Neymar é homenageado com estrela na "Calçada da Fama de Santos"

Uploaded by santostvoficial on 21.09.2012

more a tribute, what did you think?
Yes, thank God. I am very happy attending the History of Festival, of history of the (Cine Roxy), and everything else.
and it was where I grew up with my friends and my family
watching movies here and receive this honor today is a great happiness!
we'll make cartoons for television we are negotiating with foreign companies to display
and soon we will have a film feature film, animated in 3D, beautiful, wonderful. That's it!
after Pelezinho comes the Neymarzinho? Is... are the Kings! I like to mess with majesties.
and another idol of Santos FC! and another of Santos FC! See that thing?!
The air Santos City is Magical. is not?!
I am very happy tonight with all of you present here. Neymar is beautiful! (giggles) ...Is lie!
we'll watch the movie: The Village, which tells the story of Santos FC
my story too, because I am part and also want to say: that football without you guys
is not same thing. So that's why I run, I give the best of me
for fans of Santos FC, ​​are always happy and celebrate many titles