Maryland Campaign

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Teacher: Ok class, the Maryland Campaign is best known for the Battle of Antietam and so much for the Siege of Harpers Ferry.
So I want you to walk around the museum and see if you see anything interesting, and I want you to write down three facts about the siege.
So you can go ahead and start looking
Gunner: Let's go already Carmen: Let's go!
Carmen: Gunner, is that you in that picture?
Gunner: No, that's not.
What's going on?!
Carmen: What's going on?!
Gunner: I don't know... [echoes of I don't know...] [electronic whirring sound]
[sounds of animals chirping]
Gunner: Hey! Hey, where am I? Who are you? Hello?!
Gunner: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you.
General Lee: Gentlemen, we have brought this war to the North. As you know our Virginia farmers need to harvest their crops and take care
of their farms. Our soldiers need food, clothes, and shoes.
General Longstreet: Yes, if we can win a victory, then it could change the war. Maybe Maryland will join the Confederacy and Europe will get involved.
General Jackson: We know now that the Yankee garrison has not pulled out of Harpers Ferry.
They threaten our rear, our supplies, and our communications.
General Lee: You trained your troops at Harpers Ferry last year so you should know the best way to get around to capture the place.
Is that correct?
General Jackson: Yes, sir.
General Lee: I'll give you two-thirds of my army. Let's sit down and figure this out.
Gunner: Did I see what I think I just saw?
Gunner: I might as well stay with these guys for awhile and see what happens. I'll just hitch a ride in this wagon.
[banjo music] [sound of wagon wheels]
[soldiers talking] [music]
Confederate soldier: Who's cooking dinner?
[hammering sounds]
General Jackson: Well gentlemen, everyone is in place. We have surrounded Harpers Ferry.
General Jackson: McLaws is on Maryland Heights and Walker is on Loudoun Heights.
General Jackson: Now we just need to coordinate with them. Lieutenant, get the signal flags.
Lieutenant: Yes, sir!
Gunner: Wow! It seems like the siege will begin soon. In case I stop being invisible, I'll put on this jacket. I'll want to blend in.
[faint sounds of artillery]
Confederate soldier: This boy's been shot badly in the leg. Let's get him to the rear quickly!
[sounds of artillery... then an explosion]
[electronic whirring sound]
Carmen: Gunner, where did you go?! You just seemed to vanish into that picture!
Gunner: Carmen, you would never believe where I just went but we got to go.
Carmen: And where did you get that jacket?
Gunner: You would never believe it but we got to go first.
Carmen: Ok.. Let's go then.
Ranger John: Yes?
Selena: Excuse me sir. We found this on the bus. We were thinking it could be from your museum.
Ranger John: Well let's have a look.
Ranger John: It appears to be a Confederate jacket, but this is much too new to be from the war.
Why don't you head on down to our museum to see if there is anything down there that might resemble this.
Selena: Ok, thank you. Kurt: Thanks.
Kurt: Here, let me wear this.
Kurt: Get a better look at it too.
Kurt: Hmm, who'd be wearing something like this? He's wearing it.
Selena: What about these guys up here?
Kurt: Yeah.
Kurt: Whoa... what's going on? Selena (echoing): Kurt, what's happening? [electronic whirring sound]
Ranger Gunner: ...and on the finally morning of the siege, the white flags of surrender went up, and the garrison surrendered to Confederate
forces under Stonewall Jackson.
Student: Ranger Gunner, how do you know so much about this?
Ranger Gunner: Well, that's a good question, and I know you may not believe this, but it all started right here.
[right here echoes] [electronic whirring sound]