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For more than one hundred years,
Europe has trembled under the attacks of the Ottoman armies.
Sultan Murad III urges his troops to Vienna,
under Sinan Pasha's command,
to defeat the last obstacle between them and a divided Europe.
As a miracle repeating over and over along the centuries,
these armies have to face three insignificant principalities:
Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia.
All three would play a crucial role in this battle.
In these troubled times, a man would rise in the right place,
to fulfill its destiny.
Patrascu's son was meant to perish, to flea or to win the battle,
to become a prince.
Eat, milords!
Feed yourselves! I see you're weak!
Or maybe you don't enjoy my lunch.
Of course we do!
- Is it good? - Yes, it is!
Do you hear me, Pavel? This will teach you to rise against me again!
Spike him!
- Eat! Don't you like it? - Of course we do, Your Highness.
They're afraid of me. But it's the only way, in these times.
I am faithful to you, Selim Pasha. Tell it to the mighty sultan!
I gave you two charriots full of healthy children.
I know we don't have do it anymore, but...
I'd give you two charriots of gold,
if you gave me you know whose head.
What if he deserves more?
Voivode Alexandru has forgiven you!
No. As I haven't forgiven him.
Michael, I was always your shadow. I did what you wanted me to do.
Our home has turned to ashes. We are hiding abroad.
The voivode has put a price on your head. Where wil it end?
I'll go all the way, Stanca, no matter where it may lead me.
Alexandru's men are after me. I stopped just for a moment.
Where's Nicolae?
- I hid him. - Where?
- I'll take him with me. - No.
His life is in danger. Alexandru will want revenge, if he sees I'm gone.
- No. You can't have him. - I'm not used to this kind of words.
You should learn. You've taken everything from me, Michael.
Even if you succeed,
you can't give me back my serene and short happiness.
Don't worry! No one will touch my son. Not even you.
Especially you.
As you have risen against him,
voivode Alexandru has ordered your capture, general of Craiova!
Not inside the church.
I fear a trap.
You're handsome, but stupid, Hassan.
Don't you understand? I made a promise.
There's too much silence.
They, too, feel something in the air.
Selim Pasha...
The Buzesti brothers...
You're right on time, Mihal. How did you get away?
It was easy, Selim.
Radu... Father Stoica... Brothers, let them pass this time!
Only this time.
But without the children!
Nobody move!
For the love of me, let them pass with what they have!
These are children from our land.
Why, Michael?
Without his help, I can't go to Istanbul.
I know him well enough to know he never let his pray loose.
Selim is my childhood friend. Please, let him pass!
Make way! Let them pass!
You, too, have sold them your soul. The son of voivode Patrascu...
You don't care about anything! You want the throne at any cost!
You'd cover yourself in shame! I damn you for all eternity!
You stand and watch your foe mocking your people!
Don't curse me, mother!
The Prophet's teachings are great, but I still don't understand.
Why do you need to rule over such a wretched country?
I want to be the mightiest man in this country.
Mihal, my friend... Here, we are the mightiest of all.
Look at me!
Which one of you is stronger?
Does anyone dare fight him?
You! Come here!
Do you want this knife?
Yes, sir.
- You have to earn it. - I will, sir!
Punch him!
Beat him!
Do as I tell you!
Do as I tell you!
Now you beat him!
Get up!
Kill him!
These are my children, Mihal.
What's your name?
Hassan. Before, when I was ugly and dirty, it was Ionica.
Now it's Hassan. You can kill me, you're still an unfaithful to me.
You learned to contain yourself, but not entirely.
Had I not loved you, I would've had to kill you.
Maybe you'll be sorry you didn't do it.
You haven't changed, Mihal.
- Selim, I want to ask you something. - I'm listening.
Why did you join Sinan Pasha's army?
Allah whispered to me that one day I could become grand vizier.
You're dreaming, Selim.
Mihal, will your uncle lani give you the money?
I don't know.
Two days ago, Alexandru offered me two charriots of gold for your head,
and now I'm losing mine, going along with you.
