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Uploaded by SenseCharity on 18.07.2011

Now, a group of famous drummers got together in King's Cross this morning
to make some noise with a class of deaf and blind children.
The cast of the west end show STOMP along with Dave Rowntree from Blur
were helping to raise funds for a charity campaign.
The idea is to encourage deaf and blind children
to take up making music.
Clare Fernyhough has more.
Many of these children cannot see or hear
which is why today is all about touch.
They're learning to express themselves with vibrations
at a drumming workshop given by drummers from the industry
and the dance troupe STOMP
Experiencing different kinds of sounds
and just being in a safe environment where they can participate
and control sounds themselves
is good for gaining confidence
and just experiencing making connections with other people.
Sara is 19. She was born blind and deaf
and days like today are important for her and her family
She's having a good time and she's got that smile on her face
It means the world.
When she's got that smile on her face it means everything to me.
And it seems good seeing other kids that have the same disability,
because you don't, I mean blindness is something else,
but when you're deafblind at the same time,
there's not many people out there in the community
that are deafblind.
so it's good to come and see other kids as well.
One person who's been taking part is Blur's Dave Rowntree
He says today has made him realise how meaningful
music can actually be.
Something like this has kind of reinforced
what I ended up thinking about music
that it does give people a lot of pleasure
but more than that it's a kind of healing influence I think
in people's lives.
Just seeing the pleasure the kids today have got from the music
it's really really inspiring
I'm really glad I've come.
Clare Fernyhough, London Today