Win at Poker Using Card Counting Techniques : Basic Poker Hands Rankings From Strongest to Weakest

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.10.2007

I am Joe Marshall with Expert and today we are going to learn how to win
at poker. We are going to quickly go over the basic hands. There are ten hands. No matter
if you are playing seven card stud, Texas Holdem or just regular draw poker, you need
to known these hands to be able to play the game. The best hand is the royal flush. It
consists of the ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of any suit. In this example it’s all
of clubs; that’s a royal flush; it’s the best hand you can have. The second best hand
is the straight flush. It’s all the same suit. All the cards are in numerical order.
This one is Ace through 5. The third best hand is the four of a kind. In our example,
we have the four sevens. Next best hand is a full house that consists of three of a kind
and a pair in one hand. In this case, they are two 2s and three Jacks. That is the full
house. Then over here is just the flush. The numerical value is not taken into consideration
here. It is the five cards all of the same suit. In this example, we have clubs. Then
there is a straight where it does matter about the numerical order but the suits themselves
do not matter. It’s any five any six, seven, eight or nine. Moving on, it is three of a
kind. It is any card that has… in this case we have three queens and we have two of a
kind over here, two kings and two Aces and then like one of the worst hands you can get
is the pair. In this case, we just have a pair of sixes here and nothing else to play
with and if you don’t even have a pair as good as it gets is like the high card out
of any other five that you have in your hand. In this example we have king high we have
nothing else but the king. That is the worst and that is a terrible hand. But those are
the ten basic hands you need to understand to play any of the games of poker.