Intercircu Bauru 2012 - tá vindo aí! - 6 a 9 de setembro

Uploaded by lucasgabd on 28.08.2012

Hey, what's up?!
I just got back of the VI juggling
and circus meeting of Goiânia
it was awesome!
Take a look at what happened there by clicking here
in this little video
and the trips doesn't stop there!
in 2 weeks we'll have the Intercircu Bauru
from 6 to 9, september.
the intercircu is a free event
it always happens in the countryside of Sao Paulo
several times every year
We'll have workshops, performances, competitions
this year we'll have a competitive exhibition
with amazing performances
we'll also have renegades!
and camping site
I hope to meet you there
the information is all here in the description box
signing up is easy
just send an email to
with your name, city and Register Number
I think that's all you need...
wait for awesome videos soon
I hope to meet you in Bauru.
I'm Lucas Abduch
@lucasgabd on twitter
and /malabarismo on facebok
I'll see you in a bit!
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Thank you!