Hum Se Na Takarana

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Hail the Thakur. - Hail him. - Hail the Thakur. - Hail him.
Hail the Thakur. - Hail him.
Shamsher, Ranvir. Touch this. Priest. - Yes, sir.
Distribute this among the poor. - Yes.
Hail the Thakur. - Hail him. - Hail the Thakur. - Hail him.
Hail the Thakur. - Hail him. -
A pious soul should be like him.
He is a messiah of the dark ages.
Elder master, the harvest has been very good.
There is greenery everywhere.
Every farmer is happy, elder master.
What are you saying?
The farmers have no right to be happy.
Their happiness may spell danger for our aristocracy.
Ratan Singh. - Elder master.
A good harvest has 2 enemies. Water and fire.
Break the embankment of the river on the following full moon night.
With the water the farmers dreams will flow away too.
So what if the harvest has drowned this time.
If we work hard together there will be happiness again.
The happiness will come when it is due.
I am worried about the one who will. .
. .come to this house after 3 months.
Will that baby dwell in poverty too?
Why are you worrying? Get some money from the Thakur.
He won't refuse you.
But Bhola you have mortgaged all your lands to us.
What are you saying, master?
Not me Bhola, but these accounts say so.
You have mortgaged 10 acres of land for 300 rupees with me.
I swear on God, master.
I had mortgaged only 1 acre land for 300 rupees.
How did 1 turn into 10?
So I have turned 1 to 10. - Then who else will?
The book and the accountant are yours after all.
Beware if you speak anymore. - I will speak.
You have cheated me.
You have robbed a farmer of his land.
The land won't bear this robbery.
The day the land rebels it will ruin all cheats like you.
Thakur, I think he has died.
Throw his corpse in the forest. - Yes.
Chhote. - Take this. Don't speak and just listen.
And fight with the sticks. - Chhote. Look, there are 4.
Wait. The master is calling me. Forgive me, master.
I was teaching them to fight with sticks.
Forgive me, master.
This Chhote has got many bad habits. I am sorry, master.
Take this document to the city. - Yes.
And tell my younger brother to register them at the court.
Understand? - Yes. I have understood.
Someone end days are near, surely.
Don't speak. Keep on listening.
Come. Chhote Babu from elder brother. Welcome.
Greetings, sir. Don't speak, go on listening.
Elder master has sent this letter and some documents for you.
Remove the leg. - Remove your leg. - Remove your leg.
I. . Oh master.
Chhote ( small) has dared to climb on the big.
Master, I am sorry. It was just my foot. - Okay.
Give my greetings to brother.
And tell him that his work will be done. - Okay.
His work will be done. When your work will be done?
He is still alive, Chand Bibi.
Who can kill the one whom God wants to save?
Shera, take him along.
O Messiah of decency and truth.
Whoever comes to you is never turned away empty handed.
If his motives are right, if he fears God. .
. .and if his not guilty then bless him, Baba.
Give him the right to live.
''O Sai Baba. ''
''O Sai Baba. ''
''O Sai Baba. ''
''O Sai Baba. ''
''Accept my prayer. My prayer. ''
''O Sai Baba. ''
''O Sai Baba. ''
Chand Bibi, he has regained consciousness.
''O Sai Baba. ''
''O Sai Baba. ''
Who are you? - We found you wounded in the forest.
Where do you stay? Where is your home? - Home?
''O Sai Baba. ''
My home. I can't remember it. Who am I?
I don't know anything. Who are you? - Me?
We are friends of humanity and enemies of wickedness.
Then my identity is these injuries. The wounds of injury.
I don't even know if I have any family or not.
Even if there is then he would be a fighter against cruelty.
Congratulations, Ganga. You have a son.
Munna's father, you had desired your son so much.
Won't you come to see him?
Where are you?
Chand Bibi. - Yes. - Why are you tying this to the child?
To save him from evil.
We believe that if we have Sai Bab's ashes with us. .
. .then it can stop swords, bullets and solve all problems.
There he is. - Catch him.
Rascal, you have thrown stones at junior Thakur.
I was throwing stones to pluck mangoes. - Is it your father's?
Don't bring in my father.
You dare so much.
Tell me. - Throw this baby serpent into the water.
Save me.
Save me.
Save me.
Save me.
Save me. Save me.
Vijay. Vijay.
Keep moving.
Catch his leg. Catch his leg.
Slowly. - Vijay. Son, Vijay. - rub his foot.
Son, Vijay, open your eyes.
Dear. Dear. Are you alright?
. . Dear. Who are you, dear?
Which village do you belong to?
You have done a great favor on me by saving my son's life, today.
What is your name? - Amar. - Where do you stay? - Here.
I don't have anyone.
Your parents.
I am alone. I have no mother.
No, son. You are not alone from today. I am your mother.
Mother. Mother. - Mother.
Mother, from now you won't work in the farms.
Then who will, son?
Mother, I like the farms better than school.
From today Vijay will study and I will do farming.
Okay, mother?
Save me. Save me.
Save me. Save me.
Save me.
Who is it?
Friend of the helpless. Brother of the weak.
And I am a butcher who assault helpless women.
Kaliya, you must have guessed my strength. .
. .from the way you and your horse fell down. .
. . because of the pebble I threw.
I crush strength of people like you under my feet.
These hands are very powerful.
If I don't make you lame then my name won't be Amar.
Rascal, you will go on crutches.
Amar don't forget my feet are grounded on the mountain of wealth.
Your poverty will die before reaching that mountain.
When the blood of the poor boils then the flood of his. .
. .anger drowns even the biggest of mountains, Thakur.
We kill the one who dreams to drown us.
You are cursing me like women since 1 hour.
If you are a man, then come.
Amar. - To hell with you. - You are under my oath, Amar.
Stop. - I have stopped.
Come home now. - He is blabbering. .
There is no use by messing with them. Come home.
Mother, we have not sold ourselves by mortgaging our land.
You. . - Mother.
I will see you. Luck has saved you today.
Otherwise I would have fixed you.
Why did you give me an oath, mother?
One of these days I am going to kill one of these Thakurs.
We have not sold ourselves by mortgaging our land.
I am working hard in farming.
Junior will come educated.
We 2 will earn some money and throw it to them.
That is okay. But you shouldn't be enemies with them.
There are so cruel that they hurt the poorest of the poor.
You don't have money to pay the taxes.
And you are feeling the child sweets.
