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Highlights of the news today Wednesday 19th December
BBC Told to Put More Gay Presenters on Childrenís TV
Anti-Islamic Fervour leads to hate crimes! Europeís most exotic city? Thatís a new
name for a multicultural hell hole! Spain Accused of ëAct of Warí Off Gibraltar
Pope Suggests Promoting Gay Unions Harms Justice & Peace
Is Germany in the Grip of Its Nazi Past Once More?
Vive la Dictatorships Worldwide courtesy of Obama!
Syrian war planes bomb Palestinian refugee camp
Cedar Lake, Indiana Spared Violent Massacre Thought for the Day ñ Aborting the not quite
normal? And finally ñ The worm has turned for this
UK NEWS BBC Told to Put More Gay Presenters on Childrenís
TV to ëFamiliariseí Youngsters with Different Sexualities. BBC childrenís programmes should
include more lesbian, gay and bisexual people, a report of the corporation recommends. A
panel of nine experts said youngsters should be introduced to sexual diversity in their
early years. While there has been a gradual increased in the representation of these people,
they remain ëstill relatively invisibleí in the media, they said.
The experts added that the BBC should be ëmore creative and bolder in its depiction of such
groups of people, taking care to steer clear of stereotypes.í The report concluded: ëThe
LGB [lesbian, gay and bisexual] experts feel that the BBC should seek to incorporate the
portrayal of LGB people within programming targeted at children, to familiarise audiences
through incidental portrayal from an early age. A W@8 reporter states ëHere we are again,
the School of Common Purpose in all its glory! Everybody sees too much of the so called alternative
lifestyle. No one minds what people do in the privacy of their own homes and lives,
but to have it aired to very young children at State level is bad, it will or indeed has
become the ënormalí more than the ëalternativeí lifestyle.í
Anti-Islamic Fervour leads to hate crimes! Britain is shedding the image that it is a
land of tolerance and acceptance. The growing anti-Islamic fervour gripping the country
has resulted in a number of incidents the police are investigating as hate crimes.
Unfortunately, all the so-called incidents hardly qualify as a crime, let alone a hate
crime. If Christians called the police about any
of these things, theyíd be laughed at. Bikya Masr an Islamic news site reports recent attack
on a home in Bingham has once again thrown the battle over tolerance and acceptance versus
hate to the forefront for Muslims in Britain. According to the BBC, graffiti was painted
on a Muslim familyís home after a ham cross was left on their doorstep recently.
Police officials in London told the perpetrators should be charged with hate
crimes. The offensive graffiti attacking Islam was painted on the family path last Saturday
morning and has left Muslims across the UK worried about a rise in violence directed
towards them. A W@8 writer commented ëWell you know what to do donít you?í
Europeís Most Exotic City? Portrayed a cold, wet and sometimes insular
place, Manchester is actually one of the most exotic cities in the world, researchers claim.
This is due to its cultural diversity, with at least 153 languages spoken. Two-thirds
of Mancunian school children are bilingual, with the number of languages likely to increase,
according to the study by Manchester University.
The city is more diverse than London, and rivalled only by New York and Paris for its
ethnic and linguistic mix, claims Professor Yaron Matras, who carried out the research.
ëManchesterís language diversity is higher than many countries in the world,í Professor
Matras said. ëIt is very likely to be the top of the list in Europe, certainly when
compared to other cities of its size.í With a population of 500,000, Manchester is
much smaller than London, where more than 300 languages are spoken by eight million
inhabitants. This presenter says I bet some people do not speak English at all in their
homes let alone be multi lingual!í
Home Secretary warns of Home Grown ëAnders Breivikí Style Attack
Theresa May revealed extra resources have been put in to monitoring the risk from right
wing extremists, especially from a ìlone wolfî fanatic.
She said concern has grown in the wake of the Norway attacks in July last year when
Breivik slaughtered 77 people, mainly youths at a Labour Youth camp. The spread of violent
right wing anarchy amid the fallout of the euro crisis, especially in Greece and Spain,
has also increased fears, intelligence sources said. In evidence to the Commons joint committee
on the national security strategy, Mrs May said: ìWeíve had increased focus on right-wing
groups in the last year or so, particularly since the Breivik incident in Norway.
