Vaginal Fantasy Ep. 12 "Succubus Blues"

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FELICIA: Hello everybody.
I believe that we are live.
This is Vaginal Fantasy Book Club.
It is a romance book club that I have with my co-hosts here
who are in order, Bonnie Burton.
BONNIE: Hello.
FELICIA: Kiala Kasebee.
KIALA: Hello.
FELICIA: Veronica Belmont.
FELICIA: And me, Felicia Day.
Monthly we have a different book and a different alt book
that we discuss.
And we talk about just general things as well
that are on our forums.
We have a group on
And it's under Vaginal Fantasy so just search there and you
can join in on the discussion during the month around the
books that we're reading.
Before we get into the book this month, which was Succubus
Blues, how's was everybody's holiday?
BONNIE: First of all, you have to mention
we're all in our pajamas.
FELICIA: Oh yeah.
And I don't even understand how that happened.
BONNIE: That's my fault.
Because it's a Sunday and on Sundays I get up late gamer
style like at around one and then walk my dog.
And then get back into my pj's and spend the entire day
reading comics.
VERONICA: Your dog lets you wake up at one?
BONNIE: My dog is awesome.
Sophie has a snooze button.
VERONICA: Oh my God.
KIALA: Well I just never get out of my pajamas.
But these are fancier pajamas that I got for Christmas.
BONNIE: They are.
Are those silk?
KIALA: Yeah, or something.
They're silky.

FELICIA: Was that the best present that you got?
KIALA: No, I think this was the best present that I got.
VERONICA: That's cute.
KIALA: It's a Squishable and it's limited edition.
And it's like 35 out of 1,000.
And I named her Anna Kareninamonk, because I've
been watching Anna Karenina a lot.
I love her.
BONNIE: Do you want to see what I
got myself for Christmas?
FELICIA: Is that the favorite thing you got for Christmas
that's saying something about yourself?
BONNIE: I got a dead bat.
VERONICA: Whoa, hey, dead bat.
That's a dead bat.
BONNIE: It's a dead bat.
VERONICA: That's nice.
BONNIE: Thanks a lot.
It's for my taxidermy collection.
FELICIA: Where do you go to get
something like that Bonnie?
BONNIE: Believe in or not, San Francisco has two whimsical
taxidermy stores.
One's called Love To Death which is on Oddities, which
you can watch the TV show Oddities.
And the other one's called Paxton Gate and it's in the
I'm like Norm at both of them.
They know me on a first name basis.
Because I have a lot of taxidermy in my house, which
probably explains why I'm going to die alone.
KIALA: Paxton Gate's the one right by the McSweeney store,
the pirate store, right?
BONNIE: Yeah, it's right next to McSweeney's store.
KIALA: And Borderlands on that same--
FELICIA: That sounds like a fun place to visit.
VERONICA: On the most awesome block ever.
KIALA: Yeah it's the best block and it's
just an amazing store.
BONNIE: Yeah Felicia next time you come visit, and Kiala, we
have to do a little trip.
KIALA: That's my favorite area,
Valencia, that whole area.
BONNIE: Veronica, yeah, you know that area well too.
VERONICA: Definitely.
BONNIE: Everybody knows that place.
FELICIA: Veronica you got something for Christmas that
you should bring in the room.
VERONICA: I can't bring it in the room but hold on.
Let me show you the thing.
Hold on, let's see.
FELICIA: You've got to bring that in.
VERONICA: Let me get inception for a second.
Can you see it?
Oh my gosh.
VERONICA: That is Liberty.
BONNIE: Why aren't you tweeting the puppy more?
VERONICA: I'm trying to, although I'm so busy half the
time trying to get her to not destroy me that it's kind of
difficult to.
She's a biter.
She's a little bit of a biter.
So she's great though.
She's a guide dog puppy that we're raising until she's
around 15 months if all goes according to plan.
And then when she's 15 months she'll hopefully go to guide
dog puppy college and help out a blind person.
FELICIA: That's beautiful, but I would never be able to let
my puppy go.
KIALA: That's going to be hard.
FELICIA: That's going to be horrible, dude.
VERONICA: She's a lot of work so we'll see how that goes.
FELICIA: I told you dogs were not easy.
They'll come up to me and look at you
like, let's do something.
And you just--
what do you want from me?
BONNIE: I don't know but my dog's pretty cool.
She's asleep right now.
VERONICA: Well the hard part is by the time they get really
well trained and kind of chill and you can take them
everywhere is when you have to give them away.
So by the time you get to that perfect point you're like, OK.
Go out into the world.
BONNIE: It's almost like dating.
As soon as they're awesome, they leave.
KIALA: I'm opening this because I can't stand--
FELICIA: Oh yeah, what are we drinking today?
VERONICA: Hot Toddy.
FELICIA: What's in a Hot Toddy Veronica, for people who
aren't familiar?
VERONICA: I'm using Bulleit bourbon, also
honey, lemon, and tea.
VERONICA: My little tea plant from Adagio.
FELICIA: What are you doing, Bonnie?
BONNIE: I'm drinking, in my Batman
glass, coffee and Kahlua.
FELICIA: Oh nice.
Kiala, what are you drinking?
KIALA: Tiny champagne.
A Chandon--
VERONICA: Do you have any orange juice?
It's a mimosa without, just hold the orange juice.
BONNIE: It's just Mo.
VERONICA: It's a mo.
KIALA: But it's a twist off cap.
I am the trashiest.
BONNIE: You know what?
VERONICA: I don't like twist off caps.
KIALA: I like them but I feel not classy.
BONNIE: You should try the Sophia Coppola champagne.
I think it's pink and that has a twist off cap.
I like her movies.
BONNIE: Also if you want to make Bellinis there's a really
good peach champagne.
FELICIA: You had grumpy cat face on Kiala.
KIALA: Yeah--

FELICIA: Oh wait, sorry Bonnie.
KIALA: Oh I'm sorry Bonnie.
FELICIA: You were finishing your pink champagne.
Pink champagne.
BONNIE: Oh yeah, I was just saying that I drink way over
the top lame ass champagne.
So I always drink peach flavored champagne, and I mix
it with peach juice, and make Bellinis.
Oh you guys are all making a horrible face.
VERONICA: We were making the grumpy cat face.
FELICIA: We're doing grumpy cat face.
BONNIE: Am I being too white trash?
I mean, I only drink Cristal in a diamond goblet.
VERONICA: You've got to get sturgeon face in there too.
It's all about the sturgeon face.
BONNIE: No, do grumpy cat.
Do grumpy cat, Veronica.
Grumpy cat.
VERONICA: There we go.
FELICIA: I think we lost--
I went to Jamaica for the holidays.
And I didn't do--
well I actually didn't do much.
But at the airport they had a couple things that I got.
So I'm drinking this overproof rum, which I
didn't know they made.
I don't understand.
Is that more alcohol then?
VERONICA: Yeah, I guess.
Is that like overclocking your PC except with rum?
FELICIA: It's 63% volume alcohol.
Is that a lot?
BONNIE: Let's find out.
60% is pretty high.
VERONICA: 63% is pretty high.
FELICIA: And then I got this Magnum Tonic Wine with iron
and vitamins made with vigorton.
I want that.
FELICIA: No but look, I just thought it was appropriate for
Vaginal Fantasy.
BONNIE: Is that Magnum P.I. on it?
FELICIA: Look at the label.
There's a guy and a girl making out.
There's her booty.
There's a guy.
KIALA: That is a monkey.
BONNIE: That's a monkey.
KIALA: That is a monkey.
FELICIA: No, it's a lady.
BONNIE: It's a monkey holding a coconut on a skateboard.
FELICIA: No, it's a chick with some boobs, coconut boobs.
BONNIE: This is the worst workshop test ever.
VERONICA: I've got a lovely bunch of
coconuts, do do do do.
FELICIA: No, no.
It doesn't look good.
It's gotten vigorton on it.
VERONICA: That's what my mom got me for Christmas.
KIALA: It sounds Australian.
BONNIE: Wait, what?
What's that?
VERONICA: My mom got me this for Christmas.
BONNIE: Is that two guys making out?
What is that?
KIALA: Modernism and the Women's
Popular Romance in Britain.
I read that for everyone.
Because I read.
VERONICA: Thank you.
BONNIE: Thanks for reading aloud, thank you.
VERONICA: And I think that looks like Matthew McConaughey
on the cover.
KIALA: It does.
And Myrna Loy.
Myrna Loy and Matthew McConaughey.
BONNIE: We're in the French [INAUDIBLE].
The French [INAUDIBLE].
VERONICA: By Martin Hipsky.
I'm going to read it.
It's going to be pretty cool.
FELICIA: That's really cool.
So I guess we should get on with the show.
BONNIE: Which one are we talking about first?
FELICIA: Well, I want to give a shout out
to the local meetup.
The local meetups.
We had a bunch of meetups this month.
And there's some people who are getting together in
various places in January to talk about this month's book.
In New York City a group met at Argo Tea.
In Orange County a bunch of people met at the Disney's
Grand Californian hotel.
In Portland people met at Lucky Lab.
Washington D.C. had a meet up at the Portrait museum.
And upcoming ones, North Hollywood is meeting on the
sixth to discuss the books we're talking about now at the
SteamPunk Cafe.
The Twin Cities is having a meetup.
Atlanta is putting together a meetup.
And there's one in Chicago.
So if you want to make your own meetup you just go to the
Goodreads Group and there is a thread for local meetups and
they're actually really fun.
So there tend to be a bunch every month that everybody
gets together to do.
So yes.
The book this month is called Succubus Blues.
And I will give you a short description.
"When it comes to jobs in hell, being a succubus seems
pretty glamorous.
A girl can be anything she wants.
The wardrobe is killer, and the mortal men will do
anything just for a touch.
But Seattle succubus Georgina Kincaid's
life is far from exotic.
She works at a local bookstore and she has easy access to the
sexy writer Seth Mortensen but there's something wicked going
on in Seattle's demon underground." So that is by
Richelle Mead.
That was the book we all read this month.
And what did we think about it?
BONNIE: I liked it.
FELICIA: And why?