Allah didn't give me the brains my mother would've wanted him to.
This one will make us rich.
If he's willing to pay this much, how much money does he make?
Let him pay! We'll settle later.
Mihal! Alexandru's here.
Lani, give him whatever he asks for!
Think again, Michali! This is a great deal of money.
No. We'll pay what he asks.
Come on! Move! Get out!
We need another 300000 coins.
I gave you my entire wealth. I swear on my beard!
- I'll pay you back. - Yes, but you know how it goes...
520000 coins in all. This means 543000, interest included.
- I told you it's not enough. - Sign here!
I talked to Di Ventini, the richest banker of the Genovese quarter.
- He's waiting for you. - Di Ventini...
- You won't see a coin from him. - Why, Selim? How do you know?
He won't pay even his respects.
I'm sorry, Signor Michele, but I'm afraid I have to say no.
This is prince Michele.
If there is any other problem, I am your humble servant.
Rosana, you entertain the prince!
My brother Carlo is the image of our much praised impetuosity.
I am Rosana.
I'm curious... Could you tell me the subject of your conversation?
I'm sure you heard everything, contessina.
It's so exciting to see men fight for their goals!
You then start to see their weak points, their touching side.
You didn't plea for your cause too well.
- I'm not used to asking. - Then how will you get anything?
I've been living here for many years. It's a strange world.
The shortest way is never the right one.
A smile may bring death, while a frowning, life.
Let me ask you something! How old are you,contessina?
Prince... Is the house of Di Ventini your last option?
- What if you don't get the money? - I die.
You don't seem a man of simple judgements.
ContessinaRosana, have you ever thought
that there are men who wait to watch the sun?
For them, this moment may never come, but they still are trying.
What did the dame say? She's the one who runs the business.
What did she say? Tell me word for word!
- She said this was a strange world. - Will she give you the money?
I don't know. She didn't say anything.
- Is she beautiful? - Why?
This means you've grown older than me.
Mihal, think it over! We still may leave tomorrow, alive and well.
My money...
Ventini afendi...
Please, come in, Your Excellency!
Signorina contessa, I'm your humble servant.
My sister was so curious to see your true oriental decorations,
that she convinced me to take her with me.
Today I tried to look at the sun. It's hard.
- My eyes were full of tears. - Thank you,contessina.
Signor principe,our house thanks you for your demand.
Our mild doubts had nothing to do with you.
I tossed and turned in my bed all night long.
If Alexandru pays Sinan Pasha a greater sum,
it's your head the sultan will cut off, dear nephew!
Look at him, pig! Woe to us!
Sinan Pasha agreed to take your money. He wants to see you.
You should barely speak. He's wreckless and moody.
You mizerable sod!
Is this him?
Young man, where do you think you are? At the Court of Rome?
Before the mighty sultan, you bow to the ground and kiss his slipper.
Let me see you!
Right... That's it. Rise!
You made a good first impression. I heard good things about you.
You walk in fear of God, you are rich...
I heard very bad things about your rival Alexandru.
We learned some proof about his betrayal to the great sultan.
But... you may not be to his liking, either.
Your Highness, we did everything to please the almighty sultan.
Did anyone ask you anything? Let's go!
We don't know what the thoughts of this man are,
while Alexandru has always submitted to us.
There's Alexandru!
Dear Christ... Help us, Virgin Mary!
Only Allah can help you here.
Have mercy on me, almighty!
Have mercy, great sultan!
The hearing's over.
Wait! Stay a little longer!
Leave us alone!
Come with me!
I like you. Here, all you see is crawling backs,
even those who have the hoofs of their horses full of Europe's dust.
But I could've not liked you.
How could you dare?
We only have one life, almighty sultan!
Right... Too bad!
Master! Have mercy on me! Almighty sultan!
Murad! You'll be sorry!
You'll be sorry to have chosen him!
Mihal bey,
what do you think is Allah's most precious gift to man?