Weíve had more resources looking into right-wing extremism because itís still the case that
weíre likely to see a lone actor on the basis of right-wing extremism. A W@8 writer comments
ëWell you wonít see any action at all from the Marxist liberal left even when we are
bulging at the seams with mosques and Sharia law, so she is stating the obvious there.í
EUROPEAN NEWS Spain was accused of an ëact of warí after
its naval ships repeatedly entered the territorial waters of Gibraltar. Bob Stewart, Tory MP
for Beckenham, said the British Government needed to ërespond robustly to this aggravationí
after Commons Leader Andrew Lansley said two Spanish naval vessels entered the waters of
Gibraltar on Monday. He said they were given radio warnings before leaving but Mr Stewart,
a former colonel, said the incursion was illegal and the Government needed to ëdo something
about ití
Pontiff says threat may ëdestabilize marriageí Vatican City, Pope Benedict XVI has suggested
that attempts to give gay unions the same status as marriages between men and women
pose a threat to justice and peace.
ìThere is also a need to acknowledge and promote the natural structure of marriage
as the union of a man and a woman in the face of attempts to make it judicially equivalent
to radically different types of union,î the pope said in his message for World Day of
Peace 2013, which was presented by the Holy See on Friday. ìSuch attempts actually harm
and help to destabilize marriage, obscuring its specific nature and its indispensable
role in society. These principles are not truths of faith, nor are they simply a corollary
of the right to religious freedom. They are inscribed in human nature itself, accessible
to reason and thus common to all humanityî.
Is Germany in the Grip of Its Nazi Past Once More? News Magazine Der Spiegelís Astonishing
Condemnation of Its Own Country. Quote. ìAfter decades of trying to shake off the shadow
of Hitler, fears are growing that Germany is once more embracing the Third Reich and
all that entails?. The far Right continues to attract young recruits with its message
of racism and arrogance.î A Nationalist spokesperson states ëDer Speigel is the propaganda arm
of the EU elites. This article is the straw man argument designed to elicit a ìfear and
flightî response, so peopleís ears will be closed to a more conservative message.
Any growth in the neo-Nazi movement is a direct result of the liberal/elitists mass immigration
The fight against the right-wing [quoting a German standard phrase: 'kampf gegen rechts']
takes more and more drastic forms. After Swedenís Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt had declared
mass immigration to be a punishment for the voters of the conservative Sweden-Democrats,
a social-democrat newspaper published this week a shocking headline where the Sweden
Democrats president is depicted as a cockroach, to be gassed by the other parties.
The Sweden-Democrats ñ according to recent polls stood at more than 12 % voter approval,
thereby the 3rd Swedish party ñ are again and again the target of politically motivated
violence. At regular intervals, the apartments [of their activists] are being destroyed,
car windshields smashed, children of local politicians threatened. Last year, a Sweden-Democrat
politician with Christian Assyrian roots, Issa Issa, had a narrow escape from a murder
attempt, committed by Moslem immigrants. They threw stones against the politicianís apartment,
yelling: ëFucking Christian, Fucking Sweden-Democrat, come out!í When Issa opened the door, they
thrashed him, and one of them stabbed a knife into his stomach. Issa survived miraculously,
and then left the Party. Again only last week, a member [Jesper H¬rd] of the Sweden-Democrats
youth organisation was thrashed by immigrants in the middle of the street
A W@8 reporter comments ëSo much for Freedom of Thought and Islam. If the EU and Europe
doesnít realise this is the thin end of a very wide wedge, they are either stupid or
Greek Villagers Evade Taxes, Drive Ferraris Greek tax inspectors who routinely find tax
cheats in Greece said they were amazed at how brazen and widespread it was in the village
of Arma, near Thebes. Inspectors said they found most of the residents driving around
in super-luxury cars such as Ferraris and the Porsche Cayenne. The Greek Reporter writes,
ìThey were examining nine suspects for tax evasion and charged that one stole more than
1 million Euros by not paying any Valued Added Taxes (VAT) on goods he sold.î
Two farmers presented fake invoices with net asset value of 2.5 million Euros, and 1.1
million Euros. The inspectors were actually in the village looking for a woman who had
faked over 100 invoices with a value of 4.1 million Euros for potatoes and onions. She
was getting VAT refunds on behalf the other villagers. The officials said they suspect
some 9-10 million Euros had been stolen by alleged tax cheats in the village.