The child was insisting as it was festival day.
You can fulfill the child's wishes but you can't pay the Thakurs.
Bring out the tax money. - I don't have money.
You don't.
Cruel men, the Thakurs have snatched all my land.
Now why are you asking me tax?
The earlier accounts are still pending.
Will your father pay it off?
If you don't have money. Here are your house documents.
Give me your thumbprint. - No, I won't. - You won't. - No.
You won't. You won't.
Let go of my father. - You won't.
Let go of my father. Let him go. - You puppy.
Hey you son of a devil you are showing your strength on a child.
Who are you? Come on, do your work.
I ma doing that only.
Shall I come upstairs or are you coming downstairs?
Is it? Then, I am coming downstairs.
Great! Very good. You have jumped very nicely?
Which breed of monkey do you belong to?
Breed. This is my breed.
This is not your real breed.
Munna, show them the stars. Your brother has arrived.
You fatso. Where are you going? You want to sleep.
Your eyes are lowered.
Even your moustaches are drooping.
It seems you have done something. Come. You. .
''No one is there like us in the city. ''
''No one is there like us in the city. ''
''We have come to power. ''
''We have come to power. ''
''Don't die without any reason. ''
''Don't mess with us. ''
''Don't mess with us. ''
''We 2 are straightforward people. ''
''We 2 are straightforward people. ''
''Don't mess with us, we are a storm. ''
''Don't mess with us, we are a storm. ''
''Don't die without any reason. ''
''Don't mess with us. ''
''Don't mess with us. ''
''We never fight first. ''
''We never step back. ''
''Come get beheaded with love. ''
''We are not hurt by swords. ''
''We win over everyone. ''
''Everyone is defeated by us. ''
''All our enemies should hear it. ''
''Don't die without any reason. ''
''Look. Look. Look. ''
''Don't mess with us. Don't mess with us. ''
''Don't mess with us. ''
''Don't mess with us. ''
''So Fa Mi Re Do. ''
''The one who has courage should come forward. ''
''Only the young ones should fight with us. ''
''You have run away after being beaten. ''
''You are shameless to come again. ''
''What loafers and shameless people you are. ''
''The ground has emptied when we came. ''
''Don't die without any reason. ''
''Look. Look. Look. ''
''Don't mess with us. ''
''Don't mess with us. ''
''No. No. Don't mess with us. ''
I have overeaten as after I have tasted home. .
. . made food after so many days.
You must be sick of eating hotel food.
Now this is in my destiny, brother.
Once I get a job, I have to eat outside food.
The one who stays outside even they get home cooked food.
Arrangements will be done for you too.
First go to Sherpur and mix Amar's marriage.
Mother, I am getting good home cooked food.
We were talking about Vijay's marriage.
He will get married after your wedding.
No, mother. I won't wear the noose.
Everything will happen as I say. I have chosen the girl.
You just have to go and say yes.
No, mother. I don't want to get married.
You won't.
I won't. - You are under my oath.
If mother has given you the oath then it's okay.
What is okay?
Why are you getting angry? You go ahead. I will follow.
Follow? - Yes.
Come daughter. Keep it. We like you.
If you like our daughter then the. . - Yes, I like her.
I like her a lot.
The boy is blushing. Give him the gift and fix the alliance.
Yes. Sure. Take, dear. - Sweets. - Eat it, dear.
Go ahead. But take this gift.
Wait. Wait.
This is injustice with me. Cruelty.
Cruelty? With whom?
With me. With me.
He said he will marry me.
In love even I said fill my forehead, darling.
But instead of my forehead he filled my. .
I will commit suicide.
Aren't you ashamed to do all this at this age?
What are you saying? Can I do this at this age?
Mother. He is not the sinner. He is the sinner.
What have I done? - What have you done?
Mother, he said I will show you a movie.
Mistakenly I said I will see 'Kunwara Baap' ( Unmarried father).
After even after many pushes I watched the movie. - Then?
After that he started to talk to me in a seducing way after the movie.
He said I will turn you into a flower from a bud.
I said he will make up my face.
I was innocent and was fooled by him.
And he turned me into a flower from a bud. - She is lying.
Give me the gift. - Gift? You are taking gifts.
I am not a toy or yours shoes. Save my honor. Listen to me.
I want justice.
Some on, get down. - I am Lala. I like your daughter.
I don't want this match. Get out from here.
Beware if you speak like this to my husband.
Darling. - Yes. - No problem if he has refused. - Yes.
But I am there. - Yes, Sheila. - Teacher. - Yes.
Yes, mother, brother is right.
He sat there blushing. He didn't even look at the girl.
Why? Why didn't you see the girl?
Mother, you gave me an oath that say yes to everything.
I kept on saying yes for everything and they refused.
What can I do?
They refused even after you saying yes.
I will just go and ask them. - Mother.
How can you refuse my good son?
Mother, you don't need to go to their house. - Yes, mother.
Brother must be destined to another good girl.
Do you want to get married or not? - What are you saying?
I will do farming only if I stay a bachelor. - That is okay.
But will this cart got to the market or not? - It will.
With you, listen. The city girls are very bad these days.
Be careful. Don't look around too much. Raghu.
Take care of brother. - Don't worry. Come.
Don't worry. I will look after myself.
Yes, well done. Who knows? The days are bad.
If a girl winks and our boy falls over then.
''Youth, O youth. ''
''Youth, O youth. ''
''Youth, O youth. ''
''Youth, O youth. ''
''Its name is youth. Beware of it. ''
''Its name is youth. Beware of it. ''
''Don't say anything if anything goes wrong. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. '' - ''Live. ''
''Its name is youth. It's incomparable. ''
''Its name is youth. It's incomparable. ''
''If we have to stay away from it then life is useless. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Why in the height of youth?''
''Why in the height of youth should we become ascetics?''
''It is better for us to become patients of love. ''
''The pain of the heart is the worst. ''
''The pain of the heart is enjoyable. ''
''You have to laugh and bear it. ''
''The pain of the heart is enjoyable. ''
''You have to laugh and bear it. ''
''If we have to stay away from it then life is useless. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''The one who has not fallen in love has not lived properly. ''
''The one who has not fallen in love has not lived properly. ''
''Crazy lovers were drowned in the seas of love. ''
''They became famous when they got drowned. ''
''Whether I drown or get across I have to jump into this sea. ''
''Whether I drown or get across I have to jump into this sea. ''
''If we have to stay away from it then life is useless. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''The magic of your love won't affect me at all. ''
''The magic of your love won't affect me at all. ''
''It will affect you one day if not today. ''
''This heart will beat and emit embers. ''
''We are not men and women but a pair of parrots. ''
''We are not men and women but a pair of parrots. ''
''If we have to stay away from it then life is useless. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
''Live. ''
What is this?
