Bob, The Fish That Loves To Be Petted, And Does Not Mind Being Lifted Out Of Water!

Uploaded by samuelmanaseh on 01.09.2010

Let us now film Bob
It is a male Midas Cichlid,
Paul's friend; Paul the fish-keeper,...
and his faithful companion Bob.
-Say something, Paul -I'm going to show you... -This is Paul
I'm Paul! How are you?
-Paul, better known as Canario, which you're going to put on YouTube, won't you? -Yes!
Cool! I'm going to show you Bob. Bob is a very timid fish.
He stays behind this small rock. But once you call out, "Bob!" look what happens.
Come Bob! Your going to be famous, Bob. You're going to be an Internet star!
Bobby likes to be petted
Bob lies flat on my hand, he just loves it.
Look! You're probably thinking that Bob is a toy, but it's not. It's a real fish!
Look! It's enjoying being petted!
Bob comes out of the water, Bob goes back into the aquarium... Go Bob, go now Bob!
Have a good afternoon Bob!
Bob, Paul's fish!
The fantastic world of animals.
There are those of you at home who think that Bob only comes once in a while.
Bob, come. They did not see that. Come again, Bob.
Bob loves to be petted, look!
Look how relaxed he is!
Look, he raises his fin, look, look how happy he is...
Bob lies flat on my hand, he relaxes,...
Bob is very smart. Aren't you Bob?
Bob strikes a pose for the camera. Look at Bob.
And Bob goes back into the aquarium. Did you see it this time?