All About Batman (S2Ep7) | Thunderbirds101 and Sonicobbsessedr2's birthday bonanza

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ANNOUNCER 1: This is Sirius Philippines, now another episode of All About Batman.
ANNOUNCER 2: "All About Batman" is sponsored by IWAY Cookies, comes with 4 classical
flavors, Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2 and Half Life flavors. IWAY Cookies. Get fueled
for life.
[Communist Roll'd!]
JOKER: Alright! [record scratch] Who was responsible for this?
CHICKEN MAN: Hi, my name is Chicken Man and I will defeat you in the end of the [shots
JOKER: Music please.
[applause and music]
INK SPOTS: I don't want to set the world on fire...
I just want to start a flame in your heart...
In my heart I have but one desire... And that one is you, no other will do...
MIKE: This is "All About Batman with Joker," the Thunderbirds101 and SonicObbsessedr2 birthday
BATMAN: Welcome back to "All About Batman."
JOKER: We are halfway to the end of the series.
BATMAN: Yes, Joker. Before I will say a Happy Birthday. Let me tell you who the “Anonymous
Taiwanese” was. Joker.
JOKER: OK! The name of the person is John Chen, carrying wasteful accounts and spam
e-mail addresses at every first comment on his channels. This
guy is particularly a noob.
BATMAN: Good one Joker. Now for the real thing. Thunderbirds101 is lone administrator of the
Microsoft Sam Wiki.
JOKER: In honor of him, Tim made a new law or the "Constitution," which was called for
an ethical and peaceful treaty in making the Wiki equal for
BATMAN: Wow, isn't it nice?
JOKER: Well, the reason why the law is called is because of two articles by GWizard777,
bearing the names PsiPaula4 and JeffKirby58. On his deviantArt,
he shot SuperNess1000 and Eeveefan93. We condemn him and his
act of trolling.
BATMAN: That was the past.
JOKER: Well, duh! The reflective past became an idea why Tim just join with the four risky
BATMAN: I knew it. The one about the I ams. He stole a "soda pop" according to one of
the users. Fun fact! He does not swear because he's a chicken and
does not like Pokemon because of overrunning mudkips. [laughs]
JOKER: I know. The past is still reflective. If Cybunnylover watch about this part, her
sister, Kyte, will say..
BEANIE: "I'm afraid you should stay away from that person, dear child."
BATMAN: I hate when GWizard kills an obsessive Pokemon fan. I never trust him at all.
JOKER: Me too.
BATMAN: Where was I? Happy birthday, Thunderbirds101. Hope for a big success on the Funny Windows
Errors with Bendyournoodle. Next is Sonicobbsessedr2.
JOKER: One of the viewers of this program, as always.
BATMAN: This guy is the bestest friend. I mean best friend.
JOKER: So, this guy really rocks. I love his YouTube poops before PoorLeno stole it. So
where's "Red Blood"?
BATMAN: I don't know. This guy stays in YouTube in three years. Wow.
JOKER: Please put your comments on the greetings for Thunderbirds and Sonicobbsessed. Hope
two users will have a nice life on YouTube. See you on the election
special, coming up next. Bye! Take it away, Trolololo man!
[Trolololo man sings]
MIKE: To ask some inquiries regarding this program: log on to
Watch out for the new wiki created by Tim P! I'm Microsoft Mike.
[cheers and music]