Cot. It is used to sleep and as a coffin too.
Leave the way.
First leave the girl.
I say, leave the way.
Think about. If something happens don't say anything.
Remove this pebble on the way.
It seems you have weak eyesight.
This is not pebble but a mountain. What they say?
Don't mess with us.
Hurt? You got hurt. You got hurt. Take this.
It is youth. But it is foolishness to go out alone at night.
They forcibly brought me from the drama. If you didn't come. .
Why won't I come? I am doing the same since childhood.
For future references write my address. Name. Vijay.
Village, Sharifpur. If you get trapped somewhere.
Then remember the pin code too. Bell. Ring it. I will come.
Now I will have to come to Sharifpur.
After all, the bells have been rung.
You have sobered me up. You couldn't kidnap a girl.
Get drowned in shame. You get beaten everywhere.
And Ustad acts to be the leader and has no legs.
He is relaxing in the hospital.
Doctor, open these chains quickly.
My arms are feeling restless since morning.
That rascal had punished me a lot.
Today I will bring him here biting dust.
Why? Have you given him my message?
Yes, Ustad. I have told him. - Okay.
What are you doing? Walk slowly. - What slowly?
Don't allot this bed to anyone else, doctor.
Keep your bandages and medicines ready.
I will send him in the stretcher soon. Come.
Fix him today. - Don't spare him.
I got your message.
I thought you must have problem in walking.
That's why I came here myself.
Pain. You will be in pain. Think about that.
I told you that I will see you as soon as I leave the hospital.
That is right. But only if I allow you to leave the hospital.
Why have I got the queen? I have none. Take this.
What has happened to you?
I was thinking about the queen. - Do you have many?
I have one. But I think I have won the round.
All right, what you drew. - I drew that.
Now I have to tell you what I drew. It's been so long.
I have drawn this jack. - I don't want it. My queen. Queen !
The bell is ringing. I think our cow has become untied.
I will see.
No, brother, I will see. I think it is not a cow but a mare.
How can it be a mare? We have never belled a mare.
No, actually I have belled her in the morning. I will see.
I will see.
He has become crazy since he has returned from the city.
He has belled the mare. Don't bell my mare tomorrow.
You here? - What can I do?
You never come out from my heart or mind.
I couldn't bear the restlessness so I came.
But you have walked so afar at night. .
I came taking your name and I never felt lonely.
Tell me the truth? How have you enchanted me?
What is the matter, Munna? Aren't you able to manage?
Brother, she is in control. - I think she is kicking.
Brother, she is excited. You go to sleep. I will take her out.
Okay, take her out. - Who is it? - My brother.
How does he know that I am here?
He doesn't know that you are here.
He thinks you are a mare.
I agree to be mare too but only of your stable.
The stable is here and the mare is miles away.
Start feeding the mare after that I will bring father here.
Then both the mare and the stable will be here.
Then I will have to keep an eye on you all the time.
Why? - Because Thakur's sons are here
Enemies of beauty and youth.
Greetings, sir. I am sorry. I was just. .
Who are you?
Bela. My father is ill. I have come to work in his place.
Chhote. Who is it? - Girdhari's daughter.
Girdhari's daughter. You are sweating a lot.
Come let me clean you. - No, sir.
This is the earnings of us poor people.
We won't get bread if we don't swear.
Drat it. You are worrying about bread when we are here.
No, master. Let me go. Let me go. I am your servant.
And good servants listen to their master.
They don't refuse. - No. No. Let me go.
I won't stay quite. I will tell all the villagers.
What you have done to me? I won't stay quite.
I won't stay quite.
We know how to silence people.
She is dead.
Chhote call your men and throw her corpse outside the village.
I asked a lot, I spoke a lot. But no one answers me.
No one in the mansion tells me about my daughter.
Chand Bibi the Thakurs cannot be trusted.
No, the poor man's honor is not a piece. .
. .of land which anyone can take over.
It won't be tolerated when we are here.
Come out, Thakur. Today we have not come to rob.
We have come to account for Girdhari's daughter's whereabouts.
The dacoit is asking accounts from the Thakur. Listen.
None of you will escape alive from here. Understand?
Thakur your hands are not powerful enough to kill us.
Only God can give and take lives.
Son Badshah.
God is up there and down it is Badshah.
God forgives no crime and Badshah forgives no cruelty.
Whenever a helpless man calls out for justice. .
. .then Badshah's gun had given him the same.
Thakur if you want to live then tell us where is Girdhari's daughter.
We don't know. - You don't.
You know that she is your daughter, right?
Beware if you try to dishonor the Thakurs.
And you don't think that even you have daughter when you. .
. .dishonor the poor and even someone can dishonor her.
Thakur, I am taking away your honor respectfully.
And I will keep her respectfully till Girdhari's daughter. .
. .doesn't reach her house safely.
Now you know what it feels to be pained and sorrowed.
Father. Father.
Badshah !
You are a woman and Badshah never hits a woman.
Uncle, till we don't find your daughter. .
. .till then Thakur's darling daughter will stay here.
Chief. Everyone has eaten accept the Thakur's daughter.
What does she say? She doesn't like the food.
She says I won't eat.
Badshah's guests can never stay hungry.
I know that animal who has tasted blood doesn't like grass.
I also know that the rich can feast on the poor.
But they cannot eat the food prepared by them.
I can't feed you gold.
But eat whatever we poor people have.
I don't want to hear anything, inspector.
If the police didn't arrest dacoit Badshah in 24 hours. .
. .and if my daughter doesn't return home then think. .
Your daughter has come.
This is good. Now she will help us to catch dacoit Badshah.
Badshah is just a dacoit by name, inspector.
First arrest those dacoits who disguise themselves to be. .
. .decent and stay near you.
I have no complaints against Badshah.
Where are you going with this money?
Do you know this man?
He is the father of that unlucky girl who came to work in this mansion.
And has never returned home.
What do we have to do if she has not reached home?
She might have died somewhere.
Did she died or was she killed?
What are you saying? How could we know?
Take this, Girdhari.
Wait. So much money for a maid.