- Life. - You couldn't have said otherwise.
You're too insignificant.
You'll be reigning over a small land.
One day, your lords will bribe my men, as you did,
and I will give the order.
Man's greatest gift is power, Mihal.
The most precious one and the most tiresome.
- Listen! - I'm listening, almighty one.
When you leave, you'll be a poor prince of some small country.
Your neighbours will humiliate you, you'll fear us... Stay here!
When young, Sinan was a Christian, too.
I'll give you an army and then you'll know what power is.
What do you say?
I'm not an army man and I don't want to disappoint you.
- I care too much for my head. - Too bad!
Allah will sometimes put petty souls into strong bodies.
- What was Alexandru shouting? - That you'll be sorry you chose me.
You don't care too much for your head.
Indeed, I may be sorry one day that I chose you.
Why don't you get in, your Highness? Everybody wants to meet you.
I came here to thank you. I must leave.
- I'm sorry. - Why did you help me?
You're not like the people that usually ask us for money.
I was impressed to see that you didn't know how to beg.
- Do you know where my country is? - Now I do. East of Transylvania.
I'll be travelling there soon, at Alba lulia.
A friend of mine, Christina von Habsburg,
is getting married to prince Sigismund.
I'll be close to your country
and, normally, I want to know what happens to my money.
I'm talking nonsense. I'd very much like to know your country.
Bucharest - December 1594
- We've been robbed! - Give us our money!
They locked the gates!
They robbed us! They must pay their debt!
Why are you laughing?
I barely saw my father. We've been hiding, he was on the road...
I don't even know if I can recognize him, dressed like a prince.
He got to the throne with our money!
Pay your debts!
Give us our money! You robbed us, you thieves!
Give us our money, you thieves!
Let him come outside and pay his debt!
Be courageous!
I'm glad I find you in good health, Your Highness.
What kind of a ruler is he? He never pays his debts!
- He's hiding! - Michael, what's going on?
Who are these men? Why are they shouting?
You're imagining things, Stanca.
- Nicolae! - Preda!
- I'm so glad to see you! - Nicolae!
Welcome! Come with me!
Present our son to the Lords' Council!
Wait! You don't need these trinkles.
Don't you have anything to say to me?
I missed you, Stanca. I waited for your arrival.
Thank you, especially because it's not true.
You put your life at risk for this throne, Michael.
Was it worth...
Milady, your rooms are ready.
- Radu! - Enough! Silence! Stop whining!
I want to know if you give me the money or not.
We've already done it once. We're wondering...
What, Filimon? Do you or don't you have money for the Turks?
What about the gold coins I gave you?
You're buying weapons, but never pay the tribute.
Who spoke?
I am too dumb to speak, but, if we can, we'll pray...
Pray in church, milord, for forgiveness!
The Turks don't forget about their tribuite.
We're a cursed country, Your Highness. We're poor.
- What did you decide? - We're with you, Your Highness.
Stand straight, Nicolae!
What do you say?
Buzesti! Selim bey is free to enter wherever he wants.
He should see how faithful we are to the great sultan.
Faithful? You haven't paid the legal tribute for six months.
The soldiers who guard your throne didn't receive their pay.
Sinan Pasha is upset. This is why I'm here.
The country is poor, Selim bey.
Didn't you know it when you asked to be prince?
Selim Pasha...
Even though some lords don't want to pay anything,
all the debts of my country will be paid today.
We have gathered the money in the house of the brothers Buzesti.
I want to please everybody. Announce the crowd!
- You came a long way, Selim. - A very long way, Mihal.
Is it ready?
Yes. Do come in! We'll pay for everything!
Thank you.
- He lives in fear of the Turks. - You said it!
If it weren't for them...
I was ordered to speak to you like this and this is what I did.
You can kill me, Mihal, but I don't know why you wanted to rule here.
I know what you're worth. Earlier, I was talking to the prince,
not to my friend.
I know, Selim. I thank you for this.
To the charriots!
I liked it! Now I recognize you!
