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[Episode 5]
The spirits are pulling you in.
Lady, what's wrong?
Lady, this is...
just an accident. It's an accident.
So the thing is...
Lady, are you okay?
That was like an accidental car crash!
It was like two cars crashing accidentally in the dark...
I couldn't see anything in the dark!
What have I just done?
It's not like I've committed a huge sin.
Don't be so nervous. Stay confidant.
I'm going to break up with the person I shared my first kiss with no matter what.
I'll have that be the end of my memories of him.
No way.
Are you still going to break up with him even if you end up liking him more after the kiss?
Because I'm going to do it with the lit teacher.
- What? - I'm going to jump on him on graduation day.
And then I'll just break up with him.
What do you think? Isn't that the perfect plan?
What about you?
Do you have any fantasies about your first kiss?
I'm going to stay with the person I shared my first kiss with forever.
- What the heck is that? - Why? It's romantic.
Who's talking back there?
I didn't do anything.
I just heard your desperate screaming, and without any regards for myself
I ran here to make sure you were okay. That's all I did.
And I believe not many men would've done what I did in that situation.
I have nothing to be ashamed of.
Let's go.
You're okay to drive now, right?
402? She's so somber.
Women like that totally annoy me.
Why would you be annoyed?
She's quiet as the air.
What has Dok Mi ever done to you that you'd...
Why... why would you be annoyed?
Dok Mi?
Even her name is so lonely.
Jin Rak... a woman should be brighter.
Are woman a kind of light fixture or something? To need to be bright?
So are the women you hang around with every night,
so bright you find yourself hanging out so much with them?
Why are you so sensitive these days?
And what is it that you know about those girls and me? What?
Why are you getting angry at me?
Why are you fighting?
Don't fight.
Do you not have any money to pay for your meals?
Are you broke and homeless?
- Give me a bottle of liquor. - Liquor?
Liquor... I'll take a bottle of liquor too.
Okay, liquor.
No! No! Don't give it to him!
How can you think about drinking? No! We need to get him out of here!
Get up, get up. Where do you think you're going?
Don't drink here. Let's go! Let's go!
Let's get you out of here!
It's okay.
Ah, that's right.
I'll be right back. Stay right here.
Just like skin is needed to protect the flesh and blood...
a lie was needed to protect the truth.
Rather than show your own scars to stay honest...
lying with a bright smile pasted on her face...
felt safer to her.
Listen... no matter how strong the waves come crashing at you, don't crumble easily
and you have to endure it for as long as you can, okay?
[I make up a thousand excuses just to run into you by chance!]
Apartment 402...
apart from the fact that she's a woman...
just as another human being...
I like her.
Okay, yeah! 402 is a really nice person! And she is unbelievable frugal.
From now on... should I address her as 'Sister-in-law'?
See? You say things like that which just doesn't work.
All you jerks who thinks Eros is the only being that exists between men and women.
Soul Mate.
What are those things?
Oh my gosh!
Seeing how you're pulling out the English, I see that you're already drunk.
Do you know how fateful our first meeting was?
Excuse me...
You shoud've sold the car after you were done moving. Why sell it now?
Well, it's because I had a situation. Why are you getting angry over that?
Get your stuff out.
- Right now? - Quickly!
Why are you in such a rush, and getting so angry over a car?
What the heck?
I didn't know I had so much stuff.
Did the boxes multiply or something? What the heck?
I can't believe that guy. What was he thinking mixing up my boxes?
It's not like I can open up each box to check and see which ones are mine.
That's... mine.
I... marked all my boxes.
If it was such a fateful meeting like that...
you should've gotten her number and put your moves on her!
What have you been doing for the past three years?
I thought the two of you were complete strangers.
What? Get her phone number and put the moves on her?
How dare you insult my Dok Mi with such cheap comments like that?
A woman like that needs to be treated with respect
and needs to be protected!
Who's going to shake her down and put the moves on her like you're saying?
You can't be doing that to someone like that!
You know what I'm saying?