Not for a maid but for a life which holds no importance to you.
Father, she has started to talk like dacoits after her stay with them.
You won't give this money.
Brother, don't forget that even I have rights in this mansion.
What are you saying?
You will go against your family and support a dacoit.
I know what to do with that dacoit.
''My love is your promise. ''
''My love is your promise. ''
''Don't break this promise. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''My love is your promise. ''
''Don't break this promise. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''In the eyes, in the talks. ''
''In the eyes, in the talks. ''
''I have given you my heart in a few meetings. ''
''Don't make an excuse and go back. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''I have decided. ''
''I have decided what I have to do. ''
''I have decided what I have to do. ''
''I have to live and die taking your name. ''
''Don't join your name with someone else now. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''I am sleeping in the bed of desires. ''
''I am sleeping in the bed of desires. ''
''Darling, I am lost in your memories. ''
''I am dreaming about you, don't wake me up. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''My love is your promise. ''
''My love is your promise. ''
''Don't break this promise. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
''I have left the world for you. ''
''Don't leave me. ''
Brother. - Yes. - How long will we stay among rocks? - So?
Break rocks, call lorries.
Send things and rocks from here to there alike fools.
I have brought a scheme. - What is that? - Look here.
We will construct a wine factory here.
No place can be better than this because the river is nearby.
Very good. What is there to think? Call Chhote Babu.
Yes, call him. Chhote Babu.
Junior sir.
Chhote Babu. - Junior sir. - Chhote Babu.
Junior sir. - Chhote Babu. - Junior sir. - Chhote Babu.
See this. Forgive me, sir. I am sorry sit. - It's okay. Listen.
Tell me. - Look Chhote Babu.
We need this land to construct a wine factory. - Take it.
Don't speak, keep on listening.
You will produce wine here later.
First those 2 brothers will make mincemeat of you.
What are you saying? - I am not, sir.
It is Amar and Vijay's land.
I have heard the younger one is going to the city.
So one will be left so pay him your reverence. - Never.
Don't speak, just listen. Amar is as strong as a lion.
But he is very innocent.
Straight and simple like a child.
Don't you get any other place to play sticks and stones?
You are always playing here.
You have ruined my signboard. Speak.
Why are you so excited? To play football.
No, sticks and stones. - To play sticks and stones.
What problem do you have with sticks and stones?
Problem. They had taken my 'L'.
Then come, I will fix the 'L'. Why are you scolding them?
Give it to me.
He is hurt because a 'L has been misplaced.
So many things happen but no one is bothered.
Come 'L'. Come to your place.
What a target? - This is no target.
I used to target things at Ludhiana. - Is it?
Children were playing sticks and stones.
A boy threw a stone and it hurt a girl's eyes.
The girl's eyes fell out dangling.
Her family started crying. The poor girl was not married.
What wills he do? Will she remain unmarried?
People said, don't worry. Call Amar. My name is Amar.
Amar. - I threw a stone and the eye was inside.
Now the girl can see better with that eye.
By the way my stone used to travel from Ludhiana to Kanyakumari.
All the people on the way used to watch Amar's stone passing.
Okay. What was I saying? The stone.
I am dead. I am dead. My eye. - Let me see.
Is the stone inside? One minute. It has swollen.
I minute. - My eye.
Move! First tell me who threw the stone.
I threw the stone.
You were playing sticks and stones?
Cricket so not played in the village.
There are sticks and stones, Kabaddi and I climb trees sometimes.
Is this your age to play sticks and stones?
What is this age for then?
Why are you staring at me?
You are very pretty.
But you left no stone unturned to make me ugly.
If the stone had hit my eye I would have been blinded for life.
Still you would have looked very pretty.
And people would have affectionately called you Miss. Blind.
Blind queen. If you don't mind may I ask you some thing?
What? - Are you married? - Does it concern you?
What a problem? - You have left behind this 5 rupees note.
Take it. Here. Here. - Why don't you give me?
I was just joking.
I wanted to ask you that I have never seen you in this village before.
When did you come to this village?
I have come here 2 days ago.
Father has opened an inn here, Ramji's inn.
Ramji's inn, great. Then I will come there to eat.
What are your timings? I mean. . - It is open all the time.
Greetings. - Lord Ram you have at last sent her.
You work very fast. Thank you.
Do I have to keep this bed?
I told you it is booked by Vijay's name.
That day I was physically weak and unfit.
Today I will break him and make him lie on this bed.
Ustad, first drink this milk.
Ustad has drunk 10 glasses of milk and juice everyday.
He cannot escape today. - How will he escape?
Just watch how I will fix him today?
Watch my strength then. Come.
He has killed me.
Tell me now. - What can I tell you now?
I have been ringing the bell since long and you are nowhere.
I will come once father goes to sleep.
Do one thing, make me a bell and war it.
Sundari, I have come to tell you something.
All our land is being mortgaged with the Thakurs.
We don't have enough money to get them free.
Brother does farming.
That's why I want to work hard and earn money.
And I can't earn so much money in the village.
That's why ; I want to go to the city.
You thought that I won't allow you to leave like other girls.
Go to the city, earn money and free you land.
But don't ring another bell in the city.
Mother, brother has not come. - I told him to come early.
Vijay! I thought I had missed the bus.
I have brought some savories.
You won't get good savories in the city. Everything is fake.
I have heard even the fruits are fake there. Keep this.
And take care.
Listen take care. Don't worry about here.
I will take care of mother. And study hard. Write to me.
You have to write to me every week.
If you don't mother and I will get worried. Take care.
Live long.
Amar. - Come, Chhote Babu.
Why has the devil come here? - Don't speak, just listen.
They have come armed. Just get rid of them. Talk to them.
I don't want to talk to these rascals.
But we want t talk to you, Amar.
We want to construct a wine factory here.
And our engineer has chosen your plot for that. - What?
You will construct a wine factory on my land.
Yes, Amar.
That's why we have come to buy this land from you.
How were you born?
What do you mean?
I think you were not born from a mother's womb.
That's why you don't know to respect the mother.
This land is the farmer's mother.
And only scoundrels sell their mothers.
You had cursed us. - Curses?
If I had a gun I would have shot you. - Silence!
I will break your hands.
Hands which drive the plough don't break.
They break the hands of the ones who shoot.
You will put up a factory?
Rascals. You will shoot me.
Have you gone mad? Let them go. They will die.
Move Chhote Babu. - They will die. You will be hanged.
