Welcome to Your Effective Speaking Research Guide

Uploaded by billhemmig on 11.01.2013

Hi this is Bill in a quiet corner of the Newtown campus library.
I'm also coming to you from the middle of this research guide that I put
together just for your class. Have a look around. Each of the tabs at
the top of the page corresponds to one of your assignments. Click on the
tab to go to the page for that assignment and you will find all the
resources that I think you will need to do your research for that specific
assignment. You'll find links to library databases and tips for using them--
all kinds of stuff to help you with your research.
Not every resource will be right for every topic;
it really depends on what your topic is...
If you run into any trouble figuring out which resources to use
or have any other questions about your research, contact me. There is a discussion in
the course space where you can post questions and or you can just
send me a message with your research questions and I'll get back to you as quickly
as I can. You can also if it's convenient just visit the reference desk in any one
of the campus libraries and the librarian there will be able to help you.
There's also a discussion in the course space for when you get to
the information literacy report. You're going to need to check in with a
librarian. If you want to do that virtually you can do that through the
discussion and I'll help you through that part of the assignment.
Let me know if you have questions and good luck with the class.