I'm getting so sleepy.
Ta da!
The elephant was on the news in Spain, and it knows how to speak Korean.
Isn't it amazing?
All the linguists in the world came to Korea so they could study this elephant.
And what did they say?
How did the elephant learn to speak in human language?
The elephant got separated from its family when it was really little
and came to a zoo in Korea.
The little elephant felt so very lonely.
Because it felt lonely...
because it wanted to communicate with someone...
it learned to speak the language of its caretaker.
Just like a miracle.
Why don't you learn too?
Learn how to communicate with someone.
When we get back to Seoul... will you stop acknowledging me?
Stop saying things like that.
Are you okay from all the driving? Want to listen to some music?
How nice would it be if you said things like that instead?
Even the elephant learned to speak our language.
Don't you think it'll be easier than that?
Lady, are you crying?
Look at me.
You really are crying, aren't you?
Are you getting all emotional over the elephant?
I'm not crying.
Don't worry.
It's a happy ending.
I heard that the elephant doesn't speak much Korean these days.
It got himself a girlfriend and it only speaks in elephant talk now.
It's not lonely anymore.
I think I'm fully awake now. Let's go.
Do you know how kind Dok Mi is, and stays out here all night to...
Oh my... you get weirder by the day!
My Dok Mi stays out here all night organizing all these recyclables.
- Why can't people separate things? - I'm asking this since you're drunk...
Why did you change your name?
Was it for business reasons or personal reasons?
Did you commit any fraud?
Or... did you go bankrupt or something?
I told you never to ask me that even if you're dying of curiosity, didn't I?
Ugh, it's cold! Let's finish this up! We're almost, done, almost done!
What do you mean, done cleaning? Do you not see all this?
What are you doing? Don't do it!
Get up! What are you doing?
Come on, get up!
Come on, get up!
Come on, get up.
Why do you bother with the alarm when I have to end up waking you up every day?
Come on, wake up! Get out!
Come on, get out. I don't want to listen to that.
The sand castle that I made...
it's going to get crushed by the waves without leaving any traces of it behind.
By then...
both our unrequited love and first love will be gone and we'll be refreshed.
I've cast a very strong spell on it.
I'm... sorry and thank you for everything.
How long are you staying in Korea?
You're not even going to ask me that much?
I guess... if there's no interest, there wouldn't be any questions.
That's what Seo Young was like too.
She had no interest in me, her neighbor...
but was always curious about Tae Joon in Korea.
But I was still curious about you.
Why does she peep on us?
Why does she stay hidden in her apartment?
I wonder what she does?
But to you... my existence is nothing but like the person you sit behind on the subway.
Just an existence that you pass on by.
So then we really are strangers.
For as long as you're in Korea, I hope you enjoy your visit...
and have a safe trip back.
Is that what you really think?
That in order to hide the truth... a lie is needed?
That it's better to lie with a bright smile pasted on your face?
How can you read someone else's diary?
Don't you think you're overstepping your boundaries?
It wasn't even a diary.
And... I saw the word, 'lie' on the front screen
and without even realizing it myself...
I would never...
have read it.
I won't lie about having read it.
Even if I've been hurt, and the worst things happens to me...
I believe that the truth is always better.
Have you ever been through it?
Truth disguised as lies...
Instances where lies becomes the truth...
Both me and what you've read...
I hope you'll erase both from your memory.
There are no instances where the lie becomes the truth.
Look into your heart.
And see just what it was that went wrong.
Go... Go Dok... Go Dok Mi.
I... heard that you stayed out all night... that you may not even come back.
So the reason why I even know about that is...
Cha... that friend of yours... she stopped by.
Wow, the milk comes really early these days!
Why don't you... take you milk in?
Enjoy your milk.
Hey! Just what in the world do you do?
You should've stopped me!
Why can't you do anything right?
I did stop you yesterday!
And you weren't being your normal self yesterday either!
So any need to worry?
There's no reason for that.
I'm so humiliated. What do I do now?
Ugh, what is it now?