Like in the old days!
Jump, Selim!
Selim, take your horse, go to Sinan and tell him what you saw!
You are free. You talked to me in two different ways. I answered the same.
What is it, Radu?
It's the house we were born in, Your Highness. But we are glad.
Don't worry! It was old, anyway.
Long live the prince!
Forgive me, son, for not trusting you.
- I'm sorry. - What did you think, mother?
Is this what you think of me? That I can sell my country?
And you? What did you think? That I, voivode Michael,
would drink this cup of shame to the last drop?
From this day on, I free myself in front of God and you
of any debt and submission!
And I will free all those who are with me!
We have our life and our honour!
Wake up! We've been sleeping too long!
The existence of a wall between us and the Ottoman Empire is mandatory.
The territory of the 3 principalities must come to our attention.
As we appreciate the determination and noble courage
of Sigismund Bathory, prince of Transylvania,
who cast away the Ottoman rule and became our precious vassal,
we chose our nephew, archduchess Maria Christina de Gratz,
to be the valliant prince's wife.
Calm down, Sigismund!
This marriage is to show the world we want to make the prince...
My dear cousin, if my adhesion to the Christian cause
forces me to suffer the martyrdom of this marriage...
General Basta will ensure with our troops Transylvania's independence.
Will the general explain his strategy for the other two principalities:
Wallachia and Moldavia. Herr general...
Your Majesty...
I'm happy.
I've always dreamt of becoming a humble protector of the cross,
of giving my life in revenge of the sacred wounds of our Saviour.
This day...
Dear Boris, the fate of our coalition is sealed.
The fate of the two neighbouring countries is of great concern to me.
Here are the messengers of prince Aron of Moldavia,
who announced that they accepted to be vassals of Transylvania.
You'll make friends with the devil, to meet your goal.
I will properly settle things with Wallachia.
This young man walks on my nerves.
Prince Sigismund, don't forget Wallachia is under Turkish rule.
Does Your Majesty think Murad would invade Wallachia?
In his place, wouldn't we do the same?
What do you know about the new prince...
...Michael Patrascu?
He's a most unreliable character, Your Majesty.
With money and shrewdness, he bought the throne from Sinan,
whom he seems to be friends with.
He has recently paid his creditors by setting them on fire, like boars.
What can we think of a man who meets his commitments in such a manner?
He's an adventurer.
He wants to gather money and leave for a quiet corner of Europe.
Your Eminency, we are glad you are so well informed.
What other details do you know, general Basta?
Your Majesty, as a tactician, I'm interested in two things:
Our enemy and our ally.
I understand prince Sigismund wants Wallachia to be our battle ground.
We must protect the dwellings of the civilized world, Your Majesty.
Wallachia is a country only by name. It has no master.
Cernavoda and Zimnicea
Nicopole and Vidin
Get up, Preda! There's more 'till Istanbul.
Down with your weapons!
On your knees!
- Preda! - I'm here, milord!
- Preda, do you remember your Latin? - Yes. I learned it in Padua.
Let me hear you!
Good... Tonight you will prepare for a long journey.
- Milord... Now, when... - Preda Buzescu!
Tonight you're leaving for Rome.
Your deeds are worthy of your Roman ancestors.
Tell the valliant prince Michael
that he is not facing alone this pagan Goliath.
Can we then count on the help of the Holy Roman Church?
The Romans were famed for their practicality.
I'm glad to see this virtue has not wasted away.
Tell prince Michael
that the Holy Roman Church will support his actions
not only through its warm prayers, but with all its financial might.
How can I interpret these precious words, Holy Father?
I see why you're saying this.
The army of Rudolph of Austria will join you at the soonest.
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, amen.
As for us, my son... Big words, but petty interests!
I can assure the Holy Father that I'm in great difficulty.
I could bearly soothe the pure passion of prince Sigismund.
- But general Basta's ambitions... - Plots and childish pride!
You've been everywhere,
but you never said a word about this Wallachian prince.
