Ek Niranjan (2009) w/ Eng Sub - 10/14

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Madam's sari has sIipped. - What's this?
Many more things wiII sIip in future.
If I use my mantra charm, you're finished.
WiII he do as he says?
Don't think negativeIy, think positiveIy.
He says finished, Iet's see. - What wiII you see?
priest, today is my younger son's birthday.
Offer speciaI prayers for his weIfare.
What is your son's name?
When is your birthday?
No address, how can you ask my date of birth?
How can you Ieave it?
Fix on some day and ceIebrate it. How about today?
Don't fix up some wrong day.
My parents wiII teII if I ask them. - Where are they?
That's what I don't know.
Hey, I'm out man !
You don't know when you wiII die. Be ready to die.
Okay, right now I'm busy. If you've guts, caII me tomorrow.
Why are you asking him to caII you tomorrow?
Just time pass.
Who is there for me to caII? Except these rogues.
BIoody fooI! You've gone mad.
Brother...when did you...
When did he became so cIose to you?
I'm waiting to beat him, why are you roaming with him?
Who are you? - Stop!
If you want beat with this rod, not with that guitar pIease.
Brother....don't beat Chotu. pIease brother, don't beat him......
KiII him, boys! Come in.
I'II kiII you if you utter his name.
What's your probIem?
You'II die if you go after my sister again.
I swear on you, I'II not go after your sister.
She has aIready faIIen for me, no need to go after her.
Hereafter I'II be after you onIy.
I'II be after you tiII you accept me.
pIease Chotu, don't...
CaII anyone you Iike. I'II be with you onIy.
Where are you boys? - Come immediateIy to my home.
Two teas. - Okay.
I can't get you, what's your probIem?
pIanning to find better man than me for your sister?
Or someone worse than you?
I don't want.
Your men?
Why did you caII us urgentIy?
Who are you? Why are you beating us?
Any more pIans?
CaII another 10 men?
CaII as many men as you wish. But I'II not Ieave you.
It's your sister on phone. Just a minute.
Where are you going away?
Wait a minute.
Let's go together after the caII. I'm teIIing you, Chotu.
TeII me. - Is my brother with you?
He is.
You're fine, aren't you? - Yes, teII me.
My brother is very dangerous, be carefuI.
When angry he goes mad and can't controI himseIf.
He sometimes gets mad, but I'm mad aIways.
This guitar teacher feII for that madness onIy.
When? - What?
Our marriage? - Why are you rushing?
I'II not mind, come on say. Your brother can't hear us, teII me.
You're an epidemic of beauty...
O warrior, you're too good...
There's swing in the shake of your ear ring...
HeIIo darIing...Why deIay? put the ring on my finger quickIy...
Come...come...come... the worId is asIeep...
Boy...boy...the boy is very mischievous...
Your eyes are tequiIa... you're my Shakira...
My heart is pounding with excitement...
You're taII Iike AkiIa...
You've made me go mad... heated up my hot youth...
You're a beautifuI mix of Sharapova, Steffi Graf and Madonna...
You're a combination of He-Man, Cowboy and James Bond...
Is it? Very good, that's why this Iove...
I Iiked you, that's why I gave green signaI to you...
You're my honeybee, my Abibi and sudden rush of high Bp...
You're my five foot rose, my sweet and I'm so happy...
There' no match to you in HoIIywood, BoIIywood or ToIIywood...
Had picasso seen you, he wouId've forgotten Mona Lisa...
You're my hum and the king of my fort...
Your compIexion, your styIe, isn't your waist a spring?
Guru, it isn't good for you to make madam waIk in sun.
She'II get tanned.
If I Ieave her at home, I go restIess.
More over madam's honour is in danger.
That fooI has promised too.
Stop...turn your head...
Turn this side.
Come into the street...
Where is your madam?
She was here onIy. - Was she onIy?
Lean on the waII.
Make Iove.
What are you doing?
Where are you?
Come this side. - Coming.
Why is she standing Iike this? My fate!
Why are you standing Iike this?
Mantra came
and I don't remember what had happened after that.
He said, come here, Iean on the waII...
ToId you to Iean on the waII.
My fate...
Guru ! - You shut up, idiot.
KaiIash has escaped once again due to poIice incompetence.
poIice got information about KaiIash hiding in a Iodge...
when they reached the spot... - Brother, Minister on Iine.
Do you watch TV?
There's a new brand in market, shaII I send you one?
Watch TV, they are saying about KaiIash, Iodge and poIice.
My hands were shivering when I was taking the oath.
For god's sake, do something, man. Do something...do something.