Did you confess your love to her or something while I've been asleep?
How did you... did you see it?
Oh my God!
Didn't you say that she needs to be cherished and protected?
You said she can't be shaken up like this!
What is this?
Oh my God!
What are you doing here at this hour?
I heard you stayed out all night?
What do you mean, stay out all night?
But... I asked what you were doing here?
I need to talk to you.
What are you so busy doing?
Are you purposely avoiding Tae Joon?
Tae Joon keeps tiptoeing around you and says it's not easy to see you around here.
Can't you stop worrying him so much?
I feel like Tae Joon is keeping me at a distance because of you!
It's time for Enrique to make his special tea to help calm Yoon Seo Young down.
Water is at a nice and warm 70 degree temperature.
180 ml.
I have no problems with Tae Joon.
I'm sure Tae Joon's just being careful with me.
The fact that Tae Joon's that careful with me means that he likes you that much.
I guess he must like you a lot.
You really can see the building next to you very clearly.
What's that saying on rearview mirrors?
What's... the saying on the back...
It's like the rearview mirrors.
I bet they can even hear what we're saying.
I bet it's much closer than it looks.
"The objects are much closer than they appear."
That's right.
You are smart.
it's not as close as it seems.
Come on, hurry up!
Hey, hey, hey!
Oh my!
Be careful! Be careful!
Are you okay?
Thank you.
When you're moving... those shoes are a no-no.
- Hi. - Your so cute.
Why you tarts!
Fancy running into you again.
Welcome to the Y neighborhood.
I was going to help you, but Jin Rak is ill, so we needed to...
get him sobered up...
Are you sick?
By any chance...do you have the flu?
The flu that's going around is so scary...
This won't do. I'll make you some homemade ginger tea right now.
It's not the flu.
He just said that you were sick...
It's just your common hangover which can be treated with a bowl of warm soup and rice.
Let's go! I'm hungry.
Excuse me...
By any chance...
Would you be interested in modeling for my shopping mall?
- Model? - Model?
I... I knew it! I knew you'd recognize my potential!
Jin Rak! Take care of your own hangover, okay?
No, no, no!
Together... go together with him.
We can talk about you modeling later.
Curing the hangover alone is nasty...
It feels miserable.
Yes, Director Cha. Then call us at any time.
Jin Rak! Wait for me!
Jin Rak... I'm going to be a model.
Apartment 402's friend told me that she's the CEO for a shopping mall.
I knew she smelled of money.
Don't worry.
Even if I become a Hallyu star and a celebrity after all the modeling
I'm going to keep drawing for the webtoon.
Dong Hoon, you're so cool. You're the best.
That's right. Those two were friends!
You should've told me that those two were friends!
Why can't you do anything right!
Let's be kind.
Let's treat her with kindness... kindness.
What the heck? Is he still drunk?
Hey... that handmade ginger tea that you make with your own hands...
- Do you know any stores that sells it? - How is that the problem right now?
- When we sell women's clothing... - You're going to use male models?
We can start it now... you tacky little tarts!
You're so funny!
Miss Do Hwi.
Oh my, Jae Won... I mean, Jin Rak.
Welcome to our neighborhood.
Thank you.
I guess those that you're meant to meet... you always do end up meeting them.
Dok Mi came home.
She came home early this morning.
So if you want to get technical, she didn't stay out all night.
You didn't come back here just to tell me that?
No, no... since she came back early this morning, she needs to get some sleep.
Once you're done with all your unpacking, later, later this afternoon...
Why don't you wait until late this afternoon to see her? Okay?
Whenever she steps out into the world, that woman often becomes an invisible being.
She gets shoved around and stepped on...
and when she gets mixed amongst the crowd...
I don't' think she's visible to other people.
That's why that woman hides in her room.
Her small room feels cozy to her like a cage feels cozy to a bird with a broken wing.
And in that room... she can breathe freely.
She's never dreamed of the world outside, or missed the world out there.
At least until now...
At least until now.
I think I caught the flu from our trip to the ocean.
