Oscars 2012 Best Picture Nominee: The Descendants - Trailer

Uploaded by WorldCinemaNews on 18.10.2011

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Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell may have not shot together
in the last episode of final season of The Office,
but it's becoming more and more easier
to see them work together at other projects.
They are going to be antagonists in Bruce Almighty,
but the two comedians will also lend their voices
for the adapted animation of Horton Hears a Who, written by Dr. Seuss.
Leonardo Di Caprio is thinking about lead role for The Imitation Game,
a script by Graham Moore on british mathematician Alan Turing,
just bought by Warner Bros.
Ron Howard is interested in directing the movie
which is adapted from the defined biography “Alan Turing: The Enigma” by Andrew Hodges.
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