Uploaded by tvstarsandgossip on 18.02.2011

Hi everyone and welcome back to TV Stars and Gossip!
In today's episode we couldn’t avoid talking
about the most chatted event right now, the Sanremo Festival!
Monday started the 61st edition of the festival of Italian music,
presented by Gianni Morandi together with
the beautiful Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis and
the comedian duo Luca and Paolo.
While the two ladies starter competing with their outfits,
one wearing Alberta Ferretti, the other Versace,
and showed their dancing skills, one dancing a sensual tango,
the other Pulp Fiction style twist with gritty Morandi,
Luca and Paolo have performed singing their adaptation of
'In Amore', ironic view on the current situation in Italy.
During the first night they sang the big names,
the most appreciated by critics and audiences
were Roberto Vecchioni and Emma with Modà.
The second evening saw the younger singers,
the new proposals of the Italian music.
Much appreciated the unusual reggae by Anansi
while Roberto Amadè and Gabriella Ferrone
were excluded from the competition.
As for the big, four habituè of the festival were excluded,
Anna Oxa Anna Tatangelo and the first evening,
Albano and Patty Pravo the second night.
We’ll Have to wait until Saturday
to see who will be this year’s winners...
in the meantime we salute you and look forward
to seeing you with a new episode of TV stars and gossip!