Johnson Poker : Example of Five-Card Draw

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

So let's make sure we know how to play five card draw. Which is the family of games that
Johnson is in. First thing you do is everybody antes. Ante at my house is one red chip. We're
going to play this two handed. So that's five cards to you. Five cards to me. And you act
first and you're going to check or bet based upon your assessment of your hand and whether
you think you can bluff me. That's a decent hand. You're going to bet. You say four red
chips. I call because I like punishment. You draw one card. So you take this card, the
one you don't like and throw it in the muck. I give you one card. Me I'm going to draw
two cards and now there's a betting round. And you say I bet two black chips. I call
you. There's a showdown. The showdown is done first by the person who bet or raised last.
That was you. Let's see what you've got. Well you wound up with two jacks with a queen kicker.
And me I wound up with two eights. So I threw my hand in the muck and you win the pot. That's
five card draw.