Your Holiness, all our reports saw him as faithful to the Turks.
He seemed unreliable.
This unreliable man makes his way to Istanbul by sword, Your Eminence.
You will go His Majesty king Rudolph and you will see that Basta's army
leaves right now to the help of prince Michael.
Benedico te.
Stanesti and Serpatesti
What is this?
- Selim Pasha's coming. - Selim Pasha? How dare he?
How can you have the courage to come to my face?
You bastard! You had the nerve to tell me you knew him.
- Didn't you ever suspect anything? - No.
Then, you're a fool.
- What do you think he'll do? - He's cunning and swift.
He'll fight us until the end. If he gets help...
He will conquer Istanbul, before I get the chance to be there.
And I wander through these sands... It's only your fault!
Who sent you here?
The almighty sultan is waiting for you in Istanbul, the soonest.
What about you?
The great sultan made me head of the armies that fight in Persia.
Go get them, brothers!
My God, father... So much water!
It's salty!
Prague, 1595
It was just the right moment. Sinan was busy fighting in Persia.
The Wallachians' attack took the Turks by surprise.
General, you explain everything in such a crude manner! Funny...
Didn't you invite this prince to the Council's round table?
I, for one, cannot trust him.
His victories are the result of hazard.
- Your Eminency, what do you think? - The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Indeed. This unreliable man who used to pay tribute to the Turks
has amazed the entire Europe. We must help him.
Allow me to take leave, Your Majesty.
A brilliant tactician with the pride of a child!
The mere idea of another's success makes him hate him,
even if he doesn't know him.
What is the Holy Father's advice to me?
Your Majesty, this time I bring you the gold promised to the Holy League,
to gather an army against the pagans.
You should've told me this great news at the beginning of our hearing.
I must confess this is a most pleasant surprise.
I'm happy I can be of some use to you, Your Majesty.
- Still, I'm worried. - I'm listening, Your Eminency.
Do you think we can trust this stranger with the gold
that the Holy Roman Church wishes to donate to the Crusade?
I was thinking that prince Sigismund was the most...
Don't get me wrong! I won't have it.
I'm not that mad as to give the much awaited money to the first comer.
We will organize an army. You will go meet prince Michael.
You will crawl inside his soul, a primitive one, I suppose,
and you will give us details and then we will decide.
I'm anxious to see prince Michael among so many heroes!
I have the feeling I see scenes from the Iliad.
Your Highness... Our Holy Father sends you this cross,
as a sign of that which you are fighting for.
When will the army arrive?
Preparations are almost ready.
The Holy Father and Emperor Rudolph decided to give you all the support
you asked for.
The great general Basta will join swords with your invincible army.
- In five months. - Five months?
You're too great a tactician, not to see that such an attack takes time.
Look over there, Your Eminency!
And there. Do you know what these warriors expect? To raise my arm
and tell them that 10,000 mighty soldiers came to their help.
Then, they would howl for joy and bring down the walls of Istanbul!
With or without Basta, I would have been there in a week.
- Preda! - Yes, milord!
Call the men! We're going home.
How, milord?
If I hear another word, I'll cut your head off!
Your Eminency, maybe I was wrong to ask for help in Rome.
You're the cousin of prince Sigismund.
Do you think he would agree to help me keep the Turks to the Danube,
until the Christian army gathers up?
You were right to think about your Transylvanian brother.
You'd better ask him personally. I will bless the friendship
between two princes reigning over two neighbouring countries.
Then, we'll leave together.
The noble count Gaspar Cornis, great champion of the Hussars,
is honoured to fight against the prince of Transylvania,
count of the Székely people and ruler over part of the Hungarian country,
Sigismund of Bathory!
I dedicate my battle
to the noble lady, the archduchess Maria Christina of Austria,
my beloved fiancée, whom I think of as most beautiful and pure,
and I will fight to prove it.
I hope that, after our wedding,
the prince will find a better way to waste his energy.
- Do you love him? - He's nice, but he's childish.