BONNIE: The end.
FELICIA: Thank you for joining Vaginal Fantasy with me.
VERONICA: I liked it.
BONNIE: I told you that I read all the comments and they said
I needed to not talk so much.
So that's it.
FELICIA: Never read the comments Bonnie.
BONNIE: I know, but I have to.
VERONICA: There's a Twitter account called "Don't Read
Comments," and all it is a daily
reminder to not read comments.
BONNIE: As one of the hosts it's our obligation to answer
questions in the comments too.
I get it.
BONNIE: I liked it because weirdly enough I super
identified with the main character because I drink
three mochas a day and I talk to my pet.
And I crush on authors.
And I've had author encounters where I was a total idiot
because I didn't know who they were.
And, yeah.
There's just a lot of things.
Other than the fact that I can't shapeshift into hot
chicks with horns yet, I really identified with her.
I liked her.
And I liked the writing style in this book.
It was really easy to get into.
There wasn't a lot of hardcore sexy times enough.
But I just liked the writing style and I liked all the
And I could picture it as a TV show or a movie really, really
fast and easily.

I read the book quickly because I didn't
want to put it down.
Which is funny because the main character, Georgina in
the book, she talks about how she reads books slowly because
she really wants that first time she reads a good book to
last a long time, which I've done that too.
I didn't do that with this book.
I just read it really quick.
It was really good.
I liked it.
FELICIA: It's funny that you say that about a TV show
because there is a Canadian show called Lost
Girl about a succubus.
And I think it's on Syfy channel right now.
I've always wanted to marathon it.
BONNIE: It's good.
FELICIA: But a lot of people, especially on Twitter, are
really big fans of it.
So I'm going to definitely check it out.
And then someone said this book was optioned to be a TV
show last year.
So you never know.
VERONICA: That almost never means anything unfortunately.
FELICIA: Kiala, what did you think of the book?
KIALA: I really liked it.
I thought that there was some kind of cliche, sloppy writing
bits, but overall I really liked it.
And I liked her crushing on an author, because I've gone
through that exact same thing.
In fact, one time Dan Kennedy, he's one of my favorite
writers from McSweeney's.
Yeah, from Moth.
And he was coming here to read at Powell's and I have friends
who work there and they know him very well.
And I thought that I was going to get a chance to meet him,
we were going to go out afterwards.
But I wasn't sure that was going to happen.
It was all kind of new.
And I had written a blog post on my personal blog about how
I wanted him to look at me and tell me we were going to run
away together and he was going to take away from all this
filth and poverty.
And so we we all did end up going out after his reading.
And then they told him about my blog post and he pulled out
his iPhone and he read it aloud to me.
VERONICA: Oh my God, that was embarrassing.
That's like a Moth episode.
That's basically a Moth episode.
KIALA: And then at the end of the night he shook my hand and
he looked down at me and he said, "I'm going to take you
away from all this filth and poverty." And it
was the best thing.
VERONICA: But then he didn't.
BONNIE: Obviously he didn't.
VERONICA: He didn't.
FELICIA: He's a liar.
KIALA: He's a liar.
VERONICA: He's a liar.
KIALA: Anyway, so that, I really identified with that.
And I actually enjoyed the story a lot.
And I was surprised at the end.
I thought I knew what was going to happen and I didn't
know what was going to happen.
FELICIA: That's interesting.
OK, Veronica, you look a little skeptical.
What do you think?
VERONICA: No, I loved it.
I thought it was fun.
I thought it was a really great book.
I had a great time reading it.
Georgina as a character I think was probably one of the
more relatable characters we've read in
a really long time.
I could picture everything in her life so exactly.
It's one of the first books where I was almost picturing
myself as her, except obviously not as hot because
she's super hot.
But at the bookstore--
FELICIA: You're super hot.
BONNIE: You're super hot.
Come on.
VERONICA: But at the bookstore I was picturing my hometown
Barnes and Noble and there was this little metaphysical store
that I used to go to when I was a teenager in my town.
I was picturing that as the place she went to
go talk with Eric.
Or whatever his name was.
And just the clubs I used to go to in Boston is where she
got trashed that night that they were playing the show and
she went and made out with him near the bathroom.
So all of that stuff for some reason, it was like maybe it
was because it was modern times and she was really
living more in the regular world than any other kind of
fantastical kind of world.
It was just really easy to relate to her.
And I knew one of the two love interests was going to be the
trouble at the end.
I knew it was one of them.
I just couldn't really figure out who it was until right up
when it happened.
And then I thought that the sister being the other, the
sister being the bitch from the other
bookstore, that was fun.
That was a fun little twist.
So it all came together really, really
nicely in the end.
And I liked her very much as a character.
So I thought this was a series I would
like to continue reading.
FELICIA: Yeah, I definitely want to pick up the next one.
By the way, your not being sexy.
Somebody just sent a comment, said they want to
put a baby in you.
So come on.
VERONICA: I've got a puppy, that's enough to deal with.
No babies.
One thing keeping me up at night is all I need right now.
FELICIA: Oh my gosh.
I agree with everybody here.
I actually was a fan of this author from her other series
which I can't remember the name of it.
It's about a shaman or, I don't want to
talk about that series.
But it was a very enjoyable series too.
So I'd never read this one.
And I think this was one of her first books.
She also has a very popular series called
Vampire Academy, I think.
VERONICA: I've hear of that, yeah.
FELICIA: Yeah it's a teen series, which I don't really
read a lot of teen series.
VERONICA: That's out on Penguin, isn't it?
That's Penguin.
FELICIA: Yeah I think so.
BONNIE: How is that not a TV show?
That sounds like that should be a TV show.
FELICIA: I think everything gets optioned and then it just
never gets made.
That's just TV for you.
But I really liked the characters.
I agree.
I definitely wanted to live her life.
It was very relatable and grounded.
The only thing I kept wondering was like, she wasn't
a succubus very often.
So there was never a lot of conflict with her succubus
needs or job.
There was not a lot of pressure on her to fulfill the
succubus need.
And she's been a succubus for 1,000 years or hundreds of
years or whatever, it felt like she would have had more
of a job there.
But if you suspend your disbelief there I loved all
the characters around her.
I've fanned on so many authors.
That's my trigger point.
I don't care about actors.
But I actually sent a tweet to Graham Linehan who does IT
Crowd because I've been obsessed with him.
BONNIE: And he also does Black Books and Father Ted.
FELICIA: Oh I know, I watched all of them.
KIALA: I love Black Books.
FELICIA: Yeah, Black Books is amazing.
And I have Father Ted.
It just got here.
Every single episode.
So I tweeted to him and he actually responded to me, and
I literally started sweating everywhere.

