Gönülçelen )) Episode 9 - Part 7/9 [English Subtitles]

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No No, I am not bored. Tell me
No, I will tell it another time
Such a beautiful color. Why don’t you try it on?
Someone at the door
You go, I'll try it on
I'm back
Welcome. They're upstairs waiting for you
Where is he going?
Cihan! Cihan stop stop!
Who the hell are you?
What's wrong?
How can you take Hasret to a hotel?
We just wanted to work in peace. So what?
Yea yeah, I know all about your lessons. Was there nowhere else to study apart from a hotel?
This is so rude How can you come here and criticize...
Your son is the rude one. Just because he has money does he think he's a proper man?
Aaa! Enough is enough Cihan
You're trying to get into her mind with luxury hotels and flashy cars
I know your kind When you're done with the girls you leave them
But, if you've touched her. I'll never forget you You'll see me every day from then on
I'm not listening to your threats. Just go away
What will you do if I don’t?
Eehhh.. enough..
You've got everything wrong..
Come with me I'll explain everything to you
We'll talk in private
Who's that boy?
He's Hasret’s boyfriend
(Kadir’s mom telling Davut what Burhan did. So He gets mad..)
Just a phone call Hasret. Just one call
I had closed it and forgot to open it Cihan
Of course you'll forget us.. Who are we?
We have no mansion, no car, no money
We only have a heart but it's not valuable
Ok. Cihan.. yes I've been an arse. But...
You haven't been an arse
You've been a lady like one of them. You belittled us
You belittled me, your home, the neighborhood
The other Hasret was sometimes an arse but she was Hasret. You aren't
Your eyes even look differently
What does that mean?
You have changed
The way you stand, you speak, your hair, everything .. You look like them
I don't look like anyone Cihan..
You were unique before...
if you want to be with you know who then don’t ever come back to the neighborhood
What are you saying? Who do I want to be with?
You know who.. the person you're changing for
(Cobra has arranged work in Kumkapi, together with Burhan)
(Balçiçek says she wants the money in advance)
(Cobra says he can't give the money in advance) He says he will go on his own.
(Balçiçek says you'll go with one of those women who work in bars) (As you usually do..)
(Davut fights with Burhan after the talk he had with his wife)
(Gülnaz defends her father and Cobra tries to protect her)
Can we talk, in private?
Ok. I will be downstairs
Can I go to my home for a few hours?
Nothing. I will see my dad, my sister, my brother
Aunt Kadriye, she had heart problems Uncle Bekir, he was complaining of backache
Will few hours be enough to see all of them?
It’s ok if I don’t see all of them. I'll just go for a short while
Tell me why do you “REALLY” want to go or I won't give you permission
Cihan is not speaking to me
He told me I forgot my home and my neighborhood
I need to make up with him or I won’t feel comfortable
Give me permission for few hours?
Here you go
So did she miss her neighborhood?
Cihan more than her neighborhood
She's going after him to make up with him
Oh dad. You're supposed to be grown up and you have a fight with that ox..
It's his wife that made him come here It’s her fault not your father’s
Anyway it’s over now, tonight we're in Kumkapi So please get well by tonight
Did you hear? He says Kumkapi, the stage..
Your cheek has gone but your hearing hasn't
Did you hear Cihan.. Cobra is going away again..
You know last time he brought this woman What was her name?
Which bar did you pick her up from?
I'm here.. Hi
Oh why is everyone here
Dad? What happened? let me see
I'm fine
let me see
I have a new idea for the closing scene
Do you remember the last concert in Vienna?
That's what I have in mind
Hasret’s silhouette reflected to the curtains..
But it won't move when Hasret moves