day, two years later, Obama celebrated the fall of Mubarak by proclaiming that ìthe
people of Egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard, and Egypt will never be the
same.î Now one year later, in the teeth of another winter, an Islamist winter, Egypt
seems very much the same. Obama pledged to create a new beginning by
ending, in the name of democracy, the old policy of supporting dictators, only to inaugurate
a brand new policy of supporting dictators in the name of democracy. The ritual democratic
elections led to the same place that they did in Iraq and the Palestinian Authority.
And now Obama is forced to support a dictatorship in order to support democracy.
The world may not rest on turtles or infinite universes, but the Middle East does rest on
dictators and no amount of new beginnings has changed that. Pull back one dictator and
another pops up in his place. Hold elections, plan regime change, send in your activists
or your warplanes, and when the dust settles and all the democracy dreamers are congratulating
themselves on having pulled off a successful election, the new dictator steps out from
behind the curtain to give his acceptance speech, impose martial law and begin rounding
up dissidents.
A WA8 commentator said; I suppose itís time for the Coptic†Christians†to pack their
bags and head for the nearest exit - that is if they are still allowed to keep their
bags or any belongings they have as the Muslims will confiscate everything. Including their
daughters, wives, houses, money, businesses and where they object their lives. They will
not be welcome in the West as they are not Muslim and the West will turn a blind eye
to their incipient or actual slaughter. I hope I am wrong, but I do not think so as
this phenomenon will spread all over the "newly liberated" Muslim nations - after all its
free money, plunder, rape and theft something the Muslims are somewhat expert at.
Syrian war planes bomb Palestinian refugee camp
Syrian warplanes bombarded Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in southern Damascus for the
second time this week. Warplanes also bombarded the nearby districts of Al-Hajar al-Aswad
and Assali, scene of intense fighting between troops and rebels.
Yarmouk, established in 1957 is home to over 150,000 Palestinians and is considered by
many the unofficial capital of the Palestinian refugee diaspora.
So, their dirty little secret is out; hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been living
in filthy refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan for decades. They are not permitted
to become citizens or own land in those countries. A W@8 spokesperson states ëSo much for the
brotherhood of Islam, the Muslims only use the Palestinian ëcrusadeí when they need
them to justify acts of violence against the Israelis, other than that as previously stated
in W@8 they are the pariahs of the Muslim worldí.
Cedar Lake, Indiana Spared Violent Massacre An Indiana man with 47 guns and stocks of
ammunition was arrested after threatening to go into a local elementary school and ëkill
as many people as he could before police could stop himí. Von Meyer, 60, was arrested on
Friday after his wife called Cedar Lake police after he threatened to set her on fire and
continue his violent spree by attacking a nearby elementary school.
The loaded threat came the same day that a young man killed 20 children and seven others
in Newtown, Connecticut. Von Meyer was known to be a member of the Invaders Motorcycle
Gang, though his role in the group was unclear. Like the notorious Hells Angels, the Invaders
Motorcycle Gang is also considered an outlaw group.
Genius Tech Geek to Heartless Killer How did ëTicking Time Bombí Adam Lanza go
From ëGeniusí Tech Geek Who Grew Up in a $1.6million Home to become Heartless Killer.
Crazed killer Adam Lanza was a ëticking time bombí who suffered from Aspergerís syndrome
and was painfully shy and awkward, former classmates said yesterday.
A troubling portrait is beginning to emerge of the ëGothí loner, who dressed all in
black and was obsessed with video games. Others say Lanza used to be a mild-mannered student
in high school, making the Honour roll, and living with his mother, Nancy Lanza, who in
turn loved playing dice games and decorating their upscale home for the holidays.
Thought for the Day ñ Aborting the not so normal?
Well my friends I am sitting here today trying to look at my PC with my left eye healing
from a cyst and my right eye with a rather nasty looking bulge in my right eyeball which
I am having looked at further at hospital tomorrow. So the idea of not looking quite
right or normal is of course looking straight back at me now! All I need is an eye patch
and a sodding parrot and there we have it, hey ho me hearties!
