Dietitians Dish on Fast Food and Your Preschooler: How Much and Healthy Choices

Uploaded by hnhucommunications on 07.09.2012

Fast food is often high in calories, fat, sugar and salt which can be bad for the health
of your preschooler. Limit the amount of times your preschooler eats fast food.
When you do eat out, make healthier choices such as:
Drinking milk or water instead of pop, asking for a salad, veggies or cut up fruit as a
side instead of French fries. Try ordering grilled meat or another lean meat instead
of breaded or deep fried foods like chicken nuggets and try to also order whole grains
when you can. You can also try sharing a meal so you end up eating less or not ordering
a dessert. Did you know that fruit is often referred
to as nature's fast food? You just grab and go! So make sure your kitchen is stocked
with healthy snacks like fresh cut up fruit, cut up veggies, trail mix, yogurt or whole
grain crackers. For more information check out our website
and other videos in this series.