wants an official explanation for trailing them
Then let's ask for their official records
Why are you so hardheaded?
Close the case and blame it on Jae-joon
But he's just a kid who doesn't know anything
Shut up and call Jae-joon in, now
I can't, sir
Excuse me
It 's me, sir
What is it?
Did you eat?
Not yet, sir
They're the Red Mafia. They only used diamonds and hearts
I'm in a meeting, now
Wait, Chief!
Their code's in English not Russian!
Okay, I got you. I'm getting off work late, tonight
That's okay. I decoded it all, sir. It's ANADYR
It's a wine bar in Itaewon
What wine! Just go to bed, early!
I can't sleep, now, sir!
Okay, I got it!
I love you too, Bye
Hello? Sir! Chief!
My wife called about some wine
You should think of your family
Like we ever worried about that in this field
We need more people like you to stay on the team
So hand Jae-joon over to the prosecutors and walk away
I'll take full responsibility, sir
Do you know what that means?
Yes, sir
I'm taking full responsibility
Now, please go
I'm warning you as your superior
And I'm warning you as the owner of this van
Please go
Chief Kim
Why you...
Is that you, hon?
I didn't do anything!
I swear!
Please help me, hon! Get me out of here!
Who's that?
Lee Jae-joon's childhood friend
Caught selling Viagra pills
Lee Jae-joon lured us to him while they attacked Soo-ji
He's a pro
Think there is an internal spy?
You have enemies everywhere, sir
If you don't have enemies it means you slacked on the job
Anyway, Soo-ji is totally exposed
Send her to another team Tell her to rest for a while
Natasha's been deported
What about the job?
The embassy's already on it, sir
The NIS must be going crazy
Diplomatic issues always get them
Is this safe, sir?
They probably know who we are already
It's doesn't matter if they know
It's who they think I am
Say cheese!
This is an email Dr. Roh received 30 minutes ago, sir!
To my dear friend, Dr. Roh...
It's been a while since we've exchanged emails
Rome seems to be better than Korea
After tracking the IP...
The emails were sent from all around the world
Decode it and put an APB on Dr. Roh and Lee Jae-joon
Where's Agent Lee Jae-joon?
He's out somewhere on a S1 case I cannot verify that
Is it Jae-joon's sole operation?
I cannot verify that
Has it been approved?
I cannot verify that
Look, man! Wanna get fired!
Man? Watch your mouth, squirt!
Who was your trainer?
Chang- man? Dong- kyu? Joong- sung?
I cannot verify that
I'll find out who it is You little twerp
What's the password?
I don't know
I'd like to know, too
We cracked the password
It's the time the emails were sent
01 :03, first line, cell 3 refers to A
02:09, second line cell 9, refers to B
If we use this pattern to the last email at 05:1 1
we get...
Why am I the only one left out of the case?
You're exposed It's regulation
But Chief!
That's an order, Soo-ji
Put it together
Busan, Bexco, 30 hours?
It refers to the time lapse
Then only 2 hours left!
Let's go
Lee Jae-joon!
Run the ID check again
Answer the damn phone!
It's no use
Agents are guarding at all ports
Lee Jae-joon...
He's a Harimao
Think you can catch a Harimao that easily?
Go easy on me when you write the affidavit
I can't lose this job
You found him? Where?
The great Harimao...
He's being taken to the station as we speak
You trained him well!
What the hell?
Lee Jae-joon
Where the hell are you!
Why didn't you answer your phone!
You little!
Sneak off to Russia, right now
Ijust sent you a picture, sir. Can you check who it is?
Are you out of your mind!
Please, Chief. This has to do with Ahn Soo-ji
Idiot! I need the password!
It's urgent, Chief
So tell me the password!
What did you say?
The password is Chief Asshole...
C- H- l- E- F-A- S- S- H- O- L- E
It doesn't work!
Chief space bar Asshole, sir
I'll find your trainer and kill him first!
Chief, space bar, Asshole
It worked
Sonya Victoria. Chief of Russian Female Entrepreneurs
She's attending a function at 11
Where, sir? What?