BONNIE: He's pretty awesome.
He's Glinner on Twitter in case any of you
want to follow him.
FELICIA: And it's really funny too because now I follow him
in a creepy way.
BONNIE: He followed me for a little while until he realized
how much I tweeted him and he wised up and unfollowed me
which is totally fine.
KIALA: That happened to me with William Gibson.
BONNIE: Yeah, me too.
FELICIA: What, he followed and unfollowed you?
KIALA: Yeah he followed me for two years.
And I was afraid to look.
And then finally I looked one day and he was not following
me anymore.
And I'm like, oh my God, no.
VERONICA: That's the worst thing.
Do you guys have people who you do that?
You check every so often to see if
they're still following?
And you're like, oh my God, I don't want to click because I
don't want to know.
I don't want to click.
I don't want to know.
BONNIE: I do that all the time.
There's a site called Who Unfollowed Me.
VERONICA: Why would you ever look at that?
FELICIA: No, Bonnie.
VERONICA: What is wrong with you?
KIALA: You're a masochist.
BONNIE: I just look at it because sometimes I follow
people just as a favor.
And then if they're not following me anymore I
unfollow them.
I do that.
Or just like magazines or TV shows that have been canceled
or whatever.
And then I looked at it the other day and two friends I
really thought I was close with unfollowed me.
And I'm like, OK.
I'm not going to take it personal.
And then two celebrities that I sort of pseudo stalked
unfollowed me.
And then I remember Noel Fielding from Mighty Boosh
followed me for five minutes and it was the best five
minutes of my life.
And I think I DM'd him something really horrible
like, hey, do you want me to send you a [INAUDIBLE]?
VERONICA: Oh, you shouldn't DM people ever.
KIALA: I drunk DM'd Clive Barker.

He still follows me though.
because remember we said that I said that I didn't think
there were sexy times in his books and he got all freaked
out and he tweeted at us that there was.
VERONICA: Well I had the best finding out of someone
following me ever in my life a couple of weeks ago.
And I'm scared to even say it out loud because I don't want
him to unfollow me.
Andrew W.K. I nearly pooped a brick.
Because I love Andrew W.K. He's one of my favorite
musicians and I used to go to his shows all the time.
And he's so party positive.
And I tweeted something about--
what did I tweet about?
Oh, it was a long story.
But he tweeted back at me and I was like, oh my God.
What's happening right now?
BONNIE: This is why I love Twitter.
Because I think it was yesterday I was tweeting with
some people that were all watching Starship Troopers.
And we're tweeting at each other.
And it was all girls tweeting at each other.
And then Casper Van Dien who's in the movie tweeted at us.
And we all started tweeting each other Starship Trooper
stuff and totally fangirl like.
I'm like, what the hell?
This is awesome.
VERONICA: That's amazing.
BONNIE: That's why I love Twitter, is because I think
it's great that both actors and authors get a chance to
freak out their fans.
FELICIA: And you can interact with people and you don't have
all these preconceived notions of who you are.
BONNIE: Which is funny because in the book, in the succubus
book that we read, the very--
KIALA: Oh, we read a book?
FELICIA: Oh yeah, that thing?
KIALA: That show we're supposed to be having?
BONNIE: No, this is all relevant.
This is all relevant.
Because he doesn't know what her favorite
author looks like.
Which I find that hard to believe because when I have a
favorite author I stalk them like crazy.
KIALA: Use Google Image immediately.
BONNIE: Yeah I know everything about them.
I know their eye color and their cat's name and what they
eat for breakfast.
I am down with this.
And so when she's like, I don't know who this author is,
as an author sometimes I have that fantasy of I have this
revolving fantasy in my brain that Benedict Cumberbatch is
going to meet me at a party and it's going to be at my
book signing party and he doesn't know what I look like.
And he's going to be like, I really love this author.
And I'll be like, oh really?
Tell me more.
FELICIA: Wow, this sounds like a beginning
to a bad porn, Bonnie.
BONNIE: You know this is sad.
Since I only write non-fiction kid books I doubt I'd have a
book party where Benedict would show up.
FELICIA: You don't know.
KIALA: Unless he has a kid.
VERONICA: And then it might be too late.
BONNIE: It's never too late.
VERONICA: Never too late.
A lot of people [INAUDIBLE].

BONNIE: OK go ahead, go ahead.
FELICIA: You didn't ruin his marriage, you just forgot it.
KIALA: Sorry.
People on the forums really liked the book.
Camille who's one of our oldest forum members said, the
book has some of the greatest quotes I've ever found in some
of these books.
And he's the one who posted that it got bought, the rights
got optioned.
The only negative thing, a lot of people basically said the
ending, they could tell in advance that Roman was going
to be the bad guy.
VERONICA: Oh, well aren't you guys smart.

BONNIE: Didn't you know?
Couldn't you tell from the fact that he couldn't put a
bookcase together?
BONNIE: Remember in the beginning in which he comes
over to help her put her bookcase together, and he lied
about knowing about how to put--
why am I the only one that remembers this?
FELICIA: I do remember that he was pretty sweet.
KIALA: No, I remember that but--
BONNIE: No, I know, but I just made a joke that bad guys
can't put Ikea furniture together.
FELICIA: Oh, is that a known thing?
BONNIE: No, I just made it up.
I don't know.
I tried to be funny, this isn't working.
Kiala, what did you think?
VERONICA: Drink more.
KIALA: I was pretty sure that it was Roman but then I
thought that was too obvious.
And then actually for a while I thought that maybe Seth was
a shape shifter and I thought he and Roman
were the same person.

But then they were at the same place at the same time and
then I realized that wasn't true.
BONNIE: That would be cool though.
FELICIA: Melissa had a really good point on the forum.
She said she really got into the book in the last half.
Which I agree, it definitely picks up in the last half
after the whole plot, the Nephilim plot gets started.
But it was weird, she got into it after Carter and wanted
Carter to get together with Georgina, which I wanted too.
KIALA: Me too.
FELICIA: Carter the angel.
KIALA: Yes, he was so sweet and strong.
And I kept picturing him as Misha Collins from
BONNIE: Supernatural, I did that too.
The minute they described him I'm like, oh, Misha Collins.
KIALA: I was like, oh, it's Cass.
FELICIA: Yeah, because he was like the sexy,
understanding angel guy.
He's kind of like Cass.
KIALA: I pictured him like that kind of personality wise.
But honestly picturing him, I pictured him as Eric Northman.
That seems a little large for me.
FELICIA: Really?
VERONICA: Maybe a little bit too big.
KIALA: Because he was like a big angel,
like tall and angely.
BONNIE: Angely.
VERONICA: See my problem is I never picture people in books
as people from the real world.
They always form into their own things.
It's why I have a really hard time
with the casting questions.
BONNIE: So I started a Pinterest board called Sexy
Lads, so if any of you follow me on Pinterest.
And that's where I put all my casting picks.
FELICIA: I don't know how I feel about that.
Is that objectification?
Like if a guy did that about girls would I be offended?
BONNIE: I do it with girls too though.
When we think about what actresses should play the
parts in the books we read, I do this with actresses too.
I just haven't made a Pinterest board yet.
I will.
FELICIA: I had an equal opportunity objectification.
BONNIE: It'll probably just be mostly Eva Green but yeah,
I'll do it.
FELICIA: Eva Green is who I thought of Georgina for.
BONNIE: Yeah I know, me too.
KIALA: I had a Pinterest porn board for a short period of
time because I thought it was funny.
VERONICA: Did they take it down?
Did they make you take it down?
KIALA: No, I took it down.
BONNIE: Is it still there?
KIALA: No, I took it down.
I couldn't bring myself to pin anything.

FELICIA: Is it like an empty porn board?
BONNIE: That's like my life.
My life is an empty porn board.
FELICIA: Oh God, Bonnie.
BONNIE: Sorry, apology to [INAUDIBLE].
I'll drink more.
Let's talk about the book, yay.
FELICIA: OK let's talk the characters.
Sam on the forums loved the main character, although I
expected her to do more supernatural things.
She didn't seem to have any female friends which I thought
was interesting.
And then he wants to know, is that standard for a succubus
or was a function of her being a succubus?
What did you guys think?
She had a couple of female coworkers that were
friends with her.
VERONICA: They weren't friendly.
Yeah they weren't central characters at all.
BONNIE: She didn't have a sassy galpal.
VERONICA: Yeah the only other major female character was
antagonistic towards her.
FELICIA: Yeah, that's interesting.
Do you think that's because she was--
KIALA: So overtly sexual?
FELICIA: Yeah because you'd think it
would be the opposite.
Like she'd have more female friends because her only
function is to use her sexuality to feed.
VERONICA: So maybe she just doesn't drawn women like that.
BONNIE: She could have attracted more lesbians, I
don't know.

