How to Sync ACT! with BlackBerry using CompanionLink 4.0 and BlackBerry Desktop Software 6

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How to Sync Act! With BlackBerry using CompanionLink 4.0 and BlackBerry Desktop Software 6
Narrator: In this video, we’re gonna show you how to synchronize Act! with your BlackBerry using CompanionLink and the BlackBerry desktop software.
CompanionLink will sync all your Act! contacts, calendar activities, opportunities, notes, and histories.
The first step is to open up your BlackBerry desktop software.
If you do not see the Add-Ins button in your BlackBerry desktop software, you’ll have to perform a one-time initialization
so that CompanionLink can sync with the BlackBerry desktop software.
To do this, click the Applications button on the left side menu in the BlackBerry desktop software.
This will initialize your BlackBerry and get it ready to sync.
Once you’ve initialized the BlackBerry desktop software, go ahead and close that, and open up CompanionLink.
First, select BlackBerry as the sync target from the drop-down menu.
Then go ahead and click the BlackBerry Settings button.
You should see a window pop up in which your BlackBerry PIN is displayed. Confirm this here and then click OK.
Next, selected Act! from the second drop-down menu as your PC application. Then click the Act! Settings button.
First, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll have to select the Act! database you wish to synchronize with.
Next, click the Applications tab. This lets you specify which data types to sync, as well as the sync direction.
You can specify a two-way sync or a one-way sync in either direction.
Finally, open up the Advanced Settings. Here, you can specify the format CompanionLink uses to display your activities in the BlackBerry calendar.
You may also want to check the Date Range tab. This lets you specify how far back you’d like to sync.
Finally, once you’ve configured CompanionLink, you’re ready to sync.
Do not click the synchronize button within CompanionLink.
Open up BlackBerry Desktop Manager, click the Add-Ins button on the left side, and confirm that CompanionLink is listed as an Add-In with the checkbox marked.
Then, hit the Sync button in the bottom right corner to begin synchronization.
The first time that you sync, it may take a little while, as CompanionLink has to read through all the Act! data files.
Subsequent syncs will be much faster.
Once the sync progress window disappears, synchronization has completed.
You can now disconnect your BlackBerry.
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