EF Global Intern 2012 - Peter Ribb

Uploaded by folkcica on 31.01.2012

Hi! I'm Peter Ribb.
I'm 21.
I come from Hungary
and I live in Pannonhalma.
It's famous for Abbey of Benedictine
and it's a part of the World Heritage.
In abbey there is a grammar school
and I do my grammar school studies in here.
At the moment I stay in Miskolc
because I'm studying in the University of Miskolc.
I'm a third-year cultural anthropology student.
When I was a grammar school student
I started the long-distance running and folk dance.
Both of them is important the personal performance
but the most important is the team work.
I consider it relevant
that I know own culture and tradition,
but it can be useful know about other cultures
so I started hitchhiking during summer holiday
because I wanted to know the real face of cultures
and my studies help me in this also.
Because I study Cultural and Visual Anthropology.
I often prepare document films and photos.
We can meet with other cultures in countryside
as I did it at summer
or we may test the subcultures in town,
or we just walk walk on the streets.
Today we live in a global world,
where we always meet with people
and not just for own cultures.
In the busy places,
the multicultural meeting are multiplied
without that
having the objektiv knowledge about other cultures.
How is she?
What is his job?
What kind of story he has?
We can not leave these questions out of consideration
but if we do this,
we will have superficial knowledge about other cultures.
If we giving it another thougt,
that the diversity is big between people,
inside a country,
despite that we are living in one territory,
we are speaking one language
and we have one history.
Look, what our world is rich.
I think, that we can take this wealth
with clean and open communication.
In my opinion the EF is very good possibility,
because the compass of organization makes oppurtunity,
that this honest communication is established.