FELICIA: Also there was actually a big thread on the
forums about evil as good.
Some people, Jude I think, started that thread about how
they felt uncomfortable with the sympathet-- thetification?
Is that a word?
It's not.
Let me drink more.
Making evil characters more sympathetic.
Because basically her function on earth is to corrupt people.
VERONICA: But that's silly.
Because there's so many amazing characters from so
many different stories.
They're supposed to be evil but they're more
complicated than that.
KIALA: Or like Battlestar Galactica and all the Cylons.
VERONICA: That's just the whole point.
You have to have a complicated character.
You have to have a character with a lot of dimensions.
And just because they have an evil job to do or what is
assumed to be an evil job, I guess it is an evil job.
Bringing their souls into hell, I guess it's that's
FELICIA: Actually she didn't do a lot of it.
But if she actually did more of it, you probably wouldn't
have liked her as much.
BONNIE: Let's be honest.
It's not like she did it.
She basically played on people's
cravings and interests.
KIALA: Yeah they wanted it.
BONNIE: It's ultimately your decision whether or not you
want your soul to go to heaven or hell in this book.
If you just choose to give it up to have sex with a hot
chick then that's--
VERONICA: She's an enabler.
She's an enabler and that's what it comes down to.
KIALA: I didn't like that stupid characterization at the
beginning of that it was a geeky dude living in his
parent's basement.
He was a 34 year old virgin with Cheeto fingers.

BONNIE: Cheeto fingers are hot.

VERONICA: You can lick it off.
Like aah.
KIALA: It was so annoying.

Things like that were annoying.
BONNIE: Veronica, you're going to be an animated gif of
licking your fingers before you know it.
It's too late It's already happened.
It already exists.
KIALA: Yeah, it's on now already.
I didn't like that.
I didn't like a lot of her textbook psychologically
damaged, in your face sexuality, like she only could
identify with people that were sexually attracted to her.
Like every single man, every single character in that book
was somebody that she only related to sexually.
Well other than her gay vampire best friends.
FELICIA: Yeah that's true.
But also I thought it was kind of convenient and total wish
fulfillment when she could change her appearance and all
her clothing instantly.
It was so convenient.
KIALA: It's like a fantasy.
Like a lady fantasy.
FELICIA: It was such a lady fantasy which
I was jealous of.
She never has to spend any money on clothing.

BONNIE: That reminded me a little of Tonks in Harry
Potter because she could change her hair at any point.
And I'm like, I've dyed my hair a lot of times.
And if I could just change my hair without it turning into
like, horrible over dried wet noodle situation I would do
that in a heartbeat.
VERONICA: By the way, your hair looks great today Bonnie.
KIALA: It does.
BONNIE: If you follow me on Pinterest, you might notice
that I had might dye it soon.
What color?
BONNIE: Violet.
BONNIE: Violet.
KIALA: Violet, oh.
FELICIA: I like this.
Veronica I don't have bangs anymore.
BONNIE: I know, what happened to them bangs?
FELICIA: I'm going to get them trimmed.
It's just, I don't know.
It was too traumatic last time, looking too much.
You know who I thought you looked like?
You actually look like Amy Pond.
FELICIA: With the bangs?
FELICIA: I like that.
BONNIE: That's a compliment.
FELICIA: I mean, I'm going to get them trimmed.
I just feel like I'm in the presence of
the mistress of bangs.
And to be a pale imitation of bangs.
Do you cut your own bangs?
KIALA: Really?
Well I get my hair cut once every month and a half, but
then for touch ups I do my own.
FELICIA: Yeah that's what I need to do.
I didn't know that I was in for maintenance.
BONNIE: I cut my bangs.
I have to cut my bangs straight every
two weeks or so.
It's a pain.
It's a pain in the butt, but it's worth it.
BONNIE: You get used to it.
KIALA: I was going to say just on that Lady Fantasy thing,
there's a series of--
I can't remember who writes them-- but a series of novels
where the woman, she discovers she's got this magic, and
every time she uses it, it expends so much energy she has
to eat and eat and eat.
It also made her really young and beautiful.
And then she has to eat all the time and she can't gain
any weight.
Whereas before, she would gain weight all the time.
BONNIE: Does she have to eat a certain thing?
KIALA: She just has to eat a lot of food.
Just binge eat.
But she can't keep weight on.
And it's kind of messed up.
But that was just my feeling about it.
FELICIA: Silvy Marie on the forums mentioned her sleeping
with Warren and she was very upset.
She went to somebody she knows to get a fix but she didn't
really need it.
And she lost respect for her then.
BONNIE: I didn't like Warren.
FELICIA: I didn't like Warren either but I though, I didn't
like her then, but then I liked the fact that
I didn't like her.
In that it made more three dimensional.
You don't have to be perfect.
A lot of these books that we read and the ones that I don't
even list on my good reads, I can't engage with them.
Because the person is so perfect you just feel like
she's a martyr.
OK, just mess up once please?
Because you read about a person, it doesn't feel real.
So that's why I kind of liked her, knowing that she was
making a bad decision but just indulging herself with Warren.
VERONICA: Do you think it was on purpose that they chose one
of the most unlikable characters?
That she made Warren really unlikable in order for us to
not feel so bad about Georgina sleeping with him to get some
powers back?
FELICIA: I think so.
Well also you don't want to muddy the waters because if he
was sympathetic then what's going on with
Seth and then Roman?
It would just muddy everything up.
Like I said, I wanted her to get with Carter.
VERONICA: That wouldn't give her any power.
Because he's also supernatural.
FELICIA: Oh, that's true.
VERONICA: What about her little friend?
The guy that worked at the store with her?
KIALA: Doug.
VERONICA: Doug, yeah.
Like if she ends up with Doug, that would
have been like, whoa.
He's a super nice guy and he really likes you and now
you're using him.
But with Warren it's like they mutually use each other.
FELICIA: Exactly.
BONNIE: I don't want to get too personal here, but usually
when you have a you-know-what buddy--
I can't swear on this channel, but you know what I mean--
if you have a sexy times buddy, chances are that sexy
times buddy isn't the most redeemable of people.
Because they're using you as much as you're using them.
I don't know, I'm just saying.
FELICIA: I don't know about it.
BONNIE: Fits the profile of the douchebag that--
KIALA: I haven't had one, but it's not a moral reason.
I just have never had one.
Am I the only one who's had one?
A few?
FELICIA: Anyway.
Talk about Seth who was one of the main love interests.
A lot of people really liked Seth because he was classified
as a beta male.
Which we all, in a lot of these Vaginal Fantasy book
club picks have had very dominating men
who are very pushy.
And the girl's like, no, no, no.
OK fine.
I like you.
And that's become the archetype of the romance hero.
Seth is kind of the opposite of that.
He's actually very shy and the main character doesn't know
what to do with him.
And a lot of people loved him.
Stacey, I loved the emails that he sent to her.
And what did you guys think about him as the hero?
BONNIE: Isn't that frustrating though?
Isn't that kind of frustrating to have a guy that's really
good at writing emails but when you're face to face can't
hold a decent conversation with you?
KIALA: Yeah.
I know one guy like that.
And it's really annoying.
BONNIE: It's annoying.
FELICIA: I had a boyfriend in high school that gave really
good phone.
He had a great voice, but then when you met him in person it
was like, this is weird.
VERONICA: Not the same.
Not the same.
I've had a lot of IM boyfriends like that.
They're really good over IM, and then in person it's just
like, you're weird.
KIALA: Yeah.
Or the opposite where they're really great in person but
then they misspell everything in texts.
Or too many emoticons.
And you're like, oh God, no.
VERONICA: It's like a smiley face after every sentence.
KIALA: Yeah lol.
BONNIE: Have you ever broken off anything with someone
because they kept using the wrong "there?"
KIALA: I would.
FELICIA: I would, yeah.
KIALA: If they didn't correct themselves, or the wrong
BONNIE: Like over.
And once or twice is fine, but all the time.
And mixing up "your" with "you're."
VERONICA: I don't understand internet speak sometimes.
BONNIE: Really?
VERONICA: Like, I get it.
I get it.
I just don't understand why it's so prevalent.
FELICIA: Because everybody does it.
Not like lol, meme speak.
That's different.
BONNIE: I still don't know what the hell "YOLO" is.
VERONICA: You only live once.
You only live once.
BONNIE: Really?
VERONICA: I'm going to go ride on the top of my car, YOLO.
I'm going to ghostride the whip, YOLO.