Let the rascals die.
What will happen to Vijay whom you have sent for education?
What about them? They are not worth it. Let them go.
Spare them. Come. Come.
You have stepped at the snake's tail.
Will you see the effect of its poison?
You serpent if you step on my land again I will crush your head.
Arrange some money and free your mortgaged land. .
. .otherwise they will takeover them legally. '
Chhote Babu has said that free your land from the Thakurs.
How? There is drought and then this storm.
Stop this storm, God. Stop this storm.
The Thakur's storm is already ruining us poor farmers.
If you are ours then listen to us.
The one who bows before the rich is not of the poor but Yours.
You bow before them. You are our father. Our God.
Our strength.
God, we devotees, the sons of this . .
. . land, poor farmers beg you.
Beg you water. Just give us a few drops, God.
God. - ''Shiv Shankar Bhole. Do a miracle. ''
''Shiv Shankar Bhole. Do a miracle. ''
''Hail Bhole Bhandari. ''
''Hail Raghurari. ''
''Shiv Shankar Bhole. Do a miracle. ''
''Om Namah Shivai. ''
You have given me so much this year that. .
. .I have brought a little grain to offer you.
Even I have come to offer God.
That's I good, mother.
Lord Bholenath has listened to us poor farmers this year.
We had a good wheat harvest this year.
If he always listens to us then we poor will see better days.
Now I will sell this harvest and pay the money. .
. .to the Thakurs and free our land.
I will send some money to Vijay and buy a tractor.
I have come to ask for something else.
You have come to pray from the sugarcane harvest.
Silence, devil. I have come to ask you your weddings.
Mother, why are you putting the noose around or necks.
Let's do one thing, mother.
As soon as Vijay returns from the city we will marry him away.
You marry the girls away.
Then we will marry him off, mother. - And you.
No, mother. At least one should remain useful at home.
You are elder. So you will get married first.
If I have to get married then even I will. .
Take this. - You work here alone.
No, I have a daughter too. - Then. . - Her name is Sundari.
Serve all the food on that table. - The food is over.
My name is Surjan.
I will destroy everything here in a moment.
Bring food quickly. Till then we will increase our appetite.
Only this is left.
Who broke all these plates? - Me.
Take out 30 rupees. 20 for the food and 10 for these plates.
How much money will you take for this plate, my love?
Go away from here.
Now I will leave after paying for this plate.
''Don't go, looking into my eyes and making my heart beat. ''
Shall I pay the money? - Place the money here.
Is he the new manager? -
Whatever, place the money here. - Here.
And where is the rest. - I have another 5 rupee note.
Bring it out. - Shall I keep it? - Yes, do. - Shall I? - Keep it.
Hold it. Hold. Get up. Up. Get up. Well done. Get up. Get up.
Get up. Get up.
Even you have a heavy hand?
Shall I make your foot heavy too?
Thank you. You faced a problem.
I don't know how to thank you.
'Sundari, I am well in the city. '
'But I miss you, mother and brother a lot.
'As soon as I return to the village we will get engaged and. . '
Sundari. Have you milked her? - Come. You are a real man.
Like this pure milk. You have beaten those rogues a lot.
They were less in numbers. I didn't even get a warm up.
How many times does your cow give milk a day?
Twice a day. - Just twice.
If you need more milk then feed your cow more.
I will feed her.
But I am scared. - About what?
If she kicks me she will take out my teeth.
If she loves you then she will never kick me.
My mother says my heart is made for loving by God.
Is she right?
How would I know?
You will get to know after marriage. - Marriage?
Mother says, Amar get married. - Then do.
Do you think I will get married? - Why not?
You are go healthy man. Decent. You only drink a lot.
Wine. Okay, no alcohol for me from today. No alcohol.
What else seems bad? - Why don't you shave off this beard?
Beard. Actually our village barber is always drunk.
Tomorrow morning I will catch him to shave off my beard and moustache.
Then will I get married? - One more thing.
You are always very dirty.
Dirty, actually I am always working. I will take care now.
That's' it. Your marriage is fixed. - I will get married. - Yes.
I will get married. I will get married. I will get married.
One minute. - What happened?
Wait a minute. - What are you drinking?
It is of no use to you. Work. - Okay, let me taste it.
No, all the villagers are stopping today so am I.
Okay. - This is just for my headache.
Even I will drink for the last day. - Okay, listen.
Do one thing. You have not lathered my moustache.
Do one thing, make my moustache pointed.
Where are you going with pointed moustache, sir?
Come here. She. . No. Cut my hair.
She will be happy to see me with no beard and sharp moustache.
Kohl in my eyes. I have find dome good clothes too.
Give me some too, sir.
Do we get good clothes in the shop? - Oh yes.
''Lover sir. ''
''Sir. '' - ''Lover. '' - ''Sir. '' - ''Lover. '' - ''Sir'.
''Lover sir. '' Show me the mirror.
No, I won't show you the mirror.
Show me. - No. - Let me see how I look. - No.
She will die when she will see me. - No. - Show me.
Show me. - No. - The rascal. Where is the mirror?
''Lover sir. ''
If I don't have sharp ones then I will make short ones.
''Buy some pant and shirt. ''
''Some pant . . ''
I look like a gentleman. There will be music and wedding.
And thank you.
Hello, horse. I will ride you and go for the wedding.
The horse doesn't recognize me in my short moustache.
How will mother recognize me? Very difficult.
Very difficult.
I am knocking. The old lady will open the door.
Mother doesn't recognize me. My dear mother.
I am your Amar. Don't hide your face. Very good news.
I have found my match. - Who are you?
What are you saying? - Strange mother.
Both the mare and you are not able to recognize me.
My short moustache and my dress have cheated you.
Take all this off. Take them off first. - No, no.
I am telling you to undress. - No, no. - Undress.
Undress. - No, mother. - Undress. You are scaring me.
Why have you worn clothes like an actor? - This broom.
Undress. Undress.
Is it? Amar is very happy with his harvest. - Yes.
Shamsher you might remember what father did. .
. .when in childhood there was good harvest in the village once.
And we will do the same now.
All his joy will change into mourning.
The rascal used to swear by his motherland.
Now watch when the land gives him ashes instead of grains.
The last time the embankment broke. .
. .this time his harvest will catch fire.