Now there has been a bit of brouhaha over the UKIP candidate who has been suspended
by the party after calling for the compulsory abortion of all unborn babies with Down's
syndrome or Spina Bifida. Geoffrey Clarke, who is hoping to win a seat on Kent County
Council, wrote on his website that babies with such disabilities would be a ìburdenî
if born. Disability charity Mencap branded Geoffrey Clarke's comments "abhorrent". In
his personal manifesto Mr Clarke, who is also standing for Gravesham Borough Council in
a by-election on Thursday, called for a Government review into NHS expenditure.
Now there is an article on the BNP main website which I havenít seen yet but these are my
Thoughts not necessarily my Partyís thoughts. We have two scenarios here that apply to different
mindsets and possibly two different countries!
My own personal thoughts are that if I had to make a choice over giving birth to a possibly
challenged child as we now have to put it or in real terms a retarded child or a Downes
syndrome child, I would have the abortion. I had my children very young but even then
I have no patience with normal lovely children like mine let alone a challenged child, I
simply could not do it. I had a near miss with Thalidomide and my firstborn so am grateful
to God and my awful pregnancy sickness that I did not give birth to a child with flippers.
So my answer is simple however in the UK today we have people looking at this problem from
two different perspectives, one of an England that existed many years ago and according
to them still does. Of the indigenous people being looked after
and in charge of their own lives, a NHS service not seriously undermined, underfunded and
overrun, massive immigration drastically altering the face of Britain never having occurred
and our financial status as a country as it was before the EU, Foreign Aid, the Labour
government selling off our gold and the global financial crisis well onto the future. Put
that with a good government that looks after its people and this scenario is near enough
to the early 1960ís, not perfect but bearable. Now in these times, people still had private
family doctors and these poor little unfortunates quite often did not survive birth for whatever
reason. There were no tests I believe then, hence the awful Thalidomide tragedy, so it
was sods law and matter of chance. Now in this climate, bearing in mind our NHS was
stable and living was cheaper ñ if one had had the choice I would say, if you can rear,
look after and provide for a challenged child when you are dead, whether that be mental
or physical ñ it is your choice and your families. If you feel able and want a child
like that, go ahead.
However we are not living in a country or world like that anymore. On the TV last night
there was an item on the mentally and physically disabled and the treatment they receive from
the public. Apparently the public attitude has not improved even since the Paralympics
which was thought to be a flagship for the betterment of understanding of disabled people
and it has proved not the case. Now the reason for this is multiple. One of which is that
the population of this country seems to be giving over to immigrants from the Third world
and their attitude is generally not good on the disabled or challenged front. Then we
have the liberal left who promote anything not normal and this encompasses people who
look odd as being the norm in society. However hard they try with the exception of ex soldiers
with obvious and terrible wounds, most of us look away if we see someone who is disfigured,
physically awry or obviously mentally deficient itís cruel but itís true. The sad fact is
that most of us do not view the physically disabled athletes, although brave and gutsy
as being Superhuman or a condition we want to aspire to. This is right, because why should
someone who is thankfully reasonably physically normal want to look otherwise? Only in a totalitarian
dream state would that be even considered and that is only to dumb down a Nation physically
and of course financially. In short a Progressives dream.
We are all one colour, one shape, one sex and one thought. Ghastly in the extreme. Now
although I applauded the Para games I did not watch them, why because I did not want
to see these brave people and I still do not, that is my prerogative.
Now we have the case of Britain now. Whereas I believe that Geoffrey Clarke has brought
up the impossible to say item - I am glad he did. It needed saying and especially in
the UK today. It is tough to tell our own people to compulsorily abort less than perfect
foetuses, when our Social Services and NHS have to pay for the immigrantís less than
perfect results of intermarriage, without a murmur, for fear of being ëracistí. But
we live in a country that is groaning under the weight of over population, diminishing
countryside, no jobs and successive governments who do not feed the needs of their own people
and indeed early immigrants to this land.
