ExoticJess Dance Performance (Episode 5) - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Uploaded by DanceOn on 01.11.2012


EXOTICJESS: I have a 14-year-old.
I know, I had her when I was like five, OK?
So let's just get that out of the way.
That's actually where my winnings are going to go to,
OK, America?
I'm going to get her braces and two years
to a private school.
I'm super excited about my partner.
I'm super excited about this routine.
And I'm super excited to get it over with in
front of the judges.
What I'm most nervous about is the stakes that are on the
line for me.
This could change our lives, so I'm going to stick it.
I'm going to do good.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: Next up, please give it up for
ExoticJess partnered with AnzeSkrube.




DOMINIC SANDOVAL: What did you think, Laurieann Gibson?
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Exoticlicious.
I mean, I'm just saying.
ExoticJess, no seriously, it was super sexy.
EXOTICJESS: Thank you.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Yes, you moved the hair at all the
right times.
And I was super impressed with the choreography and the robot
and the different styles.
And I thought you did an incredible job.
However, I do have one glitch in this matrix.
Just saying.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Divas, there was no story.
Was there a story?
EXOTICJESS: There was.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Lies and fairytales!
EXOTICJESS: There was.
I promise there was.
Cat and mouse.
that was the story?
Divs, I sincerely think that story was--
I didn't get it.
That's it.
I mean, it wasn't even there, cat and moose.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: Cat and moose?
JOEY FATONE: Cat and moose.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Which is coincidentally probably
because you slayed the dance routine, and the
story was the dance.
ANZESKRUBE: Well yeah, that's what we--
LAURIEANN GIBSON: And if it wasn't a requirement--
hold, please, transferring the call.
If it wasn't a requirement, I wouldn't even care.
But this is a competition, and I do have to slightly still
consider all of the categories and elements.
JOEY FATONE: What I got out of it was more or less either you
were a mannequin in the window at first and you were trying
to grab her, or I got the cat and mouse.
I saw that as far as you were not even having it.
And then, yes, it was like leave me alone, get away.
And then all of a sudden what I thought was really cool
though, was incorporating the platform with the whole dance.
That whole kind of thing and that cute little thing where
here's my hand, take it, should I do it kind of thing.
I do have to kind of agree with her though
as far as the storyline.
As far as your performance, how'd you think you did?
EXOTICJESS: See, I've never done
anything like this before.
So I feel so accomplished, because I literally have never
worked so hard.
He pushed me beyond my max-- another four hours beyond what
I could do on Wednesday.
I couldn't even move yesterday.
So coming in today, I'm so proud of myself.
I just don't want to look over there and cry.
JOEY FATONE: You definitely should be, because you did an
amazing job.
And another thing that's actually kind of cool is the
interaction between each other, which is not really
easy to do.
Meaning, just to go grab a guy like that and rip off his
shirt and be very intimate with a person when you just
met that person, you have no idea.
So to take the acting portion of it, you guys executed it
really well, so I liked it.
EXOTICJESS: I'm a dominatrix.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: It's really well done.
You did a great job, this week.
EXOTICJESS: Thank you.
DAVE DAYS: Yeah, right away.
I mean, the chemistry sold me.
I was more focused on that than the story.
I noticed that you were playing hard to get, and he
was trying to chase you and in the end he got you.
ANZESKRUBE: Thank you.
DAVE DAYS: So the chemistry sold it for me.
All the cute things you guys did, like the little kisses to
the camera.
The robot move was really cute.
And then ripping off the shirt was pretty hot.
I wish I had abs like him, that's the only problem.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: I wish I had nipples like him.
Those are nice.
Dilated and everything.
Well, they're proportioned.
DAVE DAYS: I don't think there were too many flaws.
I don't know why they're heckling you with the whole
storyline thing.
I thought it was pretty awesome.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: Well, at least one of
them got the story.
EXOTICJESS: Yeah, thank you!
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: That's good, right?
I want to ask you though, there's another reason why
you're doing this right?
EXOTICJESS: Yeah, that little girl in the-- where is she?
There she is.
I don't want to look at her because I'll cry.
DAVE DAYS: Tell us about this.
What is this about?
EXOTICJESS: Oh my god.
It's for her to go to 11th and 12th grade in a private
school, because she's super artistic.
And she's like, mom, you just get me in a private school,
and I will get a full scholarship to go to college
and not have to worry about it.
So I'm like, it's for her.
Come here.
EXOTICJESS: Oh, god, don't bring her on!
I'm going to cry!
CORRINE: You did great!
Oh my gosh, you're so amazing.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: What was your name?
EXOTICJESS: You guys just had to bring her up so that
somebody could cry.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: No, go ahead and stand over there.
EXOTICJESS: This is my Corrine.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: Have you ever seen her perform or do
something different like that?
CORRINE: No, I haven't.
CORRINE: But you were so great.
EXOTICJESS: Thank you.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: Just see her make YouTube videos all the
time, right?
CORRINE: Yeah, just that.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: So it's a change of pace?
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: Regardless of win or lose, I feel like
this is a win.
EXOTICJESS: Oh yeah, definitely.
CORRINE: I feel the same.
DOMINIC SANDOVAL: Congratulations to you and
And good luck on everything.
Group hug?
EXOTICJESS: Group hug!
Well done.