PCC - Powwow - 2012

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[chanting and drums]
JAMIE: Hi, my name is Jamie and I helped coordinate the 13th Annual
Traditional WACIPI Pow-Wow.
My family constantly traveled to different pow-wows and I remember coming
here every year to the winter traditional pow-wow.

As a student, I'm able to help coordinate. I feel like I've come full circle,
kind of seeing every
point of view at this pow-wow
here at PCC.
[chanting and drums]
MAN: This is a pow-wow, which is
a Native American cultural celebration
of dancing, drumming, food,
arts and crafts.
We're generally just here to have fun, have a good time.
[chanting and drums]
LINDA GERBER: The reason that we started this event at PCC Sylvania Campus
coincided with our decision about thirteen years ago to put up a
public sculpture
which was a totem pole
and Mr. Hunt's totem pole
was erected in a
big ceremony here and that was our
original pow-wow.
JAMIE: In regards to the fundraising, I engaged local businesses around Portland
as well as
all the money that was made at pow-wow. All proceeds went directly to the
scholarship fund.
We also were able to do a couple blanket dances and raffles at pow-wow
and people also donated personally.
WOMAN: Pow-wows became our way....
we went there to learn
you know, to
dance, to celebrate that we're still here. We weren't completely destroyed.
[chanting and drums]
WOMAN: I enjoy the dancing, I enjoy the singing and the drumming
I enjoy the
togetherness of everybody in one place.
[chanting and drums]
MAN: I enjoy coming to these pow-wows because everybody in the community comes together,
there is beautiful dancing,
and as a whole it's just a great experience.
[chanting and drumming]
WOMAN: Not everybody dances, not everybody sings,
not everybody does drumming,
but we all have a place.
[chanting and drumming]
MAN: I particularly like the dancing.
It's very powerful, very dynamic.
[chanting and drumming]
MAN: We do this
every chance we get. We get together and come together and say a prayer for all the people,
not just the Indian people,
I'm talking about the people all over the world.
[chanting and drumming]
JAMIE: I would encourage people to come to the
Annual Winter Traditional Pow-Wow at Sylvania Campus
because as a student, you get to meet
everyone in your community. You get to see
other students out of
the normal day to day rush.
There's really good food, great
dancing and singing
and celebration,
and trying to get everyone involved.