Pro-B4 in Action

Uploaded by ProfotoGlobal on 10.09.2012

We´re here at Wakelake with two of the best, Dominik Gührs and Freddy von Osten.
For this shoot I was given the opportunity to try out the latest Profoto battery pack and head.
The Pro-B4 and the ProHead Plus.
I never did something like this but it was also kind of scary...
...because we couldn´t see anything and the lights where just shining like boom boom boom...
so it was kind of hard for us... but yeah a good experience, thank you guys.
I wanted to put the new Profoto products to the test and shoot wakeboarding in a new way.
It´s 3 o´clock in the morning, the action is about to start.
He makes the best pictures in my opinion so it´s always good to work with him.
Having a flash that can keep up with the camera is essential when the action is fast.
Each shot out of the sequence is perfectly lit-up,
so I can choose the best.
The pack is solid and all connections have protective lids. This means less worry of the equpipment when the action is close.
What I really like on the Profoto Air, I can control multiple flashes without moving. This was a big advantage on this shoot.
The B4 can fire up to 30 flashes per second.
The sequence turned out perfect!
You want to freeze water?
The secret is the flash duration, up to 25000! I could not believe it.
Water turns to ice, how sick is that!
So now the session is over. I´m super stoked, the new batterypack is just amazing.
It opens up new creativity, for me it´s just incredible.