You talk to your prince! He's awful. Do you think he can speak?
Anyway, he knew.
Your Highness, today it's sunny, the colours are shining...
Won't you smile?
You're right. I was deep in my thoughts.
Forgive me! I didn't want to upset you.
I don't have this right, Rosana. I owe you money.
Had we been to Bucharest, would you have set me on fire?
- What kind of a man is Sigismund? - He's the way you see him.
Had I taken him out with a pole, he wouldn't have stood up.
Michael of Wallachia!
I'd like us to start our friendship with a chivalrous contest!
Don't say yes! For Christ's sake!
My dear friend, we are not here to fight and have fun.
Your Highness, fighting with the lance is a knight's pride.
I thank you for making me this honour, Sigismund.
Don't, Michael!
Prince Sigismund of Bathory, never beaten!
He will face prince Michael of Wallachia!
- Dear God, help him! - Who's he?
Voivode Michael, the one who beats the Turks.
You can't compete without a helmet! It's against the rules!
Let's hope God will teach him a lesson. It'd be best for everyone.
You can't do it! It's against the rules!
Go on!
He asked for it.
Rosana Di Ventini, you never told me anything!
Are you all right? Anything broken?
No. I'm fine.
You're crazy. Don't you know he did it for you?
- My God! You shook him hard! - He bit the dust! He asked for it.
Your Highness, no matter how much my pride has to suffer,
I'm honoured to shake your hand.
- You deserved this victory. - It was an accident.
No! Please! You proved to be a fine handler of the lance.
Milord... We don't have time to fight between us, but with the Turks.
And another thing: They are excellent lancers.
A very subtle politician... Brave as Achilles and shrewd as Ullyses!
I get it, although my cousin the cardinal says I miss subtleties.
You know what? Let's have our talk right here!
It's nice here. It smells like horses.
And strong men. I feel I'm your friend now. Let me speak as such!
I studied your proposals and I agree to them.
May God be with us! Sigismund, I'll tell you something you don't know.
The Turks can be defeated.
My dear friend... Always the same! Right to the point.
I want to ask you... Can you beat them all by yourself?
No. That's why I'm here.
I wouldn't want to offend you.
But, for those who can help you, what are you?
- I'm myself. - No, my dear friend.
I'll tell you once again, even if we had to fight again.
You're nothing. Most of the people never heard of your country.
I know you could kill me for these words.
What are your relations to the European courts?
To count on Rudolph's help, I, Sigismund of Bathory,
have to marry his niece! Compared to her, Lucrezia Borgia's a saint!
- How many men do you have? - All the men in the country.
Please... Let's forget about these big words!
I know you're in pain. You're proud.
Have you ever received any help,
except for the cross that my cousin asked me to send you?
So, it was from you.
We were all wondering who this Michael was and how he was like.
Was he a man or was he half bear?
The king of Spain doesn't know his own empire,
and you want him to know you?
Face the reality! Your actions must be supported by a name
that is a guarantee for all European kings!
- That is, your name, Sigismund. - Right.
To the entire Christian world,
the house of Bathory and that of Habsburg
are your only guarantee.
But, if your pride goes before the interest of your country...
Think it over!
Together with the entire transalpine Wallachia, with all its virtues,
and under the merciful and deep protection
of the most praised prince of Transylvania, Sigismund Bathory,
we, voivode ruling over this country, receive his gracious protection.
Our common purpose is to fight against the wretched Crescent.
May God help us!
Here signs, God willing, the prince of the Sacred Roman Empire,
of Transylvania, Moldavia and transalpine Wallachia,
count of the Szekely people and ruler of part of Hungaria,
Sigismund Bathory.
Here signs our representative Michael Patrascu,
our beloved faithful ally.
What was worse is over. Now you can count on our full support.
Gentlemen... Let's celebrate!
With all these ceremonies, I didn't get the chance to congratulate you
for your many victories. If I ever get the chance,
I will be happy to give you the command of my cavalry.
