The 2012 DRIVE Host Competition

Uploaded by drive on 09.08.2012

JF MUSIAL: OK, so the host competition is quite simple.
Each of you get a CTSV and you have a two-minute video you
need to produce.
Each video gets uploaded at the exact same time.
And the most views after one week wins.
Now, there are some rules.
No animal cruelty, no violence, no nudity, and no
SEO tricks and tactics.
MATT FARAH: What about violence against nude animals
with proper keywords?
CHRIS HARRIS: That's a very valid point.
Why can't you do that?
JF MUSIAL: It beats me.
These are the rules.
We've got to have equality to start with.
Why has he got a muffle like that and I've got one of these
things that makes me look like I've got something growing out
of my chest?
MATT FARAH: I have one too.
But mine--this is actually chest hair in my case.
ALEX ROY: Leo is, I was going to say, wearing red shoes.
MATT FARAH: He's wearing a hairnet.
You're wearing a hairnet.
JF MUSIAL: He just had his Joe Pesci, My Cousin Vinny,
JF MUSIAL: This is what I'm saying.
You can't do that.
ALEX ROY: I predict that Chris Harris will not win this
JF MUSIAL: Why do you say that?
CHRIS HARRIS: Because he hasn't cheated.
LEO PARENTE: I predict Alex--
CHRIS HARRIS: He's turned up in the spirit of the game.
I've flown across a large expanse of water to do this
the right way, and I'm beginning to suspect the
people around me are not treating
it in the same spirit.
And I think that's disappointing.
And I think you've let yourself down.
ALEX ROY: I think I'm going to make the most
heroic move of all time.
I'm going to complete my entire video
without driving the car.
CHRIS HARRIS: Well that's fantastic.
Cadillac, they're going to be over the moon, aren't they?
MATT FARAH: I'm going to get the most views because I am
going to crash my car into that wall.
And nothing sells like car crashes.
ALEX ROY: Unfair advantage in SEO.
Obviously, being American, you're going to walk away now
and be selfish.
But I'd say, may the best man win.
MATT FARAH: Oh, it's going to be like that, huh?
Yeah, these limeys.
CHRIS HARRIS: You dress like a gentleman.
MATT FARAH: Sportsmanlike.
CHRIS HARRIS: Of course, when I walk away, I'll
stab you in the back.
MATT FARAH: Chris, how does it feel to not be the shortest
one on camera today?