YouTube 2010 Midterm Debate Series

Uploaded by citizentube on 29.10.2010


In the 2010 U.S. election, Google and YouTube partnered on
a series of debates in key races across the country to
empower citizens to ask questions directly
to the candidates.
Hundreds of questions were submitted through the Google
moderator on YouTube platform, and thousands of votes were
cast by citizens to determine which questions
should be asked.
What would you do to make college tuition more affordable
to college students?
During this recession, a lot of businesses have had to
locate or remove their wasteful spending.
Can we do that at the state level too?
The debates were streamed live on YouTube and
aired on broadcast.
Well Lance, I've got great news for you.
We've just completed the largest government
reorganization and reform initiative in the
history of our state.
I'd like to remind everybody that YouTube has partnered
with the Nevada Broadcasters Association in providing
issues for the candidates.
So far there's been 50,000 hits on the YouTube website.
Google Moderator on YouTube has democratized the political
discussion and made YouTube the place where anyone can create a
robust and democratic debate.