Nägel wie die Stars mit essence (ENG SUB)

Uploaded by BEAUTYKUEMA on 26.10.2010

Welcome to another episode Beauty Küma
since the first of October
these cool nail stickers from Essence
I have now taken 3 different types and will show you one of them today
and who does not want their nails painted,because it is
so expensive
it is fairly easy,
anyone can do to ...
you just need a nail file or a Buffer or similar ...
that's it
And very quickly you have nails like the Super Stars, I'd say Bouncy
Lady Gaga, Rihanna ...
and who it is so strikingly like the well served.
How it all works I'll show you now
Go ...
So a first Get your act a buffer ...
so her naps your nail bed. You can of course also a
you can of course also play a file with 4
pages,with her ​​also can roughen your nail.
So you take just your nail,
Just over the nail bed and
roughens easy to grossly
the pages are not forgotten
It is important if you previously nail polish, nail hardening or similar
only make down
then polish nail bed
then file the nail bed, then filing the nail bed
The roughened nail bed, now you take your sticker.
Now here we get out of the package.
There are 14 pieces in this package there. Why 14?
Of course!
because each different
has large nail beds.
and you the right size, from small to large can seek out.
Important is you need, you have a bit of your
Cuticle downward slide, ideally with a wooden stick
Called in technical language it hoof
so you push the cuticles back a little. and up there
can of course also apply the stickers better without it dissolves
For if the cuticle is about it, you have the problem that it pretty quickly
The sticker is lifted
So the small size I have now tried with a friend.
It is also very confident that has fairly small hands
she thinks it's very cool
you have such small peaks below
from there, you draw from the well
I accept of course the biggest, for the thumb
because I have man's finger
and that seemed now
translate directly to the bottom
the nail-
bedded in
skidding it up to go
and press the whole then off to the side, forward
I find that the best technique to get any wrinkles is pure.
when you begin to push from the first page to
you will see the wrinkles you get: D
firmly press the Right
pulls the nice smooth
then it looks
pushes the front down a little more
Get your act then a slightly shagreened 4 file
filed not from left to right, but
filed down and away.
If you did this once,
how easy it's going
Your your nail polish in the form of a little
and finished
Who likes it flashy, there are of course other varieties.
I have taken three that I liked best, such as this pattern here ..
this one I have not used yet
with green and blue
Like the whole works, you know now.
I wish you much fun
I find this a
Top Top ... Tip .. top
very cool
and I love the look of the nail stickers very cool ...
can there should be much more ... I once found a site on the Internet because you ..
you can let the making
for special purposes, for example
Who likes it cheap, or Essence has released it
would like to make a few more varieties,
Really cool stuff
Since October, there is the whole of the market, of Essence
looks clean
it buys you fo 1.95
Have fun and until then will YOU KÜMA ARE YOU BEAUTY