Annoying Orange - Kitchen Decision 2012

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-(announcer) We now take you live to the kitchen
for the 2012 presidential debates.
Tonight's moderator: The Annoying Orange.
-Hey-yo! It's A to the O and I wanna know...
what's everybody yellin' about?!
-(pies) Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!
-Go back to Bananastan!
-Wuh-oh, sounds like he wants a presidential rebate. [laughs]
Now, let's meet the candidates.
First up, President Brrrrrrrroccoli Obama!
-[chuckles] Just call me Brocc.
-And his opponent, former governor Pit Romney!
-Good evening, hello, hi.
-All right, first question:
Pit Romney, are you a robot sent from the future?
-Uhh... no.
[bell dings] Next question:
President Brocc, with student loan rates at an all-time high,
how do you expect anyone to show up for the Electoral College?
-Uh, those are two entirely different things.
-Ehh! [buzzer sounds]
The correct answer is four.
-Is it my turn now?
Because I would like to purchase a vowel.
-Sorry. Our next question is from my buddy, Pear,
which means it's gonna be super-boring.
-Yes. Governor Pit,
why don't you tell us how you feel about...
TAX REFORM? [dramatic music plays]
-Well... I... I-uh... uh--uh,
I feel like most of the foods in the kitchen feel:
that tax reform is best left up to... the tacks.
-That's right, Pit. We go down, you go down.
-[German accent]: Hi, my question is for President Brocc.
Is there any truth to the rumor
that you like to cover yourself in molten-hot cheddar?
[dramatic music plays, audience gasps]
-Whoa! Anything you need to come clean about, big cheese?
[laughs] -Absolutely not. You see, look,
these are just vicious, vicious rumors easily chalked up to
the audacity of soap.
Now, I also have some facts, figures,
and other statistical information
that I'd like to share on the-- [buzzer sounds]
-Uh-oh. It's the "boring" bell. Ten-point penalty.
-Uh, Governor Pit, how do you expect produce to vote for you
after seeing that scandalous secret footage
from your recent fundraiser?
-Uh... listen here, my friend.
I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.
-Roll that footage!
-47% of produce will not vote for me.
And you know what? That's fine.
I don't care about them or this stupid job.
See, the only thing Pit Romney cares about
is dancing!
[heavy-bass techno music plays] Whoo!
You see that? I'm cutting loose right now.
Oh, come on.
Those comments were taken completely out of context.
A dancing president? Well, that's just ridicul--
-Ooh-ooh! Do Gangnam Style! Do Gangnam Style!
[audience cheers] -I mean,
a dancing president coming through! Ha-ha!
Check me out! I'm a presidential dancing machine!
-And they said I'm a waffler. [laughter]
-No, guys, stop the debate. This is a farce!
Mr. President, I demand to see your burp certificate.
[dramatic music plays] -Ooh!
-No problem. He's right there.
-[belches loudly] [audience cheers]
-Oh, you think that's impressive?
Let me tell you about my binder full of women.
-Oh, this is ridiculous!
We all know there's only one issue
that matters in this election,
and that's cutbacks, cutbacks, cutbacks.
-[laughs] Silly Midget Apple, that's three issues.
-Obviously, our friend is a "little" confused.
[laughter, Midget Apple groans]
-Final question! Food economics.
As president, how would each of you
deal with the growing power of the Gyro?
-Uh... did you mean the Euro?
-Yeah, what the heck are you talking about?
-What? Am I speaking Greek over here?
I'm talking about... Gyro!
[all screaming, loud splat]
-Hey, fruit fans!
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