Go to hell!
I wouldn't have believed it possible...
All my hopes were with His Highness Michael...
I was hoping he'd remember us Romanians here,
for we are under fierce oppression, milords...
Shut up, man!
I was afraid you'd left.
You're so sad, Michael.
May God have mercy on him, if he doesn't keep his word!
I will be the end of him. He'll curse the hour he met me.
What about you, Rosana?
I've been waiting so much to see you!
I imagined our meeting in a hundred ways.
I must tell you...
Will we ever see each other again?
If you stay here, yes.
I want to speak to Selim Pasha!
What's the name of the river in front of us?
Romanians call it Neajlov.
How many men and cannons do they have?
About 16,000 men and 20 cannons.
Tell me, Selim Pasha... Did you think I'd fight the Wallachian,
while you played the hero in Persia?
Yes, Sinan Pasha. That's what I thought.
Do you remember you brought him to the Court, to take over his throne?
It's been a long time, but I remember.
Tomorrow you will wash away this shame.
Allah be with us!
What's this noise?
Mosquitos. We're in swamp land, Your Grace.
I want to ask you something.
Do you want me to make you a metropolitan?
No. I want to stay with the army.
I don't want you to regret one day that we joined our fate, father.
- The Lord is stronger and wiser. - Maybe, but this is what I want.
Father, guess who's here!
Stanca... You, here?
I brought you another 300 horsemen from Oltenia. I knew you'd need them.
You're so brave, Stanca! As always.
Nicolae, my son, go to sleep! We have a hard day tomorrow.
- You look worried. - No... I'm just sad.
They let me down again.
I humiliated myself in front of that lier Sigismund!
I thought he was a Christian, just like me.
I thought we'd need one another in front of our ennemy.
I was wrong. We have an old saying:
"Better an enemy, than a friend who's a lier."
Where did you find 300 horsemen?
I gathered them how I could, then I bought weapons and horses.
I want to ask you something.
- Can I do anything for you? Yes. It's very important.
- I know that... - Nicolae.
Yes, Nicolae. Let me take him away!
Only God knows how tomorrow will end.
He's our child. Your heir.
Go, Stanca! Do what you want! Maybe it's my fate to be left alone.
The Transylvanians are here.
Count Kiraly!
Your Highness...
Do you think it was wise to choose such an uncomfortable place?
How many men did you bring, Your Excellency?
500 Szekely men.
My prince and your ruler
is disappointed that he couldn't bring his army.
But he is now in Alba lulia, where he is celebrating his wedding
with the duchess Maria Christina of Austria.
500 men? Is this the promised help?
Your Highness, my experience as a warrior is greater than you think.
I'm fed up with talks and promises!
Father Stoica, show the count where he can place his men!
Milord, I'm knight Tompa. You can cut my head off,
but it's not my fault.
It's that one... May the Devil take him!
We, the Szekely men, we'll fight with your 'till death.
We know you. We heard a lot about your reign.
All right, Tompa. Thank you.
Tomorrow, my sweet wife, you will see a most wonderful tournament.
I hope you'll have enough energy left, to be a winner.
I'm impressed by your cold attitude in front of all these beauties.
You have the most troubling beauty I've ever seen.
I'd give my principality, in exchange for your good will.
Your Highness, in politics, deceit may be a virtue.
In love, though, it's the emblem of the weak.
As beautiful as rich and merciless!
In fact, I'd forgotten your heart belonged to our valliant Wallachian.
Our vassal...
Poor Kiraly! Who knows where he is now?
I don't see why we sent him there. With or without him,
the Wallachians will lose the battle.
And, if he wins, who'll rise up to his pride?
Win? How do you think that the Wallachian could crush Sinan?
Don't get excited, gentlemen! No matter what the outcome,
we are still the true winners.
- We? - Your Eminency, we planned it all.
Have you forgotten that the Wallachian is my vassal?
His victory will make the entire Europe know the bravery of my troops.
If he wins, Sinan will pay dearly.