I'm going to go put a badger in my pants, YOLO.

FELICIA: Badger?
Where did that come from?
KIALA: I still don't--
I can never remember what-- it's So Much Hate, right?
VERONICA: Oh is that what that means?
BONNIE: Is that what that is?
FELICIA: I wouldn't know that one either.
KIALA: I don't know.
I think that's it.
VERONICA: TLDR is one of my favorites.
BONNIE: What's that one?
VERONICA: Too Long, Didn't Read.
FELICIA: That's the most insulting one.
Just put some effort in or don't join the
conversation, please.
VERONICA: No, you want to know what the most insulting
hashtag of all time is?
VERONICA: First World Problems.
People respond to me and now this is going to happen all
the time because I'm saying it.
FELICIA: I'm going to do it now.
VERONICA: It's a first world problem that I'm complaining
about first world problems in hashtag.
BONNIE: Start the #vaginalproblems.
FELICIA: First world problems is having a
Twitter account, OK?
VERONICA: It's like, it's redundant, we know, we know.
Everything I complain about on here is a first world problem.
Let's just put that out there.
BONNIE: Maybe we should do succubus problem.
VERONICA: Succubus problem.
FELICIA: Oh, succubus problem.
BONNIE: Let's do that as a hashtag.
Hey, have we trended yet?
I still think Vaginal Fantasy needs to trend today.
If everyone's watching this, tweet it so it trends.
Because I don't want people to be confused because it's a
football Sunday.
KIALA: Yeah it's Sunday, there's nothing else going on.
Come on.
FELICIA: There's so much sportsball talk on there.
I just don't even check on Sundays.
BONNIE: No, it's either Sunday used to be just football or
Walking Dead, right?
That's basically all Sundays were.
FELICIA: And awards shows.
BONNIE: Right.
VERONICA: I try not to get mad at the football talk because
once spring and summer rolls around it's
baseball talk for me.
So I have to let the football talk happen.
BONNIE: See, I'm all about soccer talk.
VERONICA: Soccer talk.
That's like early in the morning, that's like 6 AM.
I used to live above a bar that played all of the
international soccer games, football games.
BONNIE: Was it Mad Dog?
VERONICA: It was Mad Dog.
It was Mad Dog.
And I don't live there anymore so don't go there.
BONNIE: I was downstairs.
While you were asleep I was down at Mad Dog trying to hit
on every British football fan in the bar at 6 in the
morning, and I was not doing a good job.
VERONICA: Oh so you mean while you guys were screaming at the
top of your lungs at football games at 6
o'clock in the morning?
BONNIE: I have no idea and I don't even know
how they play it.
I just go for the short shorts and the accents.
I'm shallow.
KIALA: Is Mad Dog the one that's right next to
VERONICA: Yeah across the street.
Toronado's right next door.
BONNIE: So if you're in San Francisco, go to Mad Dog in
the Fog and you can early in the morning watch.
VERONICA: It's like a weird DJ bar now.
It got too hip.
They redid it and it's not as good.
But we are way off.

FELICIA: If somebody's grading us they can go to hell.
BONNIE: Can we do the casting now?
Because I had ideas of who's what.
FELICIA: Well I did want to talk about one last thing
[INAUDIBLE] in Roman, the other love interest guy who is
the opposite of Seth.
He was extremely pushy, he wouldn't take no for an
answer, and he ends up being the bad guy.
And a lot of people, Erin on the forums said, I hate Roman,
I'm halfway through.
And that was before she even knew he was a bad guy.
And the creepy way that Roman treated people
sent me crazy vibes.
They seemed stalkery and rapery, or was he charming?
Was the persistence creepy to anyone else?
VERONICA: It was a little creepy at first.
Well, actually it was creepy the whole time.
I thought Roman was a little bit creepy.
He came on a little bit too strong.
KIALA: Yeah I didn't like that he walked her home from the
bar because you shouldn't ever do that.
FELICIA: She never should have had him walk you home.
VERONICA: Stranger danger.
KIALA: You get right in a cab.
BONNIE: She can take care of herself though.
I mean, I don't know.
She's the one that pointed him out though.
She's the one that started all this mess because she's been
trying to tell everyone she had a date, which she didn't.
VERONICA: But he could have played it cool.
I mean, he played it cool at the time.
But he could've been like, OK.
Having fun.
FELICIA: Well it turns out he was going to murder her.
He was going to murder her if she hadn't have called him
over to help out with that conversation.

Yeah, I think in the context of him being a murderer it
wasn't as creepy.
But without him being the murder, had he been a
legitimate love interest at the end, I would have said, oh
that guy's creepy, please don't go with him.
But when he turned out to be a psycho at the end I was like,
oh, I saw that.
He wasn't as bad as he could've been.

KIALA: I thought the walking home from the bar was just
really presumptuous and creepy.
Like you shouldn't ever trust a dude that wants to do that.
But other than that, his persistence wasn't rapey.
I didn't think it was rapey.
He didn't try to do anything.
He respected that.
He respected that she wasn't ready to do anything.
FELICIA: Well considering the one sex scene in the book, or
the one of two or three, but the big one was with him,
after you find out he's the bad guy it's a bold writing
choice which I thought was kind of refreshing.
And the fact that she nuanced his character in a way that
you weren't like, get away from him.
Which I still think that's really good writing where you
can have a three dimensional character like that.
VERONICA: It's pretty messed up that he was like, yeah, I
was going to kill you.
But then I fell in love with you so you're fine.
It's good.
We should just run away together.
BONNIE: That's a spite thing.
I'm sorry.
You know what the funny thing is?
Is that, I think a lot-- and I'm going to be presumptuous
here and I apologize to any guys that are watching--
but I think a lot of guys think that girls want to be
walked home from bars, and they want a guy that's a
little bit more, I don't want to say forceful but a little
more aggressive.
Because I live in a city full of apathetic hipster dudes
that could basically take their pick of chicks, and so
they don't do any effort.
So when you see somebody in a book like that making an
effort, yeah he came off kind of creepy, kind of stalkery.
But when you look at a lot of romance novels and movies and
TV shows where the guy's making that extra effort to
bring flowers, to find out where she lives, to offer to
build her stupid crappy IKEA bookcase for her, that to me
seems flirty, not oh my God, this guy's going to
kill me in my sleep.
So maybe I'm just living a dangerous life, but I thought
it was cute that he was a little bit more aggressive
instead of her having to chase down everybody.
Which means apparently shaking my head.
KIALA: Oh maybe that's what it means.
VERONICA: That's what the YouTubers tell me.
KIALA: I like So Much Hate.
That's what I've decided it means.
VERONICA: I think it could be both.
FELICIA: I'm just going back to I just think it's good
writing that you can have these two interpretations
where it's definitely like, oh my God, I hate that guy.
And he was obviously a creeper.
I just think it's good writing.
OK, let's do casting.
So Roman, I said Jay Ryan who plays the guy on Beauty and
the Beast, because rwar!
KIALA: Really?
FELICIA: Or Roman?
Not the British guy on Beauty and the Beast.
The new Beauty and the Beast.
FELICIA: For Roman?
BONNIE: Jay Ryan from Beauty and the Beast is like Roman.
And Carter, I got Misha stuck in my head because of
I can't not think of that.
I mean, Supernatural's always going to do that to me.
FELICIA: I'm going to be on in January.
January, my episode's on.
BONNIE: You what?
FELICIA: My episode.
episode's [INAUDIBLE].
It is always so weird to see you on episodes that I watch.
It's amazing but it's so weird.
FELICIA: It's a really good episode, you guys.
BONNIE: By the way, Jared is a huge Star Wars fan.
FELICIA: Oh, that is amazing.
BONNIE: And he always has his kid dressed as Yoda on his
Twitter and it's [INAUDIBLE].
FELICIA: Both of them are awesome guys.
OK, back to it.
Who was your Seth, Bonnie?
BONNIE: And then Seth was kind of hard because Seth was
supposed to be sort of like this geeky guy but he was
attractive, but he was downplayed quite a bit.
I don't know.
I couldn't figure out who to have for Seth.

