Historical Ducati Factory Assembly Line

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The production of this engine is developed from a project designed to increase power by exploiting the number of revolutions.
The accurate machine design uses materials of very high quality, which conveniently treated, can guarantee the best efficiency.
The replacement of the spring with the rocker arm gives a crucial advantage in limiting the mechanical losses at the highest rpm.
This means a constant and controlled timing chart because of its firm motion.
With the Desmodromic valve, the torque line becomes wide and beneficial, giving the engine high power and safety, both at low rpm and at redline.
Thanks to the extraordinary attributes of power, endurance and the lower consumption, Ducati motorcycles could win the highest and illustrious GP and World Championship in their class and in endurance races.
The rocker arms, the camshaft, the piston rod and all the other specifics of the Desmodromic valve are produced by many different operations.
Each one gives a higher level of perfection with a tolerance of 16/1000.
These operations are controlled with electronic systems and with human experience, which is what matters above all.
At the end of manufacturing cycle, every single detail is minutely analyzed by experts and discarded if not at the quality level of the complex Ducati engines.
Mechanics of extremely high level is associated to the constant work of qualified specialists.
What defines a Ducati motorcycle is the assembly method.
The Desmo project implies a custom-cut assembly for every single engine and every single cylinder head.
From the pressure control of the valve, this guarantees the highest level of safety and reliability, even to the thickness of the bevel gear. Every gear is tested and retested before being mounted.
There are 40 highly specialized technicians that assembly the Ducati engines.
Every component, even if perfect in its construction, is refined with the other components in order to guarantee the perfect functionality of the whole engine.
These machines, although being essentially the same, become unique and different from one another because of tiny variances. They are one in a million precious outcomes of the human brain and hands.
Originally, the cover of the head is without gasket, possible thanks to the high level of precision achieved in the cylinder heads manufacturing process.
The engines are carefully tested one after another.
In this way, a partial running in starts that will guarantee the maximum performance and safety of this machine that is second to none.
The Ducati motorbikes chassis is designed and built in order to contain a four stroke engine of extraordinary power.
The traction of these vehicles are world famous.
The mechanics put the powerful engine manually into the motorcycle by hand.
They are carefully tested by expert mechanics one after another.
They are treated to various tests in order to pin point the smallest imperfections that is reported on a dedicated register for the final review that comes before the delivery.
At last these extraordinary vehicles are ready to exit the factory for the entertainment and the various requirements of the fans and the sportsmen around the world.
The same motorcycles that go through the streets of the whole world also races and wins the best titles in the class dedicated to stock bikes.
This is the proof that it is a product of extremely high technology and quality. The result of the human's genius mind...
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