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Ta-ta-ta-ta! Ta-ta! Ok, today...
[laughing] What's the name of the band? What's the...?
C - o - r - n - e - r - s - t - o ...
Seriously: Cornerstone,
our special guests for today.
Let's start with the basics:
you two guys are brothers?
Hands up! You founded the band... how does it came?
The band was founded back in 1998... "Cornerstone", the name -
isn't it true, that you protected the name
by copyright? I did some research,
because on Youtube, there are a couple of bands, using the same name.
How did you protect the name?
Well... we started in 1998, at this time we had the name exclusively.
Of course we did some research as well, but at that time, the internet wasn't spread that much...
We registered the name at the Austrian patent office immediately, as a trademark...
Right from the beginning? Yes, I think after one year... one or two years, it was right after the foundation
of the band.
We expanded the protection, as it became clear, that the band is going international,
that means, all of the important musical markets: England, U.S.A., Germany, etc...
and so on. It was a good decision, because there also
existed a Heavy Metal band in Denmark, Exactly, yes!
they also used that name. Right, right! And they had to change it, right... ?
We have... we came to a compromise, because the musical styles
were so different from each other anyway... Besides, the other band doesn't exist anymore,
but back then, we had an agreement.
Meanwhile, another German band had to change their name, because of the trademark.
A German band had to change their name?
Yes, they had to. Did it end up in "war", a war of justice? No, there was no "war".
...Manager wrote the band Asked?
and told them
"Hey guys, the name is
an international trademark, you're not allowed to use it", and they changed it according to desire.
So it definitely didn't end up in "war".
Well, change of subject, you have already been guests at the Mulatschag show, you're no newbies anymore:

But one thing is different, indeed:
you seem new to us. Patricia is her name! Patricia, exactly! You're the
new singer.
Question for you: what happened to the old singer?
The OLD one?
The singer before, the other singer! [laughing] with the old singer, with the
previous one, who we got to know, let's start there... What was here name?
Carina... Carina Sethaler. Carina... exactly!
I have to say, that we're still in friendly contact with each other,
but, back then, she
to make career on her own, she
got an offer
to play some concerts in Dubai...
Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out, but of course we were
looking for someone else, and... I'm going to ask you, over there:
What is the whole story behind all of that, how did you joined the band?

The story behind that is, one evening, I was
sitting in front of my computer,
and because I was living in Vienna for about two years back then, I thought that it was time to surf the internet and search for a band,
located in Vienna, that is looking for a female singer...
And so I found Corner... schtone... stone... [laughing] ...jawbreaker!
and since
2009 I'm with them.
Lucky coincidence!
And how do you feel about it? How is it going with the boys?
You're the only girl in the group... Yes...
Actually, it's like spending time with girlies! [laughing]
What, they act like girlies? They are like my best girlie-friends! [laughing]
I'm getting along with them, perfectly! So, you're supporting each other,
they don't call you "The blond chick"... No, not at all!
I know the guys and I can assure you, that they don't do that, they accept and respect you
as a comparable band member. There are also bands, they say"The Pussy" and stuff like that... but they don't do that.
No, no! Well, if they are a Pussies themselves, they won't say that of course... [laughing]
We are a very harmonious band. I do believe that! How do you work the songs out, who's
writing the songs and... Basically the two brothers.
Rather Michael I think?
Yes, mostly I work... upps, the snake wants to bite me... No it won't! [laughing]
Don't bother him with the snake, so that he can talk! Michael can do this!
So, now you're gone! Mostly Steve and I are working on the basics of
the songs.
It usually sounds very rough, we work out a raw arrangement,
so that we can present it to the rest of the band.
There are people, who would spend a lot of money for that...
... to hear that! [laughing] For what? The demos? The demos, when we're writing the songs! tour, you played in the UK and in America,
how does it come?
We got an...
offer from an American label, of course they wanted us
to come to play over in America.
That happened in 2009.
Meanwhile, we were over in UK three times.
And Patricia has been to America as well? No, she joined us shortly after... shortly after
she joined the band. Unfortunately! Damn it!
This year we'll do another UK-tour.
And how can I imagine that? Do you have to pay more for excess baggage
your instruments, do you get them locally? Do you have a bus, or are you going by train?
How do you do that?
Well, for the America-tour we had
a van, like the "A-Team"... it was amazing!
"A-Team"? Yes, just like the "A-Team"!
400 horsepowers, a strong van, really big... awesome!
We took the instruments partially with us.
It was funny: Steve and I, we always kidding
around back then: "If we ever go by
plane, our guitar will get an extra seat!"
Exactly, right, you said that! And so it happened! [laughing]
We also took pictures of the guitar in the extra seat. Great!
And now I have a final question:
with your flucturating change of singers, will there be a new singer
on the new album, or do you keep the old one?
That's no OLD one, that's Patricia Hillinger! I'm young! [laughing]
Now you are!
Now, but soon no longer, who knows... [laughing] What do you mean, Steve?
Do we keep her in the group? Hmmmm...
Look, how she's getting nervous, poor girl! I'd say... yes! [laughing] Rather yes - no - maybe marked with a cross?
I think so, yes!