His weakend army will have less chances in a battle with us.
Indeed! He'd even have to build garrisons in the conquered towns.
Sheikban Pasha!
You'll take the command of the centre.
You'll charge the bridge with the Janissaries of the first line.
It must look like the ultimate attack.
I'll send the second line in your support.
You'll go on attacking him 1,000 steps beyond the bridge,
then you'll fall back, as if defeated.
You must lure the Wallachian to this other side of the bridge.
Mustafa Pasha!
You'll leave the Wallachian 1,000 steps from this side of the bridge.
Then, you'll charge along the river with your right wing.
Rumelia's armies led by Hassan Pasha will do the same thing on the left.
Then, we'll catch him in a clasp.
You may go.
If the Wallachian crosses the bridge, he will fall in our trap.
Satargi Pasha, you stay as reserve, behind the hill.
And you, Selim Pasha, will stay with me.
Anything against it?
No, Your Grace.
I haven't seen so many Turks in all my life.
They're like the leaves of grass.
If the Turks cross the bridge, you strike on the side, to the right.
I'll attack them on the left.
Father, you help the pedestrians! Don't go back a single step!
It is time. May God help us!
The second line and 20 cannons will enter the battle.
For the bridge, at my command! Charge!
Follow me, brave men!
Give the signal!
Don't cross the bridge! It's a trap!
Don't cross the bridge! Stop!
Do not cross the bridge!
The Wallachian is not stupid. Let all Pashas gather for council!
The Wallachian stopped at the bridge, but he moved all his troops.
He doesn't have any hidden armies.
Mustafa, you will make a wide detour with the Anatolian armies.
Then you will cross the Neajlov and, from the other side,
you'll strike the Wallachian army on the side.
We'll do the same on the left side,
with Rumelia's armies, led by Hassan Pasha.
The bridge will be under attack by the Janissaries and Spahis.
Get going!
The first round was a child's trap, plotted by Sinan.
The true battle begins now.
You'll fight too now, brothers! I call the Stone troops!
Let's go!
The Wallachian engaged all his forces in battle.
Now's the time for Hassan and Mustafa to attack.
You'll enter the battle and not give in one step.
Where's Hassan? Where's Mustafa? I'll cut their heads off!
Mustafa! Charge!
Fall back! You'll go back in order!
In order!
We lost. Let's fall back!
What? We came and saw everything, and now you want us to flea?
- I won't do this. - It's an order.
I won't listen to such orders. Come with me!
Your Spahi seized their cannons.
Where's that stupid Hassan?
This wretched swamp! We're lost.
Let's go round it!
What would you do, if you were me?
Do you think I'm too old to fight?
You're the one who's helpless, you with your damaged hand!
It's our turn.
Listen carefully!
We can still beat them.
Brothers Buzesti... And you! You will attack on the centre.
I'll come on the shore, towards the bridge.
And you, Cocea...
There's a hard time ahead of you.
All I ask of you is follow me! Don't you forget!
It's better to have an enemy in the ground, than in our country!
Follow me!
Your Grace... The Wallachian leads new troops.
They attacked us from one side at the bridge.
Shut up, you fool!
It's his last breath! Fight on!
He had less than 300 horsemen. Charge!
- What is this? - They went to our camp.
- We're lost! - Call the retreat!
Don't run away! Wait!
The Turks are running away! Don't give it up!
Fight, you brothers!
Follow me!
Sinan Pasha!
Sinan Pasha!
Help me, Selim!
Can I do it, with this damaged hand?
Or should I save the sultan's flag?
I promise you anything, if you save me!
Don't stand there! Help me!
Your Highness, I gathered the wounded.
All is ready. There's a wounded Turk who wants to speak to you.
My name's Ionica, milord. It will be until I die.
Let me be your faithful servant!
Take care of his foot and treat him with honour!
From now on, I want to see him at my side. Let's go!
So many dead, milord... Too many!
I know.
The Romanians will never forget this battle.
Nor will our enemies.
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