So, Mr Clarke has stated the obvious, that we are heading for a multicultural State that
will abort preferably its own indigenous challenged babies, but where does that place the immigrants
and their huge births? If a Pakistani woman has a test and it shows her child will be
less than perfect, will she be forced to abort under what will be new Birth Laws or will
she refuse and claim her Human Rights to offspring however maimed? Indeed will all immigrant
mothers be forced to take a test anyway or is that just for the mothers who have a genetic
disposition to challenged babies? It is a minefield in the UK today and will attract
all the extremists from every camp, those who do not think abortion should be performed
on any one even to save life, to those who think that challenged children are a gift
and should even be encouraged as a norm.
Where does Social Service stand on this one? They are so keen to remove normal white children
from suspect homes what will they do if a challenged child needs removing ñ where to
and who would look after it? There are varying degrees of challenged of course, the IT guy
who has Aspergerís was not challenged enough not to have the street cred to hack into an
FBI website and certainly there are higher functioning Aspergerís living normal lives
and also being heftily subsidised by our Taxes to do so. In fact I know of one who has produced
3 children all with Aspergerís who do not work and live of extra State benefits. However
Aspergerís is not spotted in the womb whereas seriously disabled children and degrees of
Downes syndrome are. I think it is wrong for a people who allow
abortion on demand for our young girls, no matter how dim or promiscuous in some cases
they might be and do not allow normal white children to be given the chance of life ñ
to promote yet more abortions. Admittedly not all these challenged will be Steven Hawking
and most will be a drain on the economy, their parents and relatives for the rest of their
lives. The reason why these tests were invented was to prevent the birth of challenged and
deformed babies but the choice should still lie with the mother.
On the one side there are many challenged people who need the money that would normally
be spent on keeping some of these little souls alive, those who have incurred injuries when
young or adult, children with conditions that arise when already in the world, like severe
deafness or blindness, severley mentally disabled children who will never be rehabilitated into
the normal world, these are all conditions that these tests cannot foresee and are all
worthy of caring for. My reasoning is that if civilisation has allowed these tests to
be carried out, then we should take advantage of them and use them.
State or NHS driven compulsory Abortion is not a desirable course for a civilised society
to take. However, if we continue in the UK and Europe to accept millions of strangers
every year into our countries we will have to pay the price if we want to survive. Our
society, our governments and all our services we have taken for granted for so long will
have to undergo tremendous change. As I say you will either have to think like the left
which wants overcrowded countries, full of every ethnicity and human state and condition,
very little money for anyone, food shortages and virtually a rundown education and health
system that they can manipulate to make the people believe they want it or the right way
of thinking, looking after one owns country and land and people, often to the detriment
of other ethnic peoples, putting money back into the country not outside it, loyalty to
the State and loyalty to your culture and religion, again it is a matter of choices.
A final choice could be that you are the voters and if in the future, our government were
to bring in a law that all people should have a Tax review every year and that say £1,000
be put on every person working, which would pay for the future birth and caring of babies
who would be severely mentally and physically challenged when born ñ how would you vote?
And finally- Angler disbarred from fishing competitions due to ëwrong baití. Weíve
heard it all now at W@8. Paul Newell, 57, who has been fishing at Tunnel Barn Farm fishery
in Redditch, Warwickshire for the last 16 years has been banned. Paul a prolific angler
has been forced out after complaints from 'bitter' rivals that his unique bait was blowing
them out of the water in competitions, so now he and his bread based bait are banned
from future contests at the lake. So called ëfellow fishermení claimed his bait gave
him an ëunfair advantage as his bait did not sink which apparently led to him winning
most of the prize money on offer at the events held most weekends. According to the local
rules, Mr Newell's concoction of mashed-up loaves of soggy white bread is allowed as
it sinks in the water and doesn't float on the surface. Paul had a success rate of 50%
which forced other anglers to fish elsewhere. Mr Newell claims he has been ostracized and
is boycotting the lake in protest.
Now as this presenter sees it they are being typically British. If someone has a better
and more successful method of fishing than you, keep him and that method, you will get
more fish! He is more than open on his mixture of bait so why all the nastiness? Well the
ugly God of money Mammon rears his head once more, but better results are better than cutting
off your nose to spite your face arenít they? Is this the land of stupids? share the prize
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.