30 Rock Series Finale, The Vampire Diaries & The Puppy Bowl - My Week in TV - 01/28/13

Uploaded by sidereel on 27.01.2013

Hi, I'm Morgaine, one of Sidereel's editors, and I'm here to tell you what tv I have deemed
worthy of watching this week.
Monday night is for Bones, where the squintern flavor of the week will be Daisy. We haven't
seen her since her breakup with Sweets, and I'm betting the reunion is going to be awkward!
Tuesday ABC is starting it's new lineup of back-to-back Happy Endings. I'm no psychic,
but something about the episode titles makes me think there might be wedding bells ringing
in the show's not too distant future. Hopefully no one will get left at the altar this time.
Thursday I'll have to set Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries to record, because all
my attention will be devoted to the hour-long 30 Rock series finale. It's nice to see a
show go out on a high note instead of running itself into the ground. The bittersweet pain
of the show's ending is tempered by my excitement to see what the very talented Tina Fey does
Friday night I'm heading north to Portlandia, a magical place where the 90s will never die
and you can put a bird on anything.
Sunday obviously I'll be watching the big game - and by game, I mean the Puppy Bowl.
Animal Planet's fuzzy counterpart to the Super Bowl has rambunctious puppies, a kitten halftime
show, and chick cheerleaders, making sure that even those of us who don't like football
will have something to watch.
That's what's filling up my tracker this week, and if you don't already have one, make sure
to sign up for a tracker of your own on Sidereel today.