it's Oh! MUSIC Video News Vol.7 September 2012

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Hello everyone! My Name Misaki. This is "it's Oh! MUSIC Video News Vol.7 September.2012"
This Program send Our Music Information and attractions Information in Miyazaki City.
At last I cooled down these days...
Everybodies of the world,Did you make summer memories?
I was busy with vacation this summer!
However, through this program, it was pleasant to have made a summer memory in Miyazaki of you!!
In this autumn,We send Beautiful scenery of Miyazakiand wonderful music information
Please Enjoy!!
A very lively season was over...
The town returned to daily life
Autumn wind provokes sorrow
But I won't cry...
Becase You'er here!
Today, we came Miyazaki Port
It is the mouth of river flowing into the Pacific.
There is a Miyazaki airport near
This port prospered in the Edo period
But now...It is roughly like this...
The ship which is the biggest in this port,Car ferry for Osaka
The ship is loaded with baggage with the passenger of the Kansai area and go into service every day
I want to travel on a ship It is my admiration!
Today, we send the music that we want to recommend in this autumn, The Narcotic Daffodils "Heels"
The Narcotic Daffodils attract attention now in Europe
it's Oh! MUSIC released their first album in Japan
Please check it!
I made a summer album
that beautiful memories was eternity
We introduces Cinnamon Lilly as The future artist
Cinnamon Lilly is a band of six people who are active in Belgium
They collaborat with the songwriter and play the individual original songs
Gilles Snowcat participated that the songwriter group
I felt musicality similar to JPOP that their music...that is good music!!
What kind of person will live in the other side of Ocean?
I want to go for a trip on the ship of the overseas route With Cinnamon Lilly's Music and favorite book
Now Gilles Snowcat Time!
Gilles Snowcat leaved an email and a mystery video,
and We was not able to regard a contact as him in last month
We obtained information by the user of this program that they met Gilles Snowcat in forest of south Belgium
What will Gilles Snowcat doing in forest of south Belgium?
Will Gilles Snowcat with Kitty-chan of the close friend?
In This month, Let's watch Gilles Snowcat report Video!
Hello everyone!
My name is Gilles Snowcat
How are you?
I heard a rumor...
"Gilles Snowcat hides in The Ardennes of south Belgium"
Is that right?
Where is The Ardennes?
Ardennes is not only south Belgium
Ardennes extends over Luxembourg, Germany, France
Unfortunately Ardennes became celebrity in war of 1944
Look at the scenery that Belgian beautiful scenery
Rice field...
Let's visit the village
Does Gilles Snowcat hide in this house?
Cat!, the friend of Gilles Snowcat
They did not want to tell the place to stay of Gilles Snowcat
He told the clue of the place to stay of Gilles Snowcat
He said "Walk this way"
weather that it seems to rain...
Let's look for a refuge in this forest
All right...
I was tired
I sit on that bench
Garbage is garbage anywhere!
Does Gilles Snowcat live in the track?
What is the interesting thing?
"Waratte Iitomo"
This is the thing which I cannot laugh at
I get away from the scary forest!
I want to depend on a strong thing
for example...that wire...
Do not touch it! DANGER!!
MISAKI chan, Because summer vacation was over, I return to the town
See you next time
Were you able to enjoy "Video News" of this month?
Gilles Snowcat was fine, and I felt relieved
He will surely send a unique video again
Let's depend on pleasure!
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I have a feeling in this Autumn...a new friend appears in this program
Don't miss it!
Next month, We will meet in autumn Miyazaki
See you next time!!