''You have lost your life. ''
''You have lost the world. ''
''You have lost your life. ''
''You have lost the world. ''
''So many lovers have been killed in love. ''
''The crowd remained the same. ''
''The crowd remained the same in the world. ''
''I have as many lovers here as I have bells in my anklets. ''
''I have as many lovers here as I have bells in my anklets. ''
''I have as many lovers here. ''
''I have as many lovers here as I have bells in my anklets. ''
''I have a name for namesake. ''
''But people address me as darling. ''
''I have a name for namesake. ''
''But people address e me as darling. ''
''If you want to meet me write down my address. ''
''Where do I stay? In your heart. ''
''I have as many lovers here as I have bells in my anklets. ''
''I have as many lovers here as I have bells in my anklets. ''
''What can I say about my sensual attitude. ''
''What can I say about my sensual attitude. ''
''What can I tell you about the loyalties of love. ''
''What can I tell you about the loyalties of love. ''
''What can I say about my sensual attitude. ''
''As if they are the lighting in a cloud. ''
''I have as many lovers here as I have bells in my anklets. ''
Rascal, you have burnt my farm and stores.
Today I will burn this mansion to ashes.
What are you string? Beat him.
Beat the rascal.
No! Don't beat my son. Don't beat him.
He threatened to kill us. Kill the rascal.
Forgive him Thakur.
I promise you he will never come to the mansion.
When he regains his senses tell him.
That if in future he comes to the mansion we will burn him alive.
How long will you go on watching these burnt fields?
Whatever had to happen has happened. - No. No, mother.
What had to happen has not happened.
Those wicked people have set fire to our small happy world.
Mother. The dreams we had to make Munna a big man.
Today those devils have burned those dreams, mother.
Burned all those dreams.
Forget them, son. Forget them. And trust God.
God ! Mother, you still trust God.
The God who has left us nowhere.
He has robbed us off in moments, mother.
You still trust that God. No, mother.
God has got no justice for us poor people.
The wealthy people commit sins while we poor are punished.
He is not ours mother. He is theirs. Of those Thakurs.
Who offer lakhs to Him.
If the Thakurs rob my lands then I will rob God's house.
And I will snatch all those offering which. .
. .these Thakurs has offered as bribes.
I won't spare anyone now, mother.
I won't spare anyone now.
Very good. Very good. Your target is good.
But there is difference between these. .
. .cardboard caricatures and men, inspector.
And then Badshah is a dacoit. - I know.
Even after so many years of endeavors he was not arrested.
The Thakurs have a big temple at Chitrabahu. .
. .where offerings worth lakhs are made every year.
I know.
This year there is going to be a huge fair where. .
. .Thakur is offering a diamond necklace worth 5 lakhs.
I see. - I am sure dacoit Badshah has got this news.
And he will come to the fair to steal that necklace. That's it.
I'll nab the dacoit Badshah. .
. . in the fair at any cost.
I won't be scared by threatening.
Even the police guns can't stop. I will tear the sky.
.And change the course of that land and air. .
. . if it takes someone else to that necklace.
That necklace can give bread to thousands of poor people.
That necklace can give work to many unemployed people.
That necklace can make farmers master of their own lands.
I will get that necklace.
I swear on God, I will get that necklace.
''Goddess Sherowali. ''
''Goddess Mehrowalli. ''
''Goddess Sherowali. ''
''Fill my empty pouch. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''Fulfill the desires. Just fill the pouch. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''Whoever comes here. ''
''Whoever comes here. ''
''He sings your praises. ''
''He sings your praises. ''
''He pays homage to you and gets his desires fulfilled. ''
''Goddess we are flowers and you're the branch. ''
''Fulfill the desires. Just fill the pouch. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''Easy off a problem. Goddess bless me. ''
''Easy off a problem. Goddess bless me. ''
''Fulfill this wish of mine. ''
''Sherowalli, Mehrowalli. ''
''Fulfill the desires. Just fill the pouch. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''You get everyone's information but are still hoodwinked. ''
''You get everyone's information but are still hoodwinked. ''
''Mother you are being fooled. ''
''Your affection is innocent. ''
''Your affection is innocent. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''Fulfill the desires. Just fill the pouch. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''Fulfill the desires. Just fill the pouch. ''
''Goddess a devotee has come to you. ''
''Goddess Sherowali. ''
''Goddess Mehrowalli. ''
''Goddess Sherowali. ''
''Fill my empty pouch. ''
''Goddess Sherowali. ''
''Goddess. ''
My name is Badshah. I can sense everyone.
No one in these 2 worlds has given anyone. .
. .the power to snatch things from me.
Badshah, you have got your destiny as bonus.
And we poor people write our own destinies.
Badshah, the one whose strength will take the necklace today.
Where will you escape to?
You an escape death but not Badshah.
Amar here are your land documents.
Now your land is no longer mortgaged to the Thakurs.
Thank you. Great.
As it this land the earnings of us poor farmers could never go.
Mother! - Amar. You should go to hell. - Good news.
You had scared me. - Good news.
I have got such good news that you will lose your hunger.
Before your hunger stays let's eat 6 potato bread.
You are so happy as if you have got some treasure.
He has not got a treasure. He has robbed a treasure.
Munna. You have come.
Yes, the new officer-in-charge of this area, Inspector Vijay Singh.
Mother, he has become a police officer. How are you?
With your blessings, brother. - Come here.
Where have you hidden it? - What?
Look, brother. I am your younger brother.
Nothing you did was hidden from me.
And now I am policeman. I will find out everything.
Tell the truth. - Look mother, he wants to fulfill the saying.
That the day I become a policeman I will beat the family first.
I have not stolen any treasure.
I am not asking you the treasure but the good news.
Which good news? The good news is that you have come.
Move aside. - I need good news from both of you.
I want you 2 to get married this months. - Did you hear?
''My mother makes noise on the monsoon months. ''
Prepare some bread for me. - I will.
But brother, we should fulfill mother's wish.
Junior, I think you are having an affair.
I have but first you get cleared. - Why me? I understood.
You can't get married till I do.
Okay, I will think something for you too.
I think even you. . - Not this but that.
But look, mother shouldn't get to know.
I won't tell mother, but I will see your girl once.
Why? Are you elder to me? - Silence.
I am elder. I will see first. I will choose and then talk to them.
Okay, done.
''Listen my partner. ''
''Leave all this blind man's buff. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''Listen my partner. ''
''Leave all this blind man's buff. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''What is a palanquin and wedding procession?''
