Yo Yo Maple Syrup Singh Interview (EXTENDED)

Uploaded by JusVlogs on 05.12.2012

Friends today we bring to you a new interview segment
With a very popular singer, new singer straight from Punjab. We are showcasing with you today.
You may have heard of him, he is a very popular singer.
Yo Yo Maple Syrup Singh is here with us today. Yo Yo, such a pleasure to have you on the show.
First question I have to ask, is your name Yo Yo Maple Syrup Singh... How did you come up with that?
So my momz was cookin up some stuff riii? I ate it right, I didn't really like it.
So then I, cooked up something fresh with that formula. Added in oil and sh*t
came up with this mixture right? and I named it Maple Syrup.
People craved it so much that they started calling me Maple Syrup Singh.
Then when I started Singing, and while rapping I started saying "Yo Yo" like HELLA times.
Then everyone started calling me, Yo Yo Maple Syrup Singh. LOLZ. So that's why I'm YO YO HAHAHA!!!11!!!
What's your background, where are you from?
My village is where romantic lovers are born,
Where romantic magic flies, and where people sing songs of Love.
In my village people fall in love with EVERYTHING. Their pants, their belts, love floats everywhere my friend.
That's my background, that's where I'm from, VILLAGE OF SEXY LOVE.
Your singing techniques, or your rapping techniques, where did you get learn them from?
Singing actually, I was born a singer.
I started crying, and I was like EFF THIS. LEMME CRY IN DELICIOUS MELODIES.
So then I got older, and popped in a 50 cents album. What chu know bout my man 50 cents??
- 50 cent is a wonderfu-- - 50 CENTS
Yes his very successful album entitled 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' I actually purchased for my little child.
Such a magnificent album. I believe he also won a few oscars for that as well... Sir 50 cents.
- I started listening to 2 Chainz. And then i started rocking 3 chains. - vry gd...
No one really taught me anything, because I'm #1 in everything, always have been, and always will be forever.
The next question we have for you is. Your new album, was just released a week ago.
- Yes, Hot Steamy Style. - Such a beautiful name,
If you could tell us a bit about this album, that'd be SWELL.
What kind of songs you sing and all that jolly goodness.
The meaning is... well let me tell you the song tracklist.
We wrote 5 songs. cuz I'm thinking there's no need for 10 songs. I can make a hit out of 5 TRACKS.
The first song is, Pinki from Brampton. The second song is, beat children.
Fourth song, get b*tches. And the fifth, F*ck your family.
I also have a bonus track which I won this trophy for, Bottles of Whiskey WE NEVA GONNA LEAVE DEM DRY.
I also made a religious album, I'm #1 and people follow me so....
God is one. Always remember the God... So please buy it right now.
That's good because you make sexy club songs, and then spin it around with religious albums.
Before you leave, just a simple little request. On behalf of myself and my viewers.
If you could just sing a lil sum sum from your musical work. Whatever song is your favourite.
I actually don't really work without getting paid... but uh, even if you link me a dolla after the show, that should be cool.
- Hey no problem budday! - Ok cool.
YO YOoOoOoOOO. I'm gettin MAD HOES.
DAWG. I'm the SHIT. I'm the illest in the house. And I pop bottles without DEM BOTTLE OPENERS.
She took my car to get some DIAMONDZZZ. She bought some rocks, yeah.... yeah dawg yeah.
Wow, amazing, such a beautiful voice and such sweet humble lyrics.
Thank you so much.
Yo Yo Maple Syrup Singh, it was a pleasure having you on the show. Thanks so much.
I have a cousin niece who was asking if you're still single and accepting marriage proposals.
But I said absolutely not, because you are a disgusting human being, and I'm not fond of you in the least bit.
We'll meet again guys next week, when we sit down to interview Oprah... in Punjabi.
Until then, don't forget to watch, I am your very own Tharjinder Hind.
I just want to make one thing clear. There's two people I wish to thank for this success.
First and foremost, 2 Chainz... and then God.