I'm coughing up blood!
I think... I'm really sick...
Want some flu medicine?
Want to go to the hospital?
Lady... I found a hairpin in the car.
Is this yours?
The penalty to the debtors is no joke these days.
We have to pay back those people.
I can't even sleep because of the money we owe.
Let's pay them back.
[Let me know what your account number is.]
I don't have a bank account in Korea. What to do?
Am I going to have to pay them back all by myself?
[Let me know what Han Tae Joon's bank account number is.]
[I will be back soon!]
I don't want to! I'm going to get it directly from you!
If a person says they don't want to see him, he should accept it!
Does he think this is a club or something? Why does he barge in here every day?
Ugh! Seriously!
I'm not going to stand for this any longer.
My patience have finally reached its limit.
I don't know how this is going to go either.
Hey! You there!
By any chance...
Are you... Mr. Enrique?
You know who I am?
You live on the fourth floor of this building, don't you?
Remember when I was treated like I was a pervert the other day?
With my panda hat?
I remember! I remember now!
You almost got kicked out of your house because you didn't have money for rent!
Why did you pretend like you didn't know who I was back then!
Seriously... you're much more sly than you look!
Back then, I just thought that you looked a little familiar.
Number. Give me your number.
- My number? - Number... give me your number.
Give me your number.
- What's your name? - My name?
- Oh Jin... - Huh?
- Oh J... ae Won. - Oh Ji Ae Won.
- Four words? - No, Oh Jae Won.
Oh Jae Won.
But how do you know me?
- From the games? Animation? - Animation...
Game. I game a little bit.
A.R. Madrid?
I went to Barcelona!
I can't believe I'm meeting my rival!
Barcelona? You're my rival!
El Classico!
Why did you wait so long to acknowledge me!
Why don't we get going?
Jae Won... do you know how lonely I spent the new year because I didn't know anyone?
Then I don't know if it's because you're lonely or something...
But I noticed that you have been coming to visit 402 everyday these days?
But she won't open her door, she says I'm a stranger to her.
If she says you're a stranger, and she won't even open the door to you...
Why do you still come every day?
Knock and it shall be opened to you!
You know that's not the situation right now!
There's also the saying, don't knock and it shall open to you.
And who'd open their door when a stranger is knocking on their door?
We're not total strangers. So the two of us...
What are you talking about? The bottom line is...
Pounding on a stranger's door like that is also a form of violence!
Jae Won, you must've hated all that noise! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Jae Won, how about playing a round of games in commemoration of meeting each other?
- Let's go... let's go. - Hey...
When did those two become so close?
Oh my... what a nice thing to see.
I feel like I'm seeing myself again during my younger days.
Just like the kids say these days... what a joke.
Give me my package!
Why are you keeping a busy person sitting here and not giving me my package? Seriously!
Ah! That's right, the package.
But... you don't have to wait until you get a package to come see me.
Don't overexert yourself. I'm like a pro when it comes to this game.
- The loser pays for the games. Deal? - Deal.
We'll have to wait and see who the loser is here.
Oh... how manly of you.
Okay then, please take good care of me.
You're pretty good yourself.
Ugh... what is this?
There it goes again. It's a little different than I'm used to.
- It's uncomfortable. - Really?
- Take it! Come on! - You're competitive.
- I can't believe that made it in. - No kidding.
Sir... fighting!
Stay strong!
That went up in flames.
What the heck? Did he not come home last night?
The person you are trying to reach is not available. Please leave a message.
[Are you still unable to get in touch with Kkae-Geum?]
[I can't stand this worrying anymore. I'm heading over there right now.]
The toothpaste is all gone.
This won't do.
The sun's hurting my eyes.
I don't know the last time I stayed up all night playing games at a PC Room.
I think this is the first time I've done that since being discharged from the army.
Look at the five o'clock shadow on your face. It looks like you have soot on your face.
So you've already been to the army?
Of course, I've been. You haven't been yet?
- I was in the special forces. - Commando?
