[sub]BBS: AQU14 Neverland-Destiny Islands

Uploaded by strwbrymilk on 13.02.2010

This is...
Ven left it. It seems to be a treasure full of memories.
He said from now on, he'll make lots of new memories.
So we made a promise.
He'll get a bunch more memorable treasures and we'll meet again someday.
Ven, you came here, too, huh?
This feeling...
What's wrong?
Oh, nothing. You guys stay here.
Did you have fun playing treasure hunter?
When did you get that?
It doesn't seem like he needs this toy...
And that means...
I don't need a plan B anymore either.
Why you!
I did it...I beat him!
Ven, Terra...It's ok now.
You wouldn't understand now.
I'm not a kid, ya know?
What are you laughing about, Aqua?
It's just...you guys are just like brothers!
Aqua! Aqua! Aqua!
Are you ok? What happened?
I'm fine.
Oh, no! Ven's treasure!
Don't worry.
Our treasure--the bond between our hearts--is something that's not so easily broken.
Ven probably knew that, and left this behind.
The bond between your hearts. Makes me kind of jealous of you guys...
Aqua, next time, you should bring Ven and Terra...
...so we can all play together!
You can now do a dimension link with Peter Pan!
Pixie Charm A keyblade with a short reach, but strong magic power. Critical hits are frequent and powerful when in a pinch.
I feel light...
There's still a battle ahead that I must fight.
Wait up!
Come on, Sora! You're falling behind!
One more time! This time I won't lose!
This boy is so pure.
Just like Terra.
This boy is...
exactly like Ven.
I'm sure at least one of these boys could...
Hey, could you tell me your names?
I'm Sora!
And you are?
This boy's already come in contact with the Keyblade!
Could it have been Terra?
Do you like Riku, Sora?
Of course! Riku's my best friend!
I see.
Then, if Riku ever loses his way
and starts to lean toward the darkness,
you have to stay by his side like you are now, and help him out, ok?
After all, it's something only you can do, Sora.