Outing - Ice Storm 2012 in Western Washington

Uploaded by EliMakesMovies on 19.01.2012

The rhodie's fallen over.
This here used to be our vine maple.
Now it's on the ground.
Tipped over...
Snapped off.
But the birds are loving it.

This is really hard and crusty.
Like you're walking on a pond something
Sparrow: I'm glad it's not a pond.
Yeah, we'll have to wait till it thaws
before people can get out of here.
Look at all the icicles!
Sparrow: And then there's ice,
And there's snow on top of that.
So brilliant!
I love snow!
Opps... I hooked my hat...
I have a feeling these branches are sagging lower than usual.
Yeah, I do.
Look how gray the sky is.
Definitely gonna be snowing some more.
Hey, you know what I just realized!
I feel like I'm those dufflepuds.
You know, it goes "whump."
You have a big footprint.
Here's our first plant specimen.
This is like a grassy thing.
Sparrow: the grass plants..

Sparrow: The blades of grass are covered with..
big tubes of
..from the sleet and freezing rain
E: Hey, what is this stuff.
It's almost snowflakes; it's like clumpy ice.
It almost looks like snowflakes.
Sparrow: Oooh, it's so soft underneath.

I can't break it off with my hands.
How thick would you say that is?

Don't break it!
I'm gonna move down here
That's at least a foot long.
"Water..." I can see why.

Poor trees, all droopy
From all that ice.
Cars from all the people who didn't want to go up the hill last night.
He's enjoying this way too much.
He runs from the Boojum!
He's back!
Sparrow: Bear in mind,
I'm working with 2 cameras here.

E: Go for it, Buddy!
Oh, OK.
Well, now your pants are wet.
This car has been parking here for who-knows-how-long.
Sparrow: Somebody on Twitter posted a picture,
of the snow,
and it was a picture of a car,
and somebody had drawn eyes and a face on it, like in Cars.
E: Where are you?
Sparrow: Vlogging in the middle of the road.
I'm vlogging in the middle of the road.
Oh yeah.
....Doctor Who reference there; you are VERY nerdy.
E: Why, brother of mine?
Sparrow: Brother of mine?
You're not the "brother of mine," you're the SISTER of mine.

E: I always think bad things are going to happen to people who speed.
Oooh, look at this!
An ice cream truck.
For ice meals.
Sparrow: We spontaneously decided to go
to the store and get some doughnuts.

Spontaneous decision to go to the store.
E: These streets don't get plowed.
Sparrow: There was muffled screaming from inside that car.
E: Now, this is cool.

It's just sheeting off.
It's sliding off...an antenna!

The poor bamboo!
The bamboo fell over.
Just got too heavy.
A casualty to the ice.
And other stuff.
This is kind of a side street, so there isn't going to be much traffic.

Sparrow: Vlog-ception!
I don't know; that's just what it's called.
Because it's a vlog within a vlog.
E: Doughnuts! I went to the store and got doughnuts.
It's snowing harder than it was before.
Sparrow: It's so cold!
E: Especially after we were relaxing in the warm store.

It's dangerous.
Sparrow: We're vlogging in the middle of the street.
E: It was beautiful until *THAT* came into view.
Sparrow: I'm beautiful; come on!
look forwards
E: Apparently the temp. is staying steady at 27 degrees.

They said it was going to be warming up this afternoon, but
it is currently
4 o'clock.
And it hasn't been.
If it's gonna thaw, it's gonna be thawing tonight. It's not gonna be today.
Sparrow: Are you recording? That's the dumbest question ever.