My shooting and attacking abilities is no joke.
When I look at an enemy, their vulnerable spots jumps out at me.
- Do you know what the magic eye is? - No.
You don't know the magic eye? I guess you're not from that generation.
There's a things called the magic eye. When you can easily spot the vital spots.
That's why someone like me can never be in a fight. Why, you ask?
Because I'm a lethal killing machine.
See? I go for the vital spots without even realizing it myself.
- Then I almost just died? - Of course!
You're so cool! You've already been in the army!
You're totally a man! Wow!
I don't really know this well since I haven't been in the army...
But... I'm really good at running.
I'm not sure, but I may be about as fast as Usain Bolt.
I see.
So you compare yourself to Usain Bolt?
Okay, then. Want to have a race to see who can run home faster from here? Deal?
Your competitive streak is no joke.
No, forget it... start!
Hey! You... you cheat!
Wait, wait, wait...
- My knees... my joints... - Huh?
This cold weather is putting too much strain on my joints.
- What do I do? - Really?
Are you okay?
I'm fine. Let's call it a day.
Why are you trying so hard at stuff like this?
You were running like your life depended on it.
- I was just running casually. - Oh my goodness...
I was totally taking it easy too.
Anyways... I have things to do, so I'm going to get going first.
See you later.
Bye, Jae Won.
So you're really going to ignore me?
Why don't people eat it while it's hot instead of taking it to go?
That's up to the buyer.
You wrap it to go in a bowl? That bowl looks expensive.
People who are smart and nice brings the bowls back.
What is that?
Liver? You sell liver?
It usually comes with blood sausage, but this young lady doesn't like liver.
Ah... this young lady?
This is the smart and nice young lady that you just spoke of?
I see.
Thank you. Have a great day.
Even though I may be afar, I still know you.
Oh! You startled me!
I can't believe I ran into you like this.
How fascinating.
Oh yeah...
That bag looks heavy. Can I carry it for you?
No... it's okay.
There's nothing heavy in there.
So you take your to go orders in a dish?
Dok Mi...
Um... the truth is...
I have something to say to you...
so I've been waiting for you.
So the thing is... the last time...
Earlier the other morning...
About what happened...
I felt like I needed to explain myself. Just a moment.
So the thing is...
Even though I'm afar, I still know you.
I have a better expression for what I'm trying to say.
Even though I live close by you, I still don't know you.
So what I'm saying is...
I just wonder about you all the time.
How you're doing in your place by yourself...
Whether you make sure to eat your meals regularly...
Whether you're happy alone in your place...
I find myself concerned all the time.
A great day... a refreshing day... and a joyful day...
The drawings that I attached to the milk carton every morning...
that was my own secret that I enjoyed doing...
That was something I did for my own pleasure...
Stop saying 'unrequited love' now.
I thought of it as something I started and could end on my own.
A secret that no one could ever find out about.
I'm sorry. You must be cold.
Would you like to go inside?
I guess I really did come here to shoot Cupid's arrows.
There's another one over there.
Ugh, it's so cold!
I'm sorry... if I scared you.
Please don't feel burdened by it.
Just because of what I told you... don't keep your door shut even tighter.
If you tell me not to do it anymore, I won't.
I won't ever cross the line towards your place again.
No... no... no, it's okay.
I like saving all your drawings and flipping them through to look at them.
Thank you.
That's... why I drew them.
It's nice to hear that you know what those drawings are for.
I'm sorry.
Why did you stay out all night?
Director Cha!
What is all this?
This is not how I normally dress! Just a minute.
Jae Won...
Jin Rak... stayed out all night?
Let me put something else on, and I'll be back to talk to you.
Your foot...
He stayed out all night?
Go Dok Mi...
[Next Episode Preview]
Please... let's not have anymore bad blood between us.
402 and Enrique... they're living together?
I'm the first person to ever step foot in this house, right?
Lady... do you know how weird you are?
No, no!
A man and a woman staying up all night in a room full of love...
I have to drag that guy out of her house right now!