And then Eva Green for Georgina.
FELICIA: I had Eva Green for Georgina, which is so weird.
Roman was Richard Grieco from 21 Jumpstreet.
BONNIE: Oh my God, you did not.
FELICIA: And Seth was Ira Glass.
KIALA: Really?
VERONICA: I can picture Seth in my head, but he doesn't
look like any actor that I can think of.
KIALA: Ira Glass?
BONNIE: Ira Glass?
FELICIA: Ira Glass is cute.
VERONICA: That's too cute, I think.
Ira Glass is too good looking maybe for Seth.
And too tall.
FELICIA: He is cute and very smart.
I met him once.
KIALA: No, he's cute.
VERONICA: Veronica, what about the hot British guy that you
interviewed on Sword and Laser Joe Acra--
VERONICA: No, Joe Abercrombie?
Too hot.
FELICIA: No, he's really hot.
I hung out with him at the last [INAUDIBLE]
I was at in Australia.
He can tan.
BONNIE: He is so hot.
VERONICA: He's so hot.
This is really unprofessional of me, Bonnie.
You should not have brought this up.
BONNIE: You don't understand.
I was tweeting at you when you aired that episode, and it was
like, hot, hot, hot.
It's like a running joke in the Sword and Laser community
that I think he's really good looking.
He's married with children.
I'm married.
It's not a thing.
BONNIE: I would pay good money to see both
his sword and laser.
FELICIA: I had an author dinner where we all went out.
Rachel Caine and Trudy Canavan.
And then him and a couple of other authors.
We all went out.
And then we went really out late to get dessert at this
weird dessert cafe in the middle of Adelaide.
But it was really fun.
They're all really cool.
VERONICA: I like him a lot.
He's great.
So I actually have a casting for once.
I almost never have castings.
But Roman for me was Christian Camargo who played the ice
truck killer on Dexter.
He's Dexter's brother.
KIALA: Oh, his brother.
VERONICA: Yeah, his brother.
The kind of handsome but kind of creepy.
A little menacing a little bit.
That popped into my head.
That's why I got all excited when we started
talking about casting.
I'm like, oh my God, I got one.
FELICIA: You got one.
What about you, Kiala?
KIALA: I pictured Roman as Michael Fassbender
because I always do.
FELICIA: You always do Michael Fassbender.
KIALA: I know.
I know.
I know.
And then I pictured Carter, I think we talked about this but
we'll just talk about it, Misha Collins [INAUDIBLE] in
his persona but I pictured him as Eric Northman and I can't
think of the black guy's name right now, but yeah.
VERONICA: Sarsgaard.
KIALA: Sarsgaard.
VERONICA: Which one, though?
KIALA: Not Peter.
Something Sarsgaard.
VERONICA: Alexander?
KIALA: Alexander Sarsgaard.
VERONICA: Alex Sarsgaard
KIALA: And then for Seth, I don't know.
BONNIE: I know, right?
VERONICA: Yeah Seth is hard.
BONNIE: At first I thought maybe Seth could be like David
Tennant with glasses.
FELICIA: Oh, oh, oh, oh.
The new Q in James Bond.
BONNIE: Oh, perfect.
Wait as who?
Who as Seth?
BONNIE: Seth--?
VERONICA: It's too hot.
BONNIE: Really?
VERONICA: Too hot still.
That guy's really hot.
FELICIA: No he is really hot.
KIALA: But I thought Seth was hot.
I thought he was cute.
FELICIA: I think he's hot.
He can be hot.
He doesn't have to not be hot.
BONNIE: He can be hot.
FELICIA: I think he's a little older though.
VERONICA: Yeah, older.
For some reason I picture him with sandy brown hair,
glasses, kind of stockier build.
Not thin but not fat either.
KIALA: Like Zach Galifianakis?
VERONICA: Too stocky.
A little too stocky.
BONNIE: Now I'm picturing him as Zach, and that's hilarious.
VERONICA: Not a built guy, just like a normal dude.
KIALA: Like a dude, like a hipster dude in Portland that
drinks a lot of beer.
And rides a bike but when he's drunk so he doesn't really--
VERONICA: Because in San Francisco you say hipster dude
and I think of super skinny tight jeans.
KIALA: Not here.
VERONICA: Not that kind of guy.
Like lumberjack hipster.
KIALA: Lumberjack hipster.
I built this record store with my bare hands.
FELICIA: Just do to Abbot Kinney in LA, you'll see 55
Seth's on the street.
VERONICA: But no beard.
I don't see him as having a beard.
BONNIE: I think he's like a Wilco kind of hipster.
KIALA: Oh, Chris Pratt.
VERONICA: I don't know who that is.
KIALA: From Parks and Recreation.
BONNIE: Yeah, the dumb guy who works in [INAUDIBLE].
VERONICA: Too young looking.
Too young looking.
FELICIA: Marie B. says Martin Freeman on the comments.
VERONICA: Also too young looking for me.
BONNIE: How about Ron Swanson?
VERONICA: No, too old looking.
Too mustachey.
KIALA: I thought of him as young because he had all the
t-shirts and stuff.
FELICIA: Oh, Sam from True Blood.
Sam Merlotte.
VERONICA: Way too handsome.
Way too handsome.
KIALA: Sam from True Blood saw me crying at DragonCon.
BONNIE: Why were you crying at DragonCon?
KIALA: Oh God, I just had some bad news and I was hiding in
the kitchens and he walked back and he saw me crying.
And then five minutes later Spike walks
through and saw me crying.
BONNIE: Did get a hug?
VERONICA: They didn't console you?
I wanted them too.
BONNIE: Man, Spike consoling you at DragonCon?
You know how many fantasies that would've
completed for all of us?
KIALA: I know.
Oh wow.
VERONICA: OK so someone on the chat said Seth Green as Seth.
That actually popped into my head except still
a little bit stockier.
BONNIE: Seth's cute though.
KIALA: Yeah.
FELICIA: I don't agree with your vision of Seth but OK.
It's fine.
It's fine.
We don't have to agree.
FELICIA: It's fine.
BONNIE: I feel creepy for saying this because I'm
friends with Seth and I think of him like a brother.
But he's still pretty cute.
He's doable.
Whereas I think Seth in the book, that's a stretch.
FELICIA: Really?
VERONICA: I wanted Seth in the book to be cute enough that--
this is really not cool to say--
BONNIE: Say it.
VERONICA: Like not an immediate overwhelming
The way that Georgina felt.
Not like, oh wow.
This guy's really hot.
But more like, you're attractive and I'm really
getting to know you.
And I feel like we really connect on a brain level.
And so I'm beginning to get more attracted to you through
our mutual respect for similar interests.
BONNIE: So smart's the new sexy.
VERONICA: Yeah, and then all of the sudden you find
yourself finding that physical attraction.
Maybe it wasn't there at the beginning but it kind of
develops over time.
BONNIE: Someone on Twitter, Jem on Twitter said Anton
Yelchin from Star Trek could be Seth.
The new Star Trek.
I don't know.
FELICIA: Wait let's move on because we want to talk about
Dragon Actually.
VERONICA: Is he Chekov from the new Star Trek?
KIALA: Yeah.
FELICIA: Who read Dragon Actually?
BONNIE: I did.
KIALA: I read half.
BONNIE: Look at those abs.
FELICIA: We all read most of it.
So what did we think of this one?
This was the alt book and I want to read just the blurb.
"It's not always easy being a female warrior with a nickname
like Annwyl the Bloody.
Men tend to cower in fear or salute.
But for once it would be nice to talk to a real man the way
she can talk to Fearghus the Destroyer."
VERONICA: Too bad Fearghus--
KIALA: Fergus.
VERONICA: Fearghus.
KIALA: Fearghus.
FELICIA: Fearghus in the dragon.
And with him Annwyl feels safe.
But there's a twist.
Blah blah blah.
So basically it's kind of a medieval book about a girl who
has a loving relationship with a dragon.
And then this knight comes in and he's
like Mr. Sex On Wheels.
Turns out, same guy.
BONNIE: Look at those abs.
VERONICA: I doubt she did a dragon.
She did did a dragon.
FELICIA: So what do we think of this book Veronica?
You start this one.
VERONICA: So it was really funny.
Well first of all I got a big kick of the fact that it is
medieval kind of feel, but they totally speak regular.
Like they're hanging out at the coffee shop down the
street style talking.
Which is fine sometimes, but it just didn't really fit with
the setting all that much.
FELICIA: There was somebody--
I have to read this quote--
somebody said that it felt like it was kind
of out of the eighties.
Like everybody just had really big hair.
Like it came out in 2008 but it felt like
a massive 80s vibe.
It was Claire.
All the hair band maids, or the dragons were rocking.
VERONICA: Well how stupid was she to not realize that it was
the same guy?
It took forever.
It took freaking forever.
BONNIE: It was such a Lois Lane moment where
you're like, come on.
It's so obvious.
Keep going.
Sorry, I'm interrupting.
VERONICA: I also thought that the book was going to be a lot
longer because I was reading it on Kindle and there's
actually two books in the Kindle addition.
So I was like, what else are they going to put in this book
How much more can they talk about this storyline?
There's two books.
There's the story of the mother dragon and her mother
that kicks off at the end of the dragon book.
KIALA: Oh well we then I thought we read more of this
than I thought I did.
FELICIA: Yeah you did.
It's only 60% of the Kindle is the book that was the alt.
KIALA: Oh I was almost done.
FELICIA: Yeah it really goes on forever.
BONNIE: And so I don't know what you're talking about
because I still don't own a Kindle.
So I just read real books.
FELICIA: Bonnie I need to send you my Kindle.
I have a Kindle 2.
I'll send it to you this week, I promise.
BONNIE: But then I won't be able to touch the abs while
I'm reading.
VERONICA: You can't show off on Muni with a
Kindle quite the same.
BONNIE: Oh I make a lot of friends on Muni by the way.
When I read this book on Muni last time I get hit on a lot
by cray cray.
KIALA: Is that good?
BONNIE: I don't know.
But I was reading this and this burly guy sat next to me
and was like, oh that book looks interesting.
What's it about?
Dragon Actually, is it like Love, Actually?
And I'm like, well kind of.
I was like, it's a dragon and he said she's--
He's a dude, and actually he's a dragon.
So I'm trying to avoid it, right?
And he just looks at me like, oh this girl's easy.

