IGN News - The War Z Released on Steam

Uploaded by IGNentertainment on 18.12.2012

Hammerpoint Interactive's game of survival and zombie slaying, The War Z, was released
on Steam today. This launch of the "Foundation Release" version follows periods of beta and
alpha testing that ran earlier year.
In the game you spawn into an online open world and must find supplies to survive while
dealing with bloodthirsty zombies and other greedy players who want to take your stuff.
According to Hammerpoint, The War Z has so far had 600,000 player registrations and is
played every day by over 150,000 people.
On Steam The War Z costs $15, though you can also pay more if you're interested in bundles
of virtual currency.
Hammerpoint has promised to continue updating the game after this launch, but did not specify
which features and content it would focus on delivering next.
IGN's Anthony Gallegos here has
been playing
War Z…