Hair Color Mixing & Application Techniques : Mixing Permanent Hair Color

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.10.2008

In this clip we're going to talk about how to mix permanent hair color. Permanent hair
color lifts color off of the hair and it becomes permanent. And what we're going to talk about
here is different types also. We have cream colors and they're in tubes. And it's usually
a white cream that you see when their in the tube. Ok and we're going to show you in a
minute when I mix it. We also have liquid colors out there that you mix equal parts
or depending on the company their own instructions on how to mix it. Usually it's equal parts
and you mix a liquid in a bottle and you shake it and then you apply it on the hair. There's
also different ways to shake the color, the permanent hair color. We can use mixers like
this, bowl and brush or we can actually use like I said a liquid, for liquid use a bottle.
Ok so I'm going to show you right now how to mix this permanent hair color which is
in a tube and it's creamy. This company has cc's that you mix in, it's five cc's so it's
every increment here, every line that you see here is ten cc's. Ok. I'm going to mix
thirty cc's which would be about an ounce of color. Ok. You need your key here to turn
that and mix it with that brush now in a minute. After we go ahead and take this some developer
here and we're going to use twenty volume developer, you can use any kind of developer.
In this company you can use from five to forty depending on how much lift you want in your
hair color, in your permanent hair color. Usually permanent hair color you need at least
twenty ok. So let's go ahead and mix here. It would be also with this company, is actually
they want you to do the tube here, they want you to use an ounce but with them they want
you to use about two ounces of developer. So you'll see that they, sometimes they'll
say an ounce to ounce which is equal parts or they'll say an ounce of color to two ounces
of developer. Ok. CC's would be thirty cc's to sixty cc's. We're going to go ahead and
mix the color first really well, nice and creamy in the bowl. They also have whisks
now that you can use and you see them, it looks like in cooking you use but you'll have
like a whisk. And there you go you mix it, little bit at a time please. Nice and creamy,
make sure it's not lumpy when you are mixing it ok cause then it doesn't take well on the
hair or takes different colors on the hair so you want to go ahead and do that.