FELICIA: OK Kiala, what did you think?
That's my boyfriend but actually he's a dragon.
VERONICA: Actually, yeah, he is.
He's a dragon.
KIALA: He's totally a dragon.
VERONICA: Oh my God, you guys, actually we've
totally been dating.
Totally a dragon.
KIALA: I'm actually a dragon.
VERONICA: Totally a dragon.
FELICIA: Kiala, what did you think?
What did you think?
I thought it was really silly.
But the sex scenes were really good.
FELICIA: Oh my God.
Veronica snorted.
BONNIE: Oh wow.
Veronica's drunk.
FELICIA: She snorted so hard.
KIALA: She did it again.
She did it again.
FELICIA: What's going on?

We're so drunk right now.
KIALA: But you guys, he'll light your
cigarette with his face.

VERONICA: I don't even have to drive on the 405 anymore
because I fly on him, because he's a dragon.
Isn't that amazing?
KIALA: But you know what?
He totally found out when I wasn't a virgin anymore.
BONNIE: Oh my God.

BONNIE: We all need to be twirling our hair when
he talk like that.
Oh yeah, it is so embarrassing.
I can't believe it.
FELICIA: Bonnie what did you think of the book?
BONNIE: Aside from it being crazy jail--
like crazy bait on Muni, OK first of all, let me tell you
something about this dragon.
I was turned on by the dragon, here I'm doing this.
I was turned on by the dragon.
You know why I was turned on by the dragon?
Because he has a freaking library in his cave.
VERONICA: That is awesome.
KIALA: Yeah.
BONNIE: If you want to get me turned on, have a whole room
full of books.
That will turn me on.
I don't care if you're a dragon.
I don't care if you're a succubus.
I don't care if you're a Republican.
Well maybe Republican.
Well no.
If you're a hot Republican dragon with a library, I'm
willing to look over that.
KIALA: Depends on what's in your library.
BONNIE: And he picked out books for her.
Come on.
That is hot.
That is hot.
FELICIA: It was hot as the dragon, but what about the
knight part?
There was a lot of sex in this book.
VERONICA: It was kind of intense.
BONNIE: Yeah thanks for the sex book because that
fulfilled a lot.
Everybody talked that wanted it.
Gave it to you.
BONNIE: Yeah I appreciated having a book
full of sex and dragons.
dragon sex, actually.
I don't know why they left that out of the title.
VERONICA: Dragon sex better than dinosaur sex.
KIALA: Actually.
VERONICA: Actually.
vanilla oil.

FELICIA: And Emily on the forums on the question was
like, does Vaginal Fantasy have to
be good to be adorable?
Because I think it's a perfect description of the book.
Just don't even criticize it, guys.
Somebody was like, they were watching an '80s dragon movie
and they're like, I can do this better.
Oh wait I won't.
I'll do it [INAUDIBLE].
BONNIE: Which one?
Was it Krull?
FELICIA: It was Krull.
KIALA: Krull is amazing.
BONNIE: I love Krull
KIALA: Krull is amazing.
BONNIE: That would be so great.
Krull is awesome.
It has everything you could possibly need and Liam Neeson.
FELICIA: Huge hair.
That girl has huge hair.
KIALA: Oh, it is so good.
With her little face?
But I hated the word toerag.
Does anybody remember that?
FELICIA: I read it four or five times in
the book as an insult.
I'm like, what is going on?
What is a toerag?
What is a toerag?

KIALA: Why would you have a rag on your toe?
And why is that an insult?
VERONICA: Alright toerag.
FELICIA: It's literally six or seven times in this book.
Somebody calls you, you toerag.
KIALA: Yeah.
KIALA: The first time I read it, I read it as kind of
Scottish or something like [INAUDIBLE]
or something like a name.
And I was like, oh, toerag.
FELICIA: No, it was an insult.
VERONICA: You you toerag.
KIALA: [INAUDIBLE] for moving, you toerag.
But it wasn't like that.
That's a bad accent.
VERONICA: What does that mean, you guys?
It's a rascal.
OK, they say it's a rascal.
FELICIA: What's a rascal?
Is that a known insult?
A rapscallion is a toerag?
I've never heard that.
KIALA: The little thing that fat people ride around on?
FELICIA: A lot of people in the comments know
what a toerag is.
VERONICA: Yeah YouTubers know what toerag means.
Is it from the '80s?
--Someone says.
A scoundrel, like a scumbag.
They're saying on IRC now.
FELICIA: Scumbag?
Is it a British thing?
VERONICA: But what does it mean?
KIALA: Where is the etymology?
FELICIA: Oh it's British.
It's British means scum.
VERONICA: But why?
But why?
FELICIA: That's a whole different question.
KIALA: Maybe you can't afford socks and so you put
rags on your feet.
BONNIE: Yeah there you go.
It's a Cockney thing.
FELICIA: I don't buy it.
KIALA: So you put rags on your feet.
BONNIE: It's probably Cockney.
FELICIA: I don't buy it.
BONNIE: I don't know.
FELICIA: There was also a lot of spanking.
VERONICA: There was a lot of spanking.
But spanking's kind of hot.
BONNIE: That was good though.
FELICIA: It wasn't bad spanking but
it was copious spanking.
BONNIE: Really?
KIALA: There was a lot of spanking.
FELICIA: There was a toerag's worth of spanking.
VERONICA: That's a unit of measurement?
FELICIA: I don't know.
I don't know anymore.
VERONICA: A metric toerag.
BONNIE: I don't think there's such a thing as copious
spanking, is there?
FELICIA: I mean, it depends on your level of spanking.
BONNIE: I don't know.
FELICIA: OK Pixie Fleming 89.
The definition of toerag derives from Old England where
convicts used to tie bits of shirt around their toes and
feet as makeshift socks.
Hence toerag means criminal or rapscallion.
I figured that out.
FELICIA: You did.
KIALA: Well I just saw Les Miserables, so
it's probably in there.
I don't have time to Google things, jeez.
Anne Hathaway.
KIALA: Literally I almost passed out from trying not to
cry because my mom was sitting next to me
sobbing like a baby.
I was trying to not hold it in and I almost passed out.
BONNIE: Am I bad if I just pretended Le Mis was a
Wolverine prequel?
VERONICA: You keep saying that.
So I went.
I tried to go, and our theater broke down.
FELICIA: I saw you said that on Twitter.
VERONICA: You did.
It was terrible.
I love you Bonnie.
But you already made that joke.
And I really love Les Mis so it hurts me in my guts.
BONNIE: You know what?
It's really [INAUDIBLE] on Les Mis, it's a [INAUDIBLE]
on Wolverine.
All right.
We can agree on that then.
FELICIA: The last half of Les Mis was kind of a snoozer.
But the first half was excellent.
VERONICA: I haven't seen it yet.
Because I tried to go and I couldn't see it.
KIALA: It is just the sobbiest sobb, sobb, sobby sobby.
Everyone in the entire theater is just crying out loud.
VERONICA: We saw Book of Mormon last night.
It was pretty good.
KIALA: Oh, was it funny?
VERONICA: It was really funny.
It was really funny.
BONNIE: Hey Felicia, when you said that Anne Hathaway should
win the Oscar, I thought you meant for Catwoman.
FELICIA: I think half the people that follow me on
Twitter actually believe that.
KIALA: She was really good in Batman.
VERONICA: She was good.
Guys, before we wrap up, there was a couple of questions
because I think we've done Dragon Actually, all right?
You guys will know what you're going to get into when you get
Dragon Actually.
There are a couple of just general questions people
posted on the thread.
This is our year anniversary.
Well I guess next month.
We started in January.
And this is the end of the year.
So as a couple of reflection questions, what would your new
year Vaginal Fantasy resolution be?
KIALA: To drink more.
KIALA: I don't know.

