Sticktrap Concept - Diabolo tutorial (IJA video tutorial contest 2012)

Uploaded by lucasgabd on 30.03.2012

Hi, I'm Lucas and this is my entry to the 3rd IJA Video Tutorial Contest
In this tutorial I'll teach you how to do a simple concept with diabolos
it's called sticktrap and it has lots of applications
our tutorial has 3 parts:
usefull exercises
variations with one diabolo
and variations with 2 diabolos
you can jump through parts if you want
check the description box for more information
the concept is really simple
just grab the diabolo between the stick and your arm
to release it raise the bottom of the stick
practicing both sides can be usefull
you can practice this movement with a juggling ball
it's really simmilar
for this movement, hold like that
and throw the diabolo in this direction
and of course, you can do it with 2 diabolos
pay attention, in this trick the diabolos swap sides
These were some of the possibilities
If you know how to do any other variation on sticktraps
please, record a video response
and if you like the tutorial, comment below and subscribe to my channel
have a good practice
see you soon juggler