Got it, sir! I'll get Sonya! You cover me, Chief! Okay?
Let's take Highway 1 , officer
What the heck...
This isn't a cab!
Suwon, Jangahn-gu...
What are you doing!
Let's talk about this... This is a police car!
Turn the car around, now!
Why are you taking the chopper to Suwon from Seoul ?
We're not headed for Suwon!
What do you mean! Dr. Roh is here, Code Red!
Soo-ji says it's Suwon!
But it's Busan, Chief
She says he's in Suwon! Code Red!
Call the cops and get all the backup we can!
Call all the agents you can!
Move to point 3 and 6! I'll be in touch!
Trust me, Officer Jang Our country calls
Why's it calling us You probably didn't hear right
I shouldn't be doing this
Is this the right place?
What is it?
You really must be one of those agents
It's working!
We need to learn stuff like this, too
Thank you
You, too
Do me a huge favor
Don't let anyone in or out of here
No one gets in or out. Understood?
Shouldn't we call for backup?
I'm counting on you Officer Jang!
Get ready!
We have to reach the rendezvous point in 1 3 minutes!
Just the perfect weapon for a Korean agent to have
3 years ago?
Caught by a mere girl like you
So long, old enemy!
It has to end like this
Put your hands up!
Or your colleague will die!
Put the gun down!
Don't be so sad You'll be joining him
Excuse me Wait! Hold right there, sir!
- Wait! - But...
Soo-ji! Look out!
Wait here!
Come back here!
Hey! Foreigner Stop! You man!
What's this?
Stay right there and don't move!
It's dangerous, Soo-ji! Take me with you!
I lost two of them!
Two foreigners!
- Still can't reach Soo-ji? - No
Call the police to go to her last point of contact!
Let's go!
Stay back!
I'll save you, Soo-ji!
Stay right there!
Offensif! Offensif!
Soo-ji! Contre Offensif!
If this is exposed it turns into a mutative virus!
Then everyone's dead! Is that what you want?
What's she saying?
You leave me with no choice I'm not going down, alone!
Jae-joon! Open your eyes Jae-joon! Please!
Are you okay, Jae-joon?
What's your post?
- Well, account... - Don't ever say 'accountant'
- A civil servant... - A cop? A prosecutor?
Overseas operations
Rookie agent
I told you not to do anything dangerous! You'll get hurt!
I told you to become a teacher in the countryside!
Why don't you ever listen to me!
Give me a break
Arrest Ahn Soo-ji
Poor Soo-ji...
Arrest Lee Jae-joon
Where's Dr. Roh?
Please, let me go
How many times do l...
When's your flight?
How've you been?
I dated a travel agent
but she dumped me
She was full of lies
Always speaking Japanese
and running off during meals
Women are like that
How's the industrial spy work?
Can't wait to go out as a Harimao
Do you know why we're called Harimaos?
Of course. The most fearless tiger there is!
Top agents who can hunt down anything!
Whatever, bastard
You said we're arrogant fools
Who, me? When?
You trained a guy named Jae-joon, right?
And that idiot prosecutor was under you, too!
You don't know crap about being a Harimao!
Wanna be a true Harimao?
Then the one who grabs the gun first and shoots is the winner!
If you win, I leave
If I win, you're dead
Ouch! My arm! Hey!
You're quite a character
- Thanks, sis. - Who says you can call me sis!
- Ma'am? - Who says you call me ma'am!
Who was your trainer?
But regulations...
Can't you shoot right!
The car's moving too much!
- Got any bullets? - In the back!
Who's calling!
It's Mom!
Why's she calling, now?
I don't know! You take it!
- Hey! Hey! - Answer it!
Hi, Mother
Why are you answering? Where's all that noise coming from?
Well, I'm at...
Jeju Island
Jeju Island, Mother
Again ?
We'll be right there
What are you doing there, dear? I don't get it!
It 's not like you're out saving the country!
Jae-joon ? Can you hear me? Mama's waiting!