Nimbu Pudina Sharbat Recipe

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Today we will make Nimboo Pudina ka Sherbet.
Nimboo Sherbet is very beneficial when drank during summers.
Lemon contains vitamin C and provides coolness.
If lemon is combined with mint then it is very benefiting and provides a lot of coolness.
Ingredients required:
Lemons - 400 grams (10)
Sugar - 2 1/2 cup
Mint leaves - 1/2 cup (which have been washed and dried before hand)
Ginger - 1" long piece
Black Salt - 1 tsp
Firstly we need to make Chashni from sugar.
We are preparing a concentrated Sherbet.
Nimboo ka Sherbet can be made in 2 different ways
1) instant made: dissolve sugar in water.
Take out lemon juice, mix with the sugar and Nimboo Shikanji is ready.
2) Make concentrated Nimboo Sherbet which can be stored and used whenever desired.
All you need to do is add water to the concentrated Sherbet and it is ready.
Today we will prepare concentrated Nimboo ka Sherbet.
So let us make Chashni with sugar.
Put sugar in any utensil, add a little less than 1 cup (1/4 cup) water and turn on the gas.
Cook sugar till it is well dissolved.
Stir from time to time.
Until the Chashni is ready let us squeeze the juice from the lemons and keep it ready.
Cut lemons into 2 halves.
Keep a constant check on the Chashni and stir at regular intervals of 1-2 minutes.
Take out the juice from the lemons.
Sugar has dissolved completely and Chashni is ready.
Turn off the gas and allow Chashni to cool.
Lemon juice is prepared so now let us grind the mint leaves and ginger.
Put the mint leaves and ginger (cut into small pieces) in a mixer.
Add a little lemon juice (it helps in grinding) to make a fine paste.
Now let us mix all the ingredients.
Pour lemon juice in the Chashni followed by grinded mint and ginger, black salt.
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
Concentrated Lemon Mint Sherbet is prepared
pass this Sherbet through a strainer so that the seeds from lemon or leaves etc are removed.
Fill Sherbet in any container or bottle.
Nimboo Pudina Sherbet is ready.
It can be stored in any bottle or closed container and kept in the fridge.
This way it can be drank for the next 1-2 months.
While serving take 1 portion of this Sherbet, crushed ice (according to your preference, about 2-3 tbsp) and water (seven times that of ice).
Mix well.
Chilled Nimbu Pudina ka Sherbet is ready.
Try this recipe yourself and share your experiences with us.
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