Maybe I will try to always read The Ultimate.
Because I really have no excuse not to read it.
Oh that's a good one.
I'm going to try to pick more books that I
haven't read before.
Oh I want to poll the forums more.
Because these were forum picks.
You guys voted on the forums.
So I'm thinking maybe every other month
we'll do you guys pick.
I don't know.
KIALA: Yeah I think that would be great.
VERONICA: That's a good idea.
FELICIA: Because I always feel such incredible guilt.
We all picked one in a month.
And you feel like you disappointed your friends.
It's like, oh no.
People don't like my book.
FELICIA: It takes such pressure.
So I think if we do every other month the forum gets to
pick the books.
Oh and actually next month is a forum pick as well.
Because it didn't go with this one as an alt.
So I picked one and three and then number two is going to be
the book next month.
BONNIE: I think it's a good idea because when we do our
meetups, well when Veronica and I did the meetup in San
Francisco, everyone that was there had really good
suggestions of books we should read.
And so I feel like leaving it up to the
forums is a good idea.
FELICIA: Yeah and it might be best to have people be able to
do write-ins and see what people are voting for.
It'll just be a public discourse over the month.
So that way even if you don't have one to volunteer other
people can write one in and post it.
You could change your vote too to see.
So we'll be able to have a really good process where it's
not a surprise.
So that will be my--
Also, what was your favorite book of the year?
And were there any books that you regretted
reading this year?
You mean from our group or just in general?
FELICIA: Just in general.
VERONICA: The worst book.
Oh that's hard.
There were some stinkers.
KIALA: Yeah.
FELICIA: I feel the most bad about that sci-fi one, the
Linnea Sinclair one.
KIALA: That's the one I was thinking about.
The space one?
FELICIA: Yeah because that was such a bad book and she's a
much better author than that.
And I wish I had picked the book that I wanted to pick,
Hope's Folly, because that is a great book and we would all
have enjoyed it more.
And I picked her first book because I was worried about
continuity which didn't really apply either.
And I picked one that didn't represent her as an author as
well as I could have.
VERONICA: Yeah I can't think of which one
was my least favorite.
That was up there.
That was up there.
But I think that my resolution is going to be to make sure I
take more notes on lines and things that I like while I'm
reading so I can call them out later on the show.
And also to really practice with my casting.
I've got to get on the casting.
BONNIE: You don't have to do that, Veronica.
That's just something I do.
VERONICA: I actually get anxiety the day of the show.
I'm like, I haven't thought of any casting.
BONNIE: That's why I like Pinterest because if you want,
when you're on Pinterest you just pin hot guys that you
think would work well.
And then you have this already ready to go so when we do Vag
Fan you can just look at it and go, oh that guy.
No it's a very nice board you have there.
I have to say, I was like, oh.
This could solve a lot of my problems.

BONNIE: If any of you follow me on Pinterest you'll see
that I have a Benedict Cumberbatch problem.
And on Tumbler.
BONNIE: And on Tumbler.
KIALA: Thanks a lot.
My Tumbler dash is all Cumberbatch all the time
because [INAUDIBLE].
BONNIE: Sorry.
I can't help it.
I'm so excited for Star Trek that I just--
I-- oh man.
FELICIA: Oh did you have casting for Dragon Actually?
I had casting.
BONNIE: Well let's see.
What's your casting?
FELICIA: Jessica Biel and The Rock.
VERONICA: I love The Rock.
I love The Rock.
FELICIA: I was just like, I want to see them.
They're amazing.
They're both amazing.
VERONICA: What's that new movie he's going
to be in with Marky--
KIALA: Mark Whalberg.
FELICIA: Yeah Mark Whalberg.
KIALA: I forget what it's called.
VERONICA: Marky-Mark.
KIALA: Or Fighters.
BONNIE: I have a hard time picturing what the dragon
should-- hmm.
I think the guy maybe from Arrow but with long hair.
FELICIA: Oh, with '80s hair?
With '80s hair.
But '80s hair is such a turn off for me with guys if it's
not like John Cusack, feathered hair.
KIALA: What if it was just like Adrian Paul from
Highlander, the series?
FELICIA: A comment on the forums that made me laugh a
lot about Dragon Actually, Megan says, it was like the
author watched Dragon Heart and thought, you know what
this needs?
More nipples.
And for Dennis Quaid to be a woman.
That's a good idea.
Or not even Dragon Heart.
What's the other one with Christian Bale?
KIALA: Oh, Rain of Fire.
Rain of Fire.
BONNIE: I love that movie.
KIALA: That's a really good movie.
FELICIA: It's amazingly bad and amazing.
Why don't they make more movies like that?
BONNIE: I know, right?
I miss dragon movies.
KIALA: Oh, and Christian Bale as the dragon would be nice.
That's what I was thinking because of that movie.
KIALA: Because he's got the beard.
Like a scruffy, scruffy Christian Bale.
I don't know.
I like dragon movies.
I wish they'd make more.
FELICIA: They should.
It's a really high quality choice.
There needs to be more everything like that.
BONNIE: So my Vaginal Fantasy goal this year.
Don't focus so much on the comments, I guess, on our
YouTube channel.
Even though I'm programmed to answer every question.
I'll try not to take things personally when the people
tell me to shut my big old face.
And I don't really have a least favorite book.
Because even the crappy books we've read for Vag Fan I've
liked them because you've gotten me to read more.
So I'm just thankful that I'm reading more.
And then I'm just thankful that I'm in this group and
that I got you guys all to read Cthulhurotica.
FELICIA: That was a good pick.
KIALA: Yeah and I enjoyed that.
Oh also I'm going to talk more.

I'm trying.
FELICIA: Your hair looks excellent too
today, by the way.
Thank you.
BONNIE: It does.
FELICIA: You're quite welcome.
OK we're going to wrap it up.
Next month's hangout is on January 29 at 8 PM.
We're going back to Tuesday nights.
Although this afternoon was kind of fun actually.
BONNIE: I like this.
VERONICA: It was fun.
KIALA: It was nice.
And good lighting.
FELICIA: Yeah it's very good lighting.
We're all very alert.
And then a lot of people in Europe were able to tune in
for the first time.
VERONICA: The problem is now that I'm drunk at 3 o'clock in
the afternoon.
KIALA: Yeah me too.
BONNIE: Honestly, I'm glad that we did this because I
like seeing you guys in daylight.
And also the fact that all of our UK and Europe fans get to
watch us because I'm a huge Anglophile so
that's kind of hot.
FELICIA: Well if you guys start a thread on the forums
about the time we could talk amongst ourselves if there's
any flexibility with moving.
Just start a thread on the forums and we'll discuss it.
And then our next month's book is the number two polled pick
that you guys voted for this month.
It is Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon which is being
adapted by Ron Moore for a TV show which is kind of cool.
And as an alt pick, I picked In Bed With A Highlander by
Maya Banks.
Extremely smutty.
BONNIE: Really?
FELICIA: Well Outlander is such a meaty book.
It's kind of like Crucial Start.
I don't know if we'll actually get to the alt to discuss it
because Outlander is pretty thick and intense.
But I'll try.
But anyway, for you guys' enjoyment, it's a much less
serious version of the Highlander.

BONNIE: The author of Outlander is pretty excited
that we're reading it for Vag Fan too.
FELICIA: Oh really?
Oh that's great.
VERONICA: No pressure.
KIALA: I've always wanted to read this book too.
I've picked it up so many times since I was like 17.
Has it been out that long?
I don't know.
I'm old.
Well thanks you guys.
We'll see you next month, January 29.
VERONICA: I've got go hang out with [INAUDIBLE].
And [INAUDIBLE] too.
FELICIA: Oh yeah.
All right bye guys!
KIALA: Goodbye.