Jak malować usta (Lips make up)

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Here I would like you to present filmiku
What and how to paint the lips, that our lipstick is not descended to us at the first bite
I wish you a pleasant viewing
A very important part of the health of our mouth is to carry out prophylactic massage
Massage simple paragraphs, we brush the teeth
Please ...
Such procedures we perform at least once a week as soon as you want
If your lips are spierzchniałe, obviously some of the skin, the epidermis of leaves paragraph
Please perform a basic massage
So take a toothbrush
We attach to our lips and perform circular movements massage
A very simple thing, but believe me, the effect is immediate
Our lips are dokrwione become better
So if you have a great rendezvous scheduled for the evening
Do you necessarily a massage
If you have a little more time
Such massaging the mouth
You can impose a bit of honey
pat honey zlizywać not in any way ;-)
Just leave somewhere at 5.10 minutes until the honey rot
All properties on our lips wsiąkną
W, then one can super-sleek
It is useful with a pleasant
Now go to the main stage, to paint of our paragraph
I have a little bit now zwilgotniałe
So wytrę mouth paper
You see what a nice red to do?
It is paragraph before painting lipstick
In the mouth pat underlay
So backing is multifunctional, not only imposes it on
Face, neck, décolletage, but also in the mouth
I impose my favorite foundation, Revlon ColorStay
And it really has no meaning, no matter what primer
I pour out a little on your finger
And you type in the mouth
Of course, this operation can be done immediately in the face painting
I have only to show how best to do
So you type primer
Painting lips, the color was "nude" - a natural
But it's only the first effect
Because we want to keep our mouths have intense color
Thanks pomadce and that this lipstick as long as robust
On our lips, we are not licked at her first mouthful of our jedzonka
Be the first kiss
Okay, I have done
Wait waits until the solution is absorbed a little primer
A very important step is to outline our obrysowywanie paragraph
Lip choose the color of our lipsticks
Today I have chosen the color of lipstick on my blouse
To match color
imposition of such fiolecik
I want to show you that you do not have to have enough konturówek how much lipstick you
I really need a universal color
I have a liner with Margaret Astor
This is a Lip color bladoróżowym
And it is suitable for such dark fiolecików
How to lipstick color that cielistym or pudrowych in light pink, and even bronze
Intentionally or not sharpened my Lip super strong
Because, very much sharpened may hurt our mouth
And above all do not distribute as well as
why is not my very sharpened
But before I proceed to paint the upper lip
I gotta have you to say something very important
Namely, if you want your lips have become
That kind of clarity that they have increased the optically
will present to you a trick
At this point, uses a powder illuminating: Bell (series Planete)
This powder looks very good even on cheekbones
On the neck, the neck. Reflects very well the light, gives the effect of illumination.
To enlarge the mouth of optically emphasize particularly the upper lip
Such a powder requires, distributes it along the arc Cupid
So on that here the distance between the nose and upper lip
Why did such a thing
Quite a bit rubbed on the upper lip
And in this łuczek Cupid
massaged the powder
Tyle enough
My lips are pretty big, if I may say so
That is why I have no problem with them obrysowywaniem
However, I know that some girls complain a lot about
Because their lips are narrow and difficult to obrysowania
So if you have a problem with the paint of his mouth
Either you give them a larger shape
That I do not see obstacles, you Lip
gone beyond the boundaries of his mouth
Then they widen slightly to
You will have a greater psychological comfort
So I obrysowuje my mouth, but you can leave them outside the contour
Even as exhibited here
Above, does not draw the contours of paragraph just above
But you still hold on to your natural shape
If he is responsible to us
Painting lipstick paragraph
If you want lips that are durable, you can paint the lips with lipstick brush
By contrast, wants to show you that you do not have to have the entire staff of specialized equipment to be painted
As well you can paint the lips lipstick
Simply, directly, without any assistance brush
For now, the first layer of Color
So you paint without much effort
I rubbed the first layer of a handkerchief or paper
We attach a piece of our mouth and departing
Most remained on paper
But we already have gained the mouth of another color
Why is this step will make our mouth does not fade immediately
The second layer responsible
Painting has precisely
We do it from the inside
Towards the outer part
And then conversely drag lipstick
If you want your lips to be more shiny, or to extract color
To recommend to you to impose błyszczyku colorless or with particles
I am I lay my lip gloss Sally Hansen Chocolatte Kiss (neutral color)
I pull out the lip brush, leaving little excess
contours and tours
Literally emphasize upper lip and lower lip środeczek
What will make our mouths widen the optically
Effect Ready
Thank you very much for your attention
I hope the movie proves to be useful for you
Thank you and see you again!