Recipe - Almond Sweet Recipe With English Subtitles

Uploaded by recipe on 13.03.2012

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What are you going to cook? Almond Sweet
Ingredients required to make Almond Sweet
Cashews, Almonds, Ghee, Sugar Powder, Food Color & Powdered Cashews
Let us watch how it's made
First, soak the almonds in water for 2 - 3 hours and peel the skin off the almonds
Then, grind the soaked almonds into a soft paste
Add a cup of sugar powder to the almond paste
Mix them well
Now, take a pan and heat some ghee
Add the mixed paste into the pan
Take the paste into a bowl after frying
After it cools down, split it in half
To one half of the paste, add a food color of your choice
Press and make the non-colored paste into a diya (traditional earthen oil lamp) shape
Fill the diyas with the colored almond paste
Roll them on a silver foil