Garmin Edge 800 Tutorial - How To Use Your Garmin With A Heart Rate Monitor

Uploaded by globalcyclingnetwork on 01.01.2013

I've used a number of Garmin products in both racing and training for the past few years. They gave me
all the data I needed, and more, for training purposes, but it also gave me quite a big
advantage in competition, particularly in races where you're not allowed a race radio.
In this video i'm going to show you how to pair your Garmin 800 with a heart rate strap or Power Meter
Click on Menu Go to the settings spanner in the bottom right hand corner
Bike settings, scroll down to heart rate, click on ANT+ or ANT+ heart rate, click on heart rate monitor, at the moment it says no, yes, rescan, it should find my heart rate monitor now, heart rate monitor detected. once it's detected it, click back and once you get to the main menu you'll see your heart rate, mine is currently 64
Many of the race organisors now have the garmin to create their routes so they have Garmin files available which is in the GPX format.
I would either upload these to my 800, or if they weren't available, I'd attempt to copy
the race book route.
To pair the Garmin 800 with the power meter, click on menu
the settings button again
bike settings, and this time go to bike profiles
Click on
the bike you've got with the Power meter present
and go down to ANT+ power, make sure it says
Power Meter Yes, and when you've got you're power meter present click rescan, it will find it
Your Power Meter or Heart rate strap or cadence sensor will have it's own unique number
to find out what this number is and to make sure you're not picking up anybody else's data
click again on the power button and we'll go to power meter, sensor details, and here it's going to have your sensor ID
which will be a five digit number, note that down and if it does happen
to pick up anybody else's you can simply
input the sensor ID using a key pad
do the same for the heart rate monitor
I've got one of those on so in sensor details if it happens
to be picking up somebody else's and you know your number is 12880 click on sensor ID
delete the number that's in there, put in your own number which you've noted down, and go back to the original screen
and you should be
getting all of your own personal data. It allowed me to see
when major climbs or changes in direction were coming up, the latter very important in windy races. I could also see if there was some rest bite
coming up on a long climb or exactly how far it was to the top of the climb
There is actually a short cut on the Garmin 800
to get to those settings, if you just click once on the power button on the upper left side of the unit
that will bring up this tool screen, the power symbol is this one here and the heart symbol is pretty obvious in the top left hand corner, click on the heart symbol
and it'll bring you to the screen which I just showed you, same with the power logo, it goes to the same screen, and this one in the middle is if you want to pair with any bike sensors
so a speed sensor or a cadence sensor, click on yes and you can re scan for any of them. I could lso of course see how many km's were remaining in the race and could also have markers for intermediate sprints or climbs. Not many of the pros really use the 800 to this degree
but i think we will see more and more of it, I also see it as a very useful tool in Sportif and Grand Fondo events
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