''The world comes and goes. ''
''We are life partners. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''Listen my partner. ''
''Leave all this blind man's buff. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''My door was closed. ''
''How did you come inside?''
''My door was closed. ''
''How did you come inside?''
''You came in my dreams and kept me awake the entire night. ''
''And kept me awake the entire night. ''
''Move off. ''
''You had opened the window. ''
''You had opened the window. ''
''Leave all this blind man's buff. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''Listen my partner. ''
''Leave all this blind man's buff. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''Don't touch me. ''
''Don't come near me. ''
''Don't touch me. ''
''Don't come near me. ''
''Tell me the true meaning of this love talks. ''
''Tell me the true meaning. ''
''Move off. ''
''Understand the language of the eyes. ''
''Understand the language of the eyes. ''
''Leave all this blind man's buff. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''Listen my partner. ''
''Leave all this blind man's buff. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''What is a palanquin and wedding procession?''
''The world comes and goes. ''
''We are life partners. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''Listen my partner. ''
''Leave all this blind man's buff. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
''Now take me in a palanquin. ''
''Take God's name. ''
Brother, she is. . Is she okay?
Your wedding is fixed. - I will get married. - Yes.
I will get married. I will get married.
Crazy boy, I have chosen her for you. Amazing.
You like my choice.
You can't find such a good girl in your life.
I will tell mother to arrange for the wedding. . - Brother.
Won't you show me your one?
Crazy boy, if I told you that I have no one. .
. .then you wouldn't have shown her to me.
And Munna, God makes marriages.
Maybe I am not destined to be a groom.
And even if I am maybe someone is in more need.
And I have been pushed back.
And the day I am destined I will get engaged and married.
With force. With strength. With force. Amar has come.
What happened, Chhote Babu? - Amar, the horse is weak.
Brother, take out the wheel.
This wheel won't come out, Chhote Babu.
The more you take it out the more it will slip in.
Amar, when will you strength come to use? Take it out.
Chhote Babu, if you say so. Otherwise this cart was gone.
Come. Come. Come. Come. My lion.
Don't speak. Just listen.
What magic did you do to the mare that she started?
I will tell you. Don't tell anyone. - No. - The mare.
Her name is Dhanno, right? - Yes, it's Dhanno.
I said Dhanno have you got married. Will you get married?
I said, what about my horse? She said, will he agree.
I said why he won't. The horse is powerful.
Show him your power too.
Bring out the wheel and come out. I will make him say yes.
Now the matter is fixed. Talk to the Seth.
Find a good date and get them married.
If any of these Thakur's mares gets caught call me.
I will make them work.
He is very cunning. But don't throw him out.
Chhote Babu. - Yes. - Come here.
Coming, sir.
Forgive me, sir. The same. It's a habit. - Who was he?
It was a horse. - Fool, not the horse but the horse rider.
Not horse rider, sir. He is Amar.
Recently his brother Vijay has come here as the policeman.
Today I am an inspector.
And I can see my brother's sweat glistening in my uniform.
To tell you the truth my brother is no less than a demi-god.
Inspector, demi-gods have stopped taking birth on earth.
Your brother is a thief.
The one to steal the 5 lakhs worth necklace in the. .
. . Chitrapur fair is not Badshah dacoit but your brother, Amar.
I will make you dumb. - Beware.
Don't forget that I am judge. - Yes, I forgot.
I forgot that you are a judge and Thakur's brother.
The one who is the enemy of the poor since his birth.
If a farmer mortgages his land to him then he never gets it back.
Mr. Judge, I forgot that he is eyeing our small plot since years.
And to get it he can even use you to accuse. .
. . my brother falsely of theft and send him to jail.
But it won't happen now, Mr. judge.
Till now, there were only pleaders here.
There was no one to listen to their complaints.
There were people to tolerate wickedness.
But there was no one to stop wickedness.
But now there is answer to wickedness.
Now no one will face injustice here.
What proof do you have that my brother has stolen?
The biggest proofs are your mortgaged land documents.
Your brother has deposited money. .
. .at the court and has those documents released.
This means our land is no longer mortgaged. - Yes.
Just in 1 7 5,000 rupees.
And the other proof is me.
I have seen him stealing the necklace in the fair.
Vijay, you have come here as the protector of justice.
And your brother is the biggest enemy of law.
Will you be able to arrest him? Will your hands tremble?
If this is true then it is my duty to catch the thief.
I will not have my duty get defamed.
Today my mother is preparing cabbage.
What have you brought? - See this. These are saris.
One for you. And this is for Sundari.
And here are 2 bangles for you. - This. .
Don't question too much.
If the mother who has 2 strong sons. .
. .doesn't wear bangles it is shameful, right?
But where did you get so much money?
I will tell you.
He has stolen a necklace from the goddess's temple.
Goodness. Such a big lie.
He is lying despite being a policeman, mother.
He has no love for me. He wants us to fight uselessly.
Have you seen the necklace with me? Did you?
Junior, look, I have bought good clothes for you.
It would have been better if you brought shrouds for us.
I never thought that my brother is a thief.
Vijay! I am not a thief, Vijay.
You are under my oath, brother. Speak the truth.
Didn't you steal the Goddess's necklace? Speak.
I didn't steal the Goddess's necklace.
I stole the necklace of those dacoits who people address as Thakurs.
The one who have always robbed our happiness, peace.
Paying whose tax and interest has turned our blood to sweat.
And because of whom our mother's desires were erased.
I have stolen their necklace. I have taken revenge.
And I will always take revenge of them.
You had taken revenge.
But in the eyes of law you have committed a crime and. .
And those Thakurs has done no crimes.
Munna, this means the law is only for the rich not for us poor people.
Brother, not me but the court will answer your questions.
Our duty is only to catch criminals and produce them in court.
This means you will arrest me.
I am helpless, brother.
Then first use your helpless on those Thakurs.
The day you arrest them I will surrender to law myself.
Brother, you won't be able to escape law. - Wait.
Mother, let me go. Otherwise no will respect us in future.
Let me go. - No. - Mother.
Brother, wait.
Brother, wait.
I say wait.
What did you do? I was aiming his horse.
You have wounded my brother. Move.
You thief.
Before teasing the Thakurs why didn't you think. .
. .that you will lose your life for that necklace.
The one who doesn't believe his victory thinks about defeat.
Today you have to believe only one thing. Your death.
Sign this paper before you die.
The land you have freed by depositing money. .
. .with the court will again become ours now.
