Cuentilandia. Ep.03. La Bella Durmiente del Bosque (English Sub)

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Today I want to tell you the story of a King and his Queen ...
who lived in a far away land and loved each other very much.
Unfortunately they had no children, even though they wanted them with all their heart.
And even if they begged the Lord every day for many years,
the couple's wish had never been granted.
But finally, after many years of marriage, when they had almost given up hope,
their prayers were answered and the Queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
- Oh, my lovely baby. - My child.
The little Princess was baptized with the name of Briar Rose in the castle's chapel.
To celebrate the birth of his daughter, the King invited all the Fairies in the Kingdom to the palace.
The royal tradition said in fact that the Fairies were supposed to bring beautiful presents to royal children.
Welcome to the castle for the celebration of my daughter's birth.
Please, help yourselves.
Why have all the Fairies in the Kingdom been invited to this party and I have not?
We were told that you were dead.
No one in the kingdom had seen that old Fairy for almost 50 years,
that's why everybody thought she was dead.
There's been an awful mistake! Please, Your Excellence, forgive us.
Sit with us to celebrate the birth of Princess Briar Rose.
- Please, put one more dish on the table. - Yes, Your Majesty. - Fine.
The maids prepared the table for the old Fairy, too, but they used silver china plates instead of gold ones.
So you're thinking you can make fun of me because I'm older than all the others here?!
Well, I will not tolerate this.
After the meal, the Fairies approached the Princess's crib to bestow their gifts on her.
When she comes of age, the Princess will be the most beautiful and charming maiden in the whole world.
Thank you.
The Princess will have a good and caring heart as angels do.
She will be the most elegant woman in the land.
This Princess will be a perfect dancer.
She will have a sweet and melodious voice as nightingales do.
She will be able to play all musical instruments perfectly.
And then, the old Fairy who had not been invited reached the crib …
When she turns fifteen, the Princess shall prick her finger with the needle of a spindle …
and fall down dead.
- Oh, no! - What did you say?
It's absurd!
But why? The Princess has done nothing to you …
- My baby! - Don't cry, dear, we'll find a solution. Guards, seize that old witch!
We're doomed!
How could she!?
Your Majesties, don't upset yourselves.
The Princess will prick her finger but not die.
Can you … can you unravel the curse?
My powers are not strong enough to completely revoke the old witch's curse ...
The Princess will prick her finger with a spindle but she will not die,
she will only fell into a deep, deep sleep.
100 years after that day she will be awakened by a handsome Prince's kiss.
- That’s what I can do for her. - We thank you.
I'm so relieved, even though she has to sleep for 100 years at least my daughter will not die.
My Queen, unfortunately it's true that if she sleeps for 100 years we will not be here at her awakening.
Oh, my, no!
That evil witch …
Explore the kingdom far and wide … collect all the spinning wheels and burn them all!
The King proclaimed a law that forbade spinning and to have spindles and spinning wheels in the houses.
All of them should have been given away and burnt that very day.
Anyone who disobeyed the King's order was killed as a traitor.
Fifteen years passed without any problems around the kingdom …
As the Fairies said on her birthday, the Princess had turn into a beautiful and clever young woman.
No, please, don't fly away!
Good morning, little squirrel, how are you?
What a pretty bunny! And a fox, too.
How cold the river's water is ...
- Princess! Princess! - Someone's calling me.
Princess! Princess! Where are you?
Oh, here you are, Princess. I was terribly worried.
Oh! You wet your feet in the river again! Do you want to catch a cold?
Don't worry, Nana, I'm fine.
Wait, Princess Briar Rose!
Princess, don't run like that! You may fall and get hurt ...
- Good morning, Mother and Father. - My Princess!
The Princess and her parents were really happy and it seemed that nothing could worry them.
- Goodbye! - Have a nice journey.
But one day the King and Queen left the palace for a short diplomatic journey ...
and the Princess was left alone.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ...
I wonder where they are hiding!
Hello, pretty cat! Where do you come from?
Wait for me, kitty.
And so the Princess climbed up the long staircase to the highest tower of the palace ...
I didn't know there was a room up here ...
- Good morning, Ma'am. - Oh, good morning to you, pretty child.
- What are you doing all alone in this tower? - I'm spinning, don't you see, dear?
- It looks very interesting ... may I try? - Of course.
- Do you think I'm able enough to learn it? - Why, yes, darling. It's a very simple operation ...
Here, take the spindle.
Oh, no!
- Oh, no! - No, what a tragedy!
My lovely daughter, please! Open you eyes once more, I beg you.
I'm so sorry! I tried to protect her.
It's not your fault ... this was Briar Rose's destiny. No one on earth could have changed it ...
My poor daughter, now you must sleep for 100 years!
Briar Rose! Briar Rose! You didn't deserve such a cruel fate!
Oh, the Good Fairy.
The Princess is sleeping like an angel ...
Your Excellence, are you sure that in a 100 years my daughter will awaken?
Yes, but the poor thing will be very sad 'cause she will be all alone ...
- What? - Oh!
The whole castle will be sleeping with her.
The Good Fairy made a forest of tangled thorns grow around the castle so that no one could disturb the sleeping Princess.
Days, months, years passed ...
And then, finally, a century later a handsome young Prince was hunting around the castle and ...
- Why did you stop, Your Highness? Is something wrong? - What's that?
- You mean those towers in the distance? - That's an old castle where they say evil spirits live ...
No way! I've heard that old castle is full of thorns, and wizards and witches have their parties there.
No, no! A terrible cannibal ogre lives down there, and he devours children starting from their head.
- You're wrong, there are spirits there! - No, a lot of witches!
- Didn't you say a moment ago there was an ogre who eats children? - Silence!
- My Lord, don't listen to those silly stories ...
Almost 50 years ago, my father told me about a beautiful Princess who sleeps in that castle ...
and how a young Prince will arrive someday to give her the kiss she needs to wake up.
As soon as he heard that story, the Prince understood he was the chosen one to fight
against the forest of thors and wake up the Princess that had been sleeping for 100 years in the mysterious castle.
I'm going there.
- No, Your Higness! - Please, come back!
- It's too dangerous! - Come back, Prince!
- It's a trap, my Prince! - Please, don't go!
- Listen to us, it's dangerous! - Your Highness!
- Come back, Your Higness! - It's dangerous!
Calm down! I'm ready to fight against all sorts of threats, no matter if it's an ogre or a witch.
- No, Your Highness! Come back! - It's too dangerous!
Don't worry about me, I'll take care. You just wait there, I'll be right back.
- Prince! Don't be so stubborn. - Please, come back!
Take this!
Take this! And this!
Damn bats! Leave me alone!
You shall pay for this!
- I was sure you'd come ... - Really? So have we met somewhere before?
Yes. I was waiting for you.
- For all these years I've dreamed about you ... - A dream?
Yes, I've dreamt we walked in a beautiful garden, then we sang a lovely song and danced ...
That's why now I'm so happy.
Finally you arrived and woke me up from my slumber ...
I'm so happy I've come here.
Oh, what a nice nap.
- Wake up! Wake up, darling ... where's our daughter? - Oh, she must be awake.
There she is.
Long live the Princess! Long live the Prince!
Thank you, they're lovely.
So the Prince married the beautiful Princess
and the couple, with the whole court, decided to live in the old castle, happily ever after.