If you step in that land again, Thakur that land will swallow you.
And if you don't sign we will mash you like an ant.
You have stooped so low in front of me.
The one who has lowered his eyes stoop. Look.
Even after being down, my eyes are high with pride.
And your eyes are lowered with shame.
No! Amar!
You won't escape now.
I will avenge my brother's death from your entire family.
I will kill all of them.
Today I will turn your house into a burning pyre.
No, Shamsher, no.
Till I am judge I won't let you kill anyone. Trust me.
I will trap him in such way in the web of law. .
. .that he will regret even his birth.
No. No. no, mother. - Amar.
You are under my oath if you step outside the house.
Mother. - Come. Come.
Mother Vijay.
Mother Vijay.
You have hidden him.
You have done the duty of a mother now I will do mine.
Vijay, he is very serious. He is very badly wounded.
He has wounded us too.
Till now he was only accused of theft for. .
. .which he would have been imprisoned.
But now he is accused of murder, mother.
What are you saying? - Yes, mother.
He has murdered Thakur's younger son. - No.
And you know its punishment is death. - No! No. No.
Go away from here. Go away. You have not seen anything.
You have not seen anything. You have not even come here.
You don't know where Amar is. You. .
I will go away far in the night.
Then you will be guilty according to law, mother.
Beware if you call my mother guilty.
My mother is no guilty. Those people are guilty.
And Munna I have not murdered anyone.
If I didn't shoot them your brother would have been dead today.
I shot to save myself. You don't believe me.
Then go and ask their henchmen.
What are you thinking? Don't you trust Amar?
I trust him, mother. But we will have to prove it.
And I will prove it.
I will make them witness and produce them at court.
But till then you have to come with me to the police station.
Even your surrendering to the police will assure your innocence.
You shot in self-defense, brother.
You cannot be accused of murder. Trust me.
I won't have you accused of murder. Trust me, brother.
Munna, with your trust I will fight the entire world.
Who cares about this court? I want to live.
For mother and you. I trust you.
I trust you that you will give me justice. Come, take me.
Take me.
You didn't think about your end before murdering Ranveer.
You didn't think about your life that how will it scream.
Amar has never learned to scream, Mr. Judge.
And my younger brother, Inspector Vijay. .
. .will bring the proof of my innocence soon.
The proofs you are waiting for has been scattered by us.
Now we will destroy your house, land, mother and brother.
Just untie me once. I will turn your mansion into ruins.
I will go one beheading while you count.
You will kill us. Scoundrel ! - Yes. I will kill you.
And I will feed your flesh to the stray dogs. - Silence.
No! My son cannot meet so much injustice.
God cannot be so unjust to us. He cannot.
Nothing will happen to brother Amar, mother.
Before morning Vijay will bring all the proofs supporting him.
If I want I can kill you with these swords.
But I want your witness to save my brother. Come.
Thakur Jwala Singh.
No, dear. Maybe God has sent me here to save your life.
Thank you for saving my life.
Whom God saves is his law.
Because the law I belong to sees you as a dacoit.
I am arresting both of you.
'Inspector, Vijay. Before you arrest my Baba I will kill you. '
Vijay. Vijay. Vijay. - Mother.
I came to ask Baba Amar's life.
But what has Baba done?
Nothing will happen to brother Amar, mother. Nothing.
Son you don't know that the judge has sentenced him to death. - No.
If anything happens to my brother Amar. .
. .I will bury those Thakurs alive. - Vijay. - Alive. . - Vijay.
Ganga. - ''Om Sai Baba. ''
''Om Sai Baba. ''
Where were you since so many years?
I had forgotten everything, Ganga.
I can remember everything now.
I can remember everything now. Everything.
Badshah. Why did you save me today?
Badshah, doesn't let anyone die before settling his accounts.
I told you that God has given no one the power. .
. .to snatch things from me.
Where is the necklace?
Badshah, I have sold that necklace.
Why did you save me when you could kill me easily?
How could I kill you?
When you have save me from the hangman's noose
I am enemies with that judge who wanted. .
. .to hang me without any crime.
And I am enemies with those Thakurs. .
. .who has exploited us farmers since eras.
And friend, the necklace you are after.
I have sold it and have freed the mortgaged land. .
. .of the villagers and me from the court.
Now think for yourself if I have done good or bad.
Friend, even I have sworn to support the weak at any condition.
And from now I am with you.
The Thakurs mansion is the court. . - No.
Where no woman can plead. - No.
And the masters here are blessed by Gods to who all revere.
Smiling or crying. - Let me go. No.
Leave me.
Who is it?
With whose permission have you come here?
Death takes permission from none.
Shyamu. Dhyan Singh. Is there anyone?
Everyone flees when death approaches.
Now no one will come here, judge. You will go.
To the court of that judge to get punished for your crimes.
Yes, me. You like sentencing people to death.
Beware of you even touch me.
Who will touch your impure body?
My bullets will touch you. - Forgive me. - Forgive you?
The judge who is unjust is punished with death and not pardon.
Forgive me.
Chief, Amar is mot at home. - Old lady!
Where have you hidden Amar?
I don't know where Amar is.
And I even if I knew I wouldn't have told you.
What has he done? - He has killed my brother and uncle.
And have you forgotten what you have done?
You have been so cruel with him. You burned his farms.
You had accused him with murder when he was innocent.
Now he will avenge your cruelty. He won't spare you.
Silence! Old lady.
I haven't forgotten the day your son had kidnapped my sister.
I will take all my revenge from you all.
Blood will be played with. And villagers. You all listen to.
I will destroy the houses of the one who will shelter Amar.
I will ruin the land he will step on.
I will burn the village he passes through. Come.
And listen.
Before leaving leave your stamp on this house.
Burn it into ashes.
You wanted to come to the mansion, right?
But today we will kill you and your family.
No. No. No. These are the sons of the land.
Make them hug their mother land.
Amar. Amar. Amar.
Brother. Brother. - Vijay, my Munna.
My brother. Badshah.
Mother. - Amar. - Mother. Mother, I am so lucky.
Even after being an orphan I am so lucky. .
. .to get a mother like you.
Such a brother.
And has found a friend like you.
You are crying, mother. Mother.
Mother. You believe in re-births, right?
I will come to this house. . - Amar.
'I have come, mother. Yes mother. I have come. '
'I told you, I will be born in this house. '